12 Foundations to good life

If you’re experiencing tremendous pressure stress it could be financial you don’t have enough money things aren’t working out for you and your life listen very carefully this is what they should have taught us in elementary school junior high high school this is what our parents should have taught us I don’t know your background but you know I didn’t grow up with perfect background I didn’t grow up with you know I was born in a single mom my dad was in prison lived my teenage years a lot of them in a mobile home and so what I’m about to tell you is like literally what I’ve spent my life up to this point learning from five millionare mentors learning from traveling the world building businesses learning from talking you know a lot of it through social media with millions of people and interacting with this world about health wealth love and happiness look if you do not have a roadmap to success I could pretty much predict your future people always come to me how I want to be successful I’m like answer a few questions I’m gonna predict your future who’d you learn from who are you learning from now tell me about your upbringing you know those three basic questions I can predict the future people don’t like to hear that because they’re like no I’m a specialty I’m special man once you step out the door like Chris Rock the comedian says once you step out the door of your house nobody cares about you this is a big bad world out there if you’re broke nobody’s gonna put money in your bank account for you maybe you win a lot or you be one of the billion you’re gonna hold out for that no I’m gonna give you a formula I’m gonna give you what I call the twelve foundations there’s 12 things they should have taught us in school twelve things zero was taught in school literally zero three things about health three things about wealth three things about love and three things about happiness these twelve things if I hadn’t known them when I was 19 years old graduated high school my life would be 10 times better than it then it you know is now and I have an okay life now if you’re struggling you must learn these twelve foundations you must it’s not even optional it’s basically like here’s your two paths in life life can suck or you can follow the 12 foundations now some people go oh well there’s people succeeding in life and do they know about these 12 foundations well they’re doing them without knowing it everybody who follows the 12 foundations has a bad ass life and all the 12 that don’t don’t it’s that the people that don’t follow 12 don’t it’s literally that simple why can I say it that Blackmoor well and how do I knows exactly 12 well maybe it’s 16 maybe it’s 8 the point is you ever heard of the book the 7 Habits of Highly except successful people that’s about business the 7 Habits of Highly successful people but life’s not only about business and making money you got to know how to read people you have to know psychology you have to know health right you have to know happiness managing anxiety procrastination regret all that stuff that’s why I say it’s probably more it’s more than 7 so I’ve compiled it down into 12 things let me go over some of them I don’t know if I have time to do all 12 to really explain all 12 takes a little while probably take at least 12 hours and I’ll have that much time right now you probably don’t either let’s start with money so basically one of the foundations is you have to know how to pick your career period now for some of you your career like me is to be an entrepreneur run your own business some of you it’s to work for somebody else that that doesn’t even matter at this point in juncture one of the twelve foundations may be the most fundamental foundation is selecting your occupation you will spend the majority of your life in some sort of occupation okay if you work eight hours a day nothing no other single activity not marriage not time with your kids time with your friends watching football whatever nothing compares with career and there’s basically zero preparation so people just grow up and they’re like oh my dad was or for post office I’ll do that or they stumble into a job oh I need money so I’m gonna drive uber and then this and they just like kind of randomly go from thing to thing even entrepreneurs I see it even entrepreneurs making big money they don’t like what they do be they just randomly chose her like oh it looks like that’ll make me money my friend sells clothes online I’ll sell clothes online I don’t really care about clothes but I’ll do it to make money that’s the wrong way to do it there’s an exact formula okay and it’s basically like you didn’t draw Co centric circles and you have to find where all these intersect strengths your background you can use some cognitive quizzes and things like this and you can use um but let me just go back to that thing about strengths see people get very delusional of how what their strengths are oh god I I’m good at everything so I don’t know what career I should do it’s nots true what you think you’re strong it it’s relevant relative to other people so I’m good at basketball compared to somebody who’s worse than me but relative to pro basketball players I’m not good enough to play and so one of the things I should have taught in school and one of the twelve foundations that I had to learn over many years because I’ve started different business that my first business was in agriculture grass-fed beef first business I was at a consulting business I own nightclubs all around North Carolina I invested in real estate still do real estate investor I started a wealth management company that’s still going 6,000 clients you know manage money for individuals I did obviously a lot of internet stuff and social media I own the company called Mentor box which we just signed a contract with Walmart we have the largest non-fiction book shipping company in the world so I’ve done all these businesses and yet in hindsight I could have gotten to where I am ten times faster if someone had taught me the twelve foundations so I just want to tell you the good news and the bad news the good news is if you’re under tremendous pressure just you know stuff seems to not be working out for you the good news is there’s light at the end of the tunnel if you go down the right tunnel there is a solution there is a better day for you there is I’ve seen it I’ve been broken in all sudden I’ve made a million dollars in a day you know I mean a million dollars in an hour before and I’ve been completely broke sleeping on a couch in a mobile home psyche I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum I can tell you there’s light at the end the tunnel but when you go down the wrong tunnel which is what most people are being led down in this modern world it’s only darkness there a net people go Oh things will get better now if you go down the wrong tunnel there’s no light so I gotta get and this is reason I’m recording this as I get about ten thousand snaps Instagram DMS all that per day and I see man that people are hurting Twitter I posted a Twitter and it was like controversial I said if you’re not traveling four times a year like you’re missing out on a life’s greatest pleasures and people were like but I we’re broke we can’t even travel once in ten years and so I feel the pain in the world so I was like I gotta I gotta lay this out simpler not everybody has time I’ve spent decade over – startled as a teenager as an entrepreneur traveling the world learning from mentors reading books and experimenting with my own businesses and and you know I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the greatest minds in the world billionaires you know top entrepreneurs people that have reached the top and I’ve asked him the same question and that’s how I came up with this 12 foundations so like I said the 12 foundations there’s three things you got to know about health there’s three things you have to know about wealth there’s three things you have to know about love friends family romance and there’s three things you have to know about happiness if you can keep these twelve things as your central guide to life from today forward I promise you this you will revolutionize your life so much that when your friends meet you six months from now 12 months from now you will be unrecognizable in every area health wealth love and happiness I don’t have any money like I said I’ve made a million bucks in an hour but if you don’t have the other three things health well love and happiness then it’s all empty on the other side I’ve had love before but no money and then you’re so stressed out what’s the no 1 cause of divorce financial stress um and I’ve seen people who have love and who have wealth and even have health they got a six-pack but that massive anxiety or depression even because depression can come even with all those other things so you got to manage all four of these things and each of them like I said I divide into three so for eight yeah for eight twelve sorry three vanilla three six nine twelve right there’s four things with three inside of him my math I am shocked at look as I look back on my life and go I didn’t know those three I didn’t know those three I didn’t know those three and I knew those three so I knew like three out of 12 there was nine things missing in my life so life kind of sucked and our the time was even worse I only had three of them I was young I was healthy but I had no wealth I didn’t have the three foundations of wealth in my life I didn’t have three social ones love you know romance we could say friends and family wasn’t working right I had a messed-up family friendships weren’t right I was friends with the wrong people social life was messed up and I again I’ve had all nine and not the last three happiness overcoming anxiety procrastination regret depression how do you actually be happy does it really the twelve foundations like the first nine are just building for the 12th the 10th 11th and 12th so you got a choice you life’s at a crossroads at every moment like I said there’s light at the end of the tunnel but the whole world’s going down the road the whole the wrong tunnel how many people do you know that really have the 12 foundations operating in their life you look at them physically they’re healthy they’re fit they’re eating right they’re sleeping they feel good physically they take pride in their body they look good they got the three pillars of wealth going right figure they’re in the right career or entrepreneurship activity they select incorrectly they have active investment and passive investment because those are two different things so active investment is like you’re making money with let’s say your job or your job right career passive investment is while you sleeping buddies being made for you in real estate in the stock market maybe cryptocurrency the new thing right so how many people do you know that have those three health the three parts of health you know which is basically diet weights or resistant training and all the supplement side of things they have that so their bodies will feel their bodies good their bank accounts good the next three then you go to the next three friends family romance all three of those are rocker bowling you look at them they got the best dating life or marriage we’ve got the best friendship social circle best business partners their relationship they’ve weeded out the bad people they got it’s just like amazing and then on top of that they got the last three you know of the 12 foundations the last three are like they they take all the first nine and they just make them beautiful the happiness side of things where people use like I’ve had different times of my life man literally I’ve had times I remember a real I remember good years and bad years like I 2011 was a crappy year I didn’t like 2011 odd weird things with business partners we saw didn’t see Dada I remember waking up and feeling stressed in I worked on those three of the twelve foundations and I remember amazingly like revolutionising and waking up so peaceful and happy that’s that’s the ultimate test by the way when you wake up do you feel stressed is your mind racing I just woke up and I was just like ah I feel good but it didn’t last because I didn’t understand even at that time in 2012 ish around then I didn’t understand it was kind of luck that the those three of the twelve foundations were operating my life you have to have a system it’s almost like a daily routine you’ve got to have the correct daily routine the correct mentor uchi now some people say well ty what you’re talking about is all about the mind this is all in the mind well the 12 foundations aren’t just about the mind they’re also about income and making money and filling up your bank account and you know your body all they’re like practical things too but yeah like most of human life is in the mind there’s people who are millionaires and billionaires and who commit suicide well wealthy DeBeers the guy who started the diamond company one of the wealthiest people in history when he sold the the De Beers company the diamond company he jumped off a bridge a boat committed suicide the guy who started Victoria’s Secret now one of the biggest brands in the world he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco I’m telling you I know people that are wealthy but so fat they can’t enjoy it they lost their health they can’t even fit in a Ferrari I know people that are so happy up and they got a great love life but their bank account sucks so they’re always stressed like the 12 foundations mark my words one day this is what will be taught in schools this is what will be taught in universities not because I’ve compiled these 12 things like they’ll they’ll probably be transformed in people will put their own modifications but I’m telling you you’re witnessing this video and I wanted to record it because I wanted to mark this day and say let me hand you the 12 foundations because I I can think of nothing I could give myself if I had a time machine if I was 19 again man I go back give myself this video from I’m here in Melbourne Australia I was speaking out of conference with Arnold Schwarzenegger and if I could just hand this video to myself and then give myself like 12 hours of training like one hour per video roughly I mean one hour per foundation that’s it that’s like what I would do I would do that more than giving myself business tips more than give myself a million bucks to invest my own business don’t you get the mindset right things starting to fall in place and if the mindsets not right nothing works you need the twelve foundations three about health three about wealth three about love three about happiness you know I wonder why I didn’t record these twelve I just yesterday star yesterday I was recording the video training for one of the 12 foundations and it’s I was talking on my cousin and I was like I’m almost depressed recording this she’s like why I’m like because why didn’t someone tell me this I was recording about controlling your social circle how to build your social circle correctly you know the saying that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with your income is the average of the five people that are closest to you and your social so all that and I was like why didn’t they tell us that in school like why was I learning geometry like geometry is good but how about the geometry of my social circle you know why was i learning precalculus and calculus and algebra why didn’t they teach me like how to invest in stock market or invest in real estate that’s math but it’s practical it applies the 12 foundations these apply to and they will begin to change your life today and this week for those of you that start watching the 12 foundational it will begin to change you you can watch I mean if you have time you can watch all 12 in one week I guarantee you you’re going to go gonna be like me you’re gonna be happy and depressed at the same time happy because also in your life starts to change your income starts to change start to do what you love and make money doing it and make more money doing it your social circle starts to prove your love life starts to prove your body starts to prove you wake up happy or less stress less depressed so on that side you’re gonna be like jumping for joy on the flip side you’re gonna start to have a little bit of anger I’ll talk about that in the training how to deal with the anger where you want to look at your family and friends and teachers and say wait you said you cared about me how come you didn’t teach me how come some guy on social media recording from his hotel room in Australia is the first person to lay this out in just this simple systematic way transformational way I’m gonna tell you this right now I’ll give a little hint just forgive them no one taught them I’ve had to do that just go man BS but you know what live and let live just move on and be glad that you learned it now now here’s the deal I recorded this 67 steps in 2014 which were 67 things that my mentors taught me it was my first kind of attempt at a mindset program for people the crazy thing is it became one of the most downloaded downloaded courses in history about I haven’t looked recently you I would say close to 200,000 people close to a quarter million people went through that program to put that in perspective like in California I live near UCLA a quarter million people like I think UCLA has like 20 or 30,000 undergrad students that’s like 10 years worth of students going through undergrad at big universities so a lot of people went through it in 90 countries and I was walking in the streets here at lost of Melbourne Australia people come up to me literally everyday and say the 67 steps like was the biggest thing change our life blah blah blah but I didn’t completely have all the 12 foundations in it so this twelve foundations is like is like the better version of the sixty substance it’s not better if they’re different let me be clear on that the 12 foundations I know a lot more I built the the 67 steps in 2014 and I gone through a lot in the last you know years and and tested a lot and and reached a lot more I reach about 200 million people a year through social media so I’ve had more interactions with people I had more ability to test I built bigger business bigger and bigger and bigger businesses Forbes named me the top 10 business influence in the world an entrepreneur last year naming the number one social media influencer in the world business influencer in law and so I’m not saying that to hold myself out as something special I’m just saying like I’ve been able to reach more stuff and this 12 foundations program I wanted to kind of model after how I built the 67 steps and so let me plug this in by the way my phone’s gonna die get my handy little brick here plug this bad boy in excuse me this is like the 67 steps the way that that program worked it was a paid program it was way cheaper than university in college and high school tax dollars all that money but I wanted to make it a paid program the 67 steps because I’ve learned if people ain’t worse if they’re not willing to invest in themselves this stuff doesn’t work so I’ve tried I’ve given away almost two billion minutes of YouTube and Facebook videos and it it gets results but not as much as the people who go in paid programs which makes sense like I’ve had when someone gives me a book versus when I spend 30 bucks on it like I read the book that I said I paid 30 bucks for and some people say oh you’re just saying that because you want people’s money not really this is not gonna be a big part of my income I got I have literally 20 sources of income right now okay this is not me trying to get another one this is me going what works for you what works for you and I’m telling you becoming a learning machine and a person who invests in the cell works I invested at least a hundred thousand dollars a month in my own education literally 100 G’s a month not a year I got a CPA back that number up I’ve shown it it’s it’s obvious too if you watch my snapchat traveling mentors coaches consultants that I pay and I’ve been doing that for years and it’s funny the more I invested myself every year my income has gone up massively some people go oh well I’m not gonna pay for stuff I’m just gonna google it well go ahead but I’m telling you there is a magic it investing in yourself people get it invested in real estate is good oh okay I do that invest in stock market that good I buy land I know I invest in by businesses it’s all good but nothing touches the ROI on investing in my own brain so here’s how this twelve foundation works if you want to go in I’ve created as a test group if you’re watching this video here early you are literally one of the first people in the world to see this you can come in the test group I did the test group in about a year and a half ago for my social media marketing agency about 30,000 people have gone through that one of the first people to go through you made 1.2 million dollars in his first year so I know the power of test groups small group let them in get your feedback let you be in the beta program of this thing working okay so the 12 foundations I’m gonna put a button below or a buff you click that you get in there’s a fee to get in and it’ll be all explained on the page for some of you you won’t want to pay the money don’t go on the test group it’s not a big deal to me literally I’m telling you I’m looking out of a hundred million people 200 million people who watch my social media I’m looking for a teeny group that are like committee didn’t go whatever it takes I’m gonna change my life if it means you know I don’t go out to sushi this weekend so be it you know if it means I won’t buy $400 pair designer jeans or $100 200 are like pair shoes that’s alright I’ll sacrifice that in order to get something in here now some people go was this a scam like you’re gonna pay for online course I’d never do that well it’s kind of like a textbook textbooks are a couple hundred bucks and you know it’s a regular book I mean seven Habits of Highly Effective People I think 50 million people or 25 million people have bought that book people have spent all quarter of a billion dollars on that book how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie so millions and millions of copies you’re talking 100 million dollars worth humans have invested in their brain with that book this is the same thing I just used videos because they’re like books but I can get them to you quickly and I could update them if something’s wrong and I’ll have to go through a third-party publisher and I don’t have to be politically correct I can tell you because somebody’s 12 foundation gonna be shocking for you when I get in like I said so we’re gonna talk about wealth this is the first foundation health well love happiness we’re focus on wealth and income because there’s already a lot of people teaching them how to be physically healthy but not a lot of people teaching about your income active income passive income real estate building businesses marketing building your brand how to choose a company how to start your own business how to do a part-time business while you keep your full-time business how to invest your money passively meaning you invest and other people grow your money while you sleep how to build a recurring income all those things are part our foundations in the twelfth ound nation and we’re talking about social circle how to read people you know the book how to win friends and influence people more important that was written I don’t 30s or 40s a long time ago almost 100 years ago this is the updated version is how to read people say you don’t want to win friends and influence the wrong people you’ve got to know how to read people practical psychology negotiation weeding out controlling your social circle whether it be in dating business partnerships friends if you don’t get this right nothing works nothing works we’re gonna talk about happiness specific things overcoming stress anxiety procrastination knowing how to motivate yourself remember I said one of the biggest foundations and that is like the number one you know picking the right career the other one is knowing what motivates you that’s how you overcome procrastination most people procrastinate because they don’t feel confident that the what they’re doing really motivates them if you’re really motivate motivated you it what you wouldn’t procrastinate it’s like a 14 year old kid that the mom and dad can’t get the kid to do anything but the kids motivated play video games Kittel ride his bike across town to buy a video game and come back like so there’s motivation there the parents just don’t know how to find it and as you grow you have to know how to find deep within yourself that motivation and once you have motivation you have no problem with procrastination my first mentor Joel Salatin I’m not a procrastinator in many ways because he taught me at 19 one of the 12 foundations which is how to motivate myself people say do you really read a book a day how do you do all this stuff I see you on snapchat in it now I get a lot of my snapchat and Instagram stories are in the millions per day people watching them and I get a lot of feedback and people are like and I’m going I was blessed by a mentor giving me one of these but he didn’t give me all 12 foundation but he gave me that one he gave me a few well that was a big one I want to pass that on to you so the way it works you click the link you and as quickly as you enter your card info card numbers approved you’re in you’re gonna get 12 videos plus a whole bunch of bonuses ok but I want to talk about the 12 foundations first because that’s the core part of what you’re getting very simple you download them on your phone you can watch them on your phone you can watch them on your laptop you can download them and listen to them later audio you know while you’re jogging or writing exercise bike or treadmill you listen to those 12 videos they’re on average about one hour so it’s about 12 hours worth of stuff you can do it in one week if you want you can spread it out over a month but don’t don’t take a year don’t do like one a month that’s too slow okay then there’s ongoing training weekly training live training there’s a private Facebook group I’ve made so you can access me and other people in the group and grow together and network but those 12 foundation those 12 videos or the game changer and the cool thing is as I add new things I can just swap out the videos so it’s a dynamic living and breathing course it’s like this book but imagine I can pull the pages out and put better pages in without having to republish and read send the book that’s what the twelve foundations are this is the culmination of everything that I’ve learned everything I wish I have been told on health wealth love and happen it’s building that how do you build wealth they don’t teach us in school we’re all broke and struggling until we find out you know what you you don’t have to do the twelve foundation it took me since I was a teenager to learn this stuff you can just spend that many years you can spend over a decade you know you can spend however many years you want but I want to give you a shortcut let’s cut the learning curve by ten years I don’t care if you’re already 70 years old I don’t care if you’re 12 years old that doesn’t matter if you’re young the advantage is well you learn this early and you look all me and if I could learn is that twelve I’d give all my wealth to learn the twelve foundations every penny I’ve ever earned and would or will earn for the next three years let’s say that’s a lot of money that’s a hundreds of millions but I would give that all to be twelve years old again and have these twelve videos you’re about to get access to I know that sounds dramatic and it isn’t because I could do ten times more and ten times faster it’s not just how much you accomplish that you love in life it’s how quickly you can do it you don’t to be 90 years old with the keys to the kingdom you don’t mean 90 years old buy your first Ferrari or whatever it’s not about I just use Ferrari cuz it’s like a metaphor you want to be happy on 90 you want to find love at 90 you don’t find health at 90 you want to build your bank account at night by 90 forget that life’s too short man life to me people like why do you read a book a day I got four books and I’m reading simultaneously trying to get through these while I’m in Australia I finish that one oh no this is one I didn’t actually history one sales one all the Pulitzer Prize winning one because I’m trying to cut the freaking learning curve we’re out the ticker tick tock tick tock of life is going man and I’m worried about this world I’m worried about myself when I deviate from the 12 foundations actually me creating the 12 foundations creating this 12 hour / 12 our video training program is also been one of the most important things I’ve ever done because it’s forced me to be disciplined and laying out what those 12 things aren’t holding myself to that standard I deviate from it I’m a human I’m as mortal as anybody I make as much from stay as many mistakes as anybody the difference is member I said there’s light at the end of the tunnel if you get yourself going down the right tunnel even if you make mistakes you’re still going in the right direction you can be a wonderful person with the best intentions if you’re headed in the wrong direction down the wrong tunnel there’s no light there there’s no end game there’s no winning I’m telling you I’m concerned I am genuinely concerned that the majority if not 99% of people in this world are not going to get what they want out of life they’re gonna die like Thoreau said in the 1800’s the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation what is called a resignation is confirm desperation resignation desperation is up to a maximum in the world look around you man how many people you know are thriving they love their life every area and they’re not delusional they’re not just saying that cuz they’re embarrassed but like because sometimes when people are when I was broke I’d be like no everything’s good because I didn’t want to admit I was like no money doesn’t matter at all because I was tricking myself I was trying to fool myself and others into thinking that some of the 12 foundations weren’t important they’re all important the three foundations of health the three foundations of wealth the three foundations of love the three foundations of happiness do not leave any of those out of your life and some of your entrepreneurs making a lot of money and I meet you and I’m like talking to you and I’m going they’re missing half the 12 foundations they ain’t going nowhere I don’t care how much like you know how many people I’ve made millionaires I’m not trying to brag do you know how many people I’m literally in the process of compiling I call my 300 group it’s more than 300 but I’ve there’s some it’s hard to reach everybody I’m flying them all in my house the first 300 that I’m documenting but how all of them are on the right track that’s why I created the trial foundations for those people if you’re one of those people that I’ve helped make six figures seven figures even eight figures go in the 12 foundations and some people go well I’m not gonna spend that kind of money all right I’m just not gonna well what are you gonna spend the money on I don’t understand something I gotta pay the bills I gotta pay rent well yes you do to make somebody else rich I get you’re just like the mass of people they pay their rent the landlord takes the money and builds wealth because you’re paying off the building for them or you got a bank you got to pay your mortgage I know and Bank of America or Wachovia or Chase Bank HSBC they’re making interest on you you’re making them wealthy that’s the problem people go well I got bills to pay we’ll cut some of the bills keep some money every month aside to invest in your brain I started in 2001 putting $500 investment into my own brain I bought a course by corey rudl it transformed my life in nine months I went from zero literally well I had about 500 bucks saved up I put it all into this course but basically zero I went to making six figures almost on autopilot like I had six figure out about six to ten thousand dollars a month coming in within nine months of invested in my own brain in 2001 was one of the first people to use Google Ads it’s called Adwords I was one of the first people I wouldn’t have known about that I was a kid lived in a mobile home before that you think I want to learn about marketing I want to learn how to go online and make money online in 2001 know it’s because I invest in my brain and I caught a trend before most people I got an angle I got an edge I got a competitive advantage if you don’t have that you ain’t going nowhere fast you’re gonna get caught in the crowd and the crowds are gonna hold you back get every competitive and edge and angle you have even if you have to pay for it even if you have to pay when you click this button you I’m not apologizing people get mad at me there’s a group of people online that are mad that I charge with money and I’m like I’m over it I then don’t buy it it’s a free world free country mad buy whatever you want those same people that complain about that you know what they buy they going to McDonald’s one of the wealthiest company corporations in the world twenty eight billion dollars they’re eating junk food they’re eating fast food there but everybody spends money I’m not even making fun of them for eating fast food sometimes I eat fast food I’m not perfect health isn’t about perfection my point being your money is gonna flow out of your bank account somewhere why not divert some of it into your own brain I’m not trying to get rich off you I’m opening a small test group of people who are serious Jade engrossed got him was in my test group of the SMM a program he’s now a second year he’s 22 he’s on track he thinks he’ll be making ten million dollars this year last year he made 1.2 million and netted four hundred over four hundred thousand he’s now in he went zero income never had a bank account never filed a tax return to now filing with the IRS in the u.s. for pay taxes and I think four or five hundred thousand or something I’m not sure he’s exact tax return but the point is if you make that much you’re in the 99.99% of the world because of what I showed him how to do I showed them step by step I didn’t even give him the twelve foundations Jaden if you’re watching make sure you get into twelve foundations because this is the whole plan here I just gave you some of it my friend those of you who are in my dropshipping course how to make money online or all the other programs real estate investing I want you to know you just got some of this trial foundations it’s all of it this is all I know this is it this is my last video and I die I hope I leave this is what I want to leave to the world honestly no that’s what I want I don’t have kids right now so you know this is what I want to leave to the world this is like my these twelve foundations I as I told you at the beginning video to me is the most important thing that I’ve ever done and maybe it’s the most important thing I ever will do to give you the twelve foundations to build your life train you in them now you don’t have to come to me you can get the videos download them put a headset on or watch them pay close attention take notes twelve videos about one hour each some are a little longer some are a little shorter it averages out to roughly twelve hours then I’ve got you’ll see when you click the button there’s bonuses there’s advanced training there’s all this other stuff but the twelve foundations get the twelve foundations and then I’ll give you a little exercise to begin to put them in place and practice in your life and as you do that health is gonna start falling in place well now you are might already be healthy so some of that stuff might not be relevant to you work on the twelve foundations that are your the weakest on you can skip around do the wealth ones if you’re already wealthy do the ones on happiness or love now people go ty hah who are you to think you’ll know all these things I don’t a lot of what you’ll learn about social circle is from my mentor dr. David buss he was a professor at Harvard now he’s a professor at University of Texas Austin he wrote the textbook on evolutionary psychology him along with the top scientists in the world this isn’t just me making up stuff say ah who are you how do you know about real estate investing in this and wealth and building businesses in it well I’ve had some of the best mentors in the world I’m lucky enough now to call you no friends or acquaintances with some of the most powerful business people ever to live I’ve interviewed them I’ve talked to him I’m partners with someone from in business I’m gonna give you what they tell me behind closed doors you think all these people are gonna give this stuff out dr. David buss either he’s I pay him he’s a paid consultant he’s not gonna just reveal all this stuff these business billionaires and millionaires you think they’re just gonna go around and make YouTube videos they don’t make any YouTube videos I don’t make any they sometimes wonder why why I do and I didn’t like well I have a different upbringing than you you know a lot of them some of them inherited their money some of them had parents that gave them businesses and things like that I didn’t have that and I’m telling you there was a point in my life where I said I prayed to God I’m not super religious I prayed to God I said if you help me out of this if you bring me mentors that help me I will share this one day with the world and this is me and that’s what I’ve been doing I’m gonna free youtube videos and those reach a lot of people Facebook videos but more importantly I want that small test group I love the movie 300 you seen that movie 300 Spartans they were better than a whole army and I know how to reach a lot of people but I want to reach a few of you and if this appeals to you you’ll know if this doesn’t appeal you just close this video you shouldn’t be watching this far this isn’t for everybody I’m not trying to make maximize sales and profits and do a marketing and get a landing page that you’re gonna be ultimately convinced by and by that’s that’s not what I care about give me a small handful of people who get it who are committed you know give me 300 people you change the world there’s a ripple effect give me 300 people who have mastered the 12 foundations of health wealth love and happiness and like that ripple effect will begin to change the war people are we talking about who is the president and wars and crimes and mass shootings I don’t know how to fix all of those but i’ma tell you one of the best ways I don’t know the whole answer I’m gonna tell you one of the most common-sense ways get a ripple effect going pay it forward a small group of people transform their live from rags to riches let them pass on the store to a few people to 300 people that they know and the foes three hundred to three hundred in this next thing you know the whole world has changed and maybe I’m naive on that and people go that’s never gonna happen I don’t know I’ve seen it starting to happen and it’s bigger than me it’s big this is bigger than me it’s twelve foundations it’s bigger than me yes I’ve compiled it for you I put in some of my own original stuff I’ve taken some old mentors have taught me but I’ve made this you know if you went around the world and tried to find this it would be like 200 hours it’d be too complicated the biggest task that I’ve accomplished for you is to make this easy to remember easy to learn and easy to put in practice so that you won’t procrastinate so that you won’t invest in another book another course another video and it not work this will work all I need from you is a commitment to take it seriously and listen to 12 videos or watch or listen to 12 audios or watch the 12 videos your choice video or audio you do that and I’ll do my part there’s ongoing training there’s extra bonuses to round this whole thing out but you listen to those 12 and all I ask of you you don’t need to thank me I get people sending me gifts I’m telling you I’ve affected the lives not just me but these programs there’s other people you know my business partners in I’m sorry I’m not taking credit but I’ve seen what I’m what this movement is change an incredible amount of people’s lives but it’s not enough it’s not enough it wasn’t complete and I realized that now in hindsight and I apologized for that but I didn’t know how to do this before and so I hope and all I really ask is that when it begins some transform your life not just a little change here what does it transform your life that you’ll send an email just send me an email okay ty ty Lopez calm just saying how it changed her life you don’t even have to thank me I’m not doing this for thinks you paid for it you don’t have to thank me but I want to know I want the testimonials because that’s one of the highlights of my day it’s cool waking up every day I posted me see him on my snap Instagram there was literally a guy who all went in one of my real estate programs who was in the test group it’s not even it’s closed you can’t even get in by the way this group is gonna close I didn’t mention that I don’t want you to feel like there’s urgency and I’m trying to pressure you but there is urgency I closed these test groups the real-estate test groups closed I just posted if you saw my snapchat or Instagram story with his actual Facebook so you can follow up with him to make sure I’m not lying about it he closed a real estate deal for 144 thousand dollars his if he’s make he was making in the first couple months of getting in my test group in that investment program he’s making $17,000 a month never made any money before it was a young guy now he’s moving up he just closed in 155 I was 144 thousand dollar deal profit that’s the profit side of it I’ve seen this stuff work I love waking up to the testimonials that’s what I asked from you send me two testimonials that’s it you don’t sin thank you I’m not a special person whatever I don’t deserve you know whatever I don’t even care what you think of me but send me the truth on how the stuff changed your life because it’ll also inspire other people a lot of people on the fence you might be on the edge on this you’re like ty I don’t know if I want to do this I don’t know if I have time you have time I’ve made it easy put a headset on when you’re on the way to work when you’re at work on a break when you’re at lunch when you’re you know brushing your teeth watch the videos while you’re on a treadmill at the gym or at your house go for a walk go for a jog do it with a friend whatever you have the time people say but I don’t have the money for this trust me everybody has the money for the things that they want I remember I grew up growing up I live next door to the projects in North Carolina and we didn’t have a lot of money we weren’t in the project but we were literally adjoining the project and I remember man even in the projects people had new shoes because that’s what they prioritized so you got to change your priorities drill salads and my first mentor used to say there’s no change without a change of routine one of the routine things you have to change is your priorities if you make this a priority it’ll work for you you’ll find the money if it’s not a priority you won’t and you’ll procrastinate like most people okay people go I want a question might have its time but how do I know this will work for me I see it work for you and you talk about these other people but how did it over work for me time my situation is different no it’s not if you’re a human I don’t care where you live in the world literally this works in every continent every country I don’t care if you’re starting out poor if you’re starting out you know if you’re like me you know you’re mixed you’re white you’re black you’re Asian but this a male female doesn’t matter humans DNA is all the same literally DNA is almost identical from person to person we all come from the same gene pool basically okay hopefully didn’t marry your cousin or your mom didn’t marry your cousin but you know what I mean this stuff works the way you become happy the way you become wealthy you think it you think it matters Oprah Winfrey is a black woman you think the way she built wealth is totally different than the way Elon Musk built wealth white male yeah there’s some differences there’s some challenges if you are minority I get it my last name’s Lopez you know how to preach to me okay put that basic thing don’t matter it doesn’t matter one of the 12 foundations you’ll learn is how to not make excuses yeah you commit life’s hard I get it life’s real hard and what you gonna do about I hope you move forward and that’s one of the foundations that you’ll learn about a little more advanced stuff than that but that’s the gist of it so if you’re thinking again in this but you’re held back that you don’t think it’ll work cause your age you’re young you’re old you’re middle-aged man enough is enough what else you gonna do if you’re young you want to wait 20 years to learn the secrets if you’re do you want to wait 20 years till you’re dead if you’re middle-aged do you want to wait till you’re old I mean like I don’t even get that argument but people make it all the time what about if you think well Thai can I trust this can I trust you I got a refund on the thing go through it it doesn’t work for you I’ll send you your money back and you got to get the twelve foundations for free okay don’t abuse this please but for genuinely whatever you didn’t think it worked I believe in this so strongly I’ll give you a hundred percent of your money back what else could you want for that this stuff works this is the most important day of your life I’m telling you if you’re willing to get in and actually implement I know that’s a bold statement but life seize the day I’m seizing the day life favors the bold fortune favors the bold is the exact statement but I like life because fortune sounds too much about money only life fates favors the bold I’m being bold and you be bold too you got to change what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working you’ve tried book she tried this you tried to all this stuff has it been working maybe it’s worked on some of your life buddy or all 12 foundations rocking and rolling in health and wealth and love and happiness are you like 1 to 10 I’m a 10 and all four of these that’s me you gotta aim for and you might not hit a 10 and all four but you need to be an 8 or more out of ten in all four of those areas the 12 foundations are gonna get you there start to fix your bank account start to fix your income start to fix your love life happiness social life no more betrayal by people no more being broken worrying every month no more procrastinating anxiety no more regret let’s do this those of you who are interested not gonna try to convince you anymore I want the people that are ready to go and if you’re not it’s not your day for those of you that it is your day click the button it’s either above or below if you’re depending if you’re on your phone or your laptop as quickly as you get in you can start learning you can start adopt into twelve foundations and as I said send me that testimonial with how it transforms your life that’s all I ask all right thanks so much and I’ll talk to you soon.

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