4 Ways To Escape The 9-5 Grind

let’s talk specifics what’s a specific business plan that I could give you now while I’m walking on the beach here in Miami that conceivably you could take launched this week this month and actually make a little bit of money or maybe alive but probably not a lot but at least some momentum I’m gonna give you four and by the way this is a big problem in the school system you come out of high school and college even if you got a business degree you don’t have a specific like plan I was lucky my first business I launched was a grass-fed beef company with Joel salads in my mentor and he had the whole plan literally the whole plan he’s like here’s how we’re gonna we found a property here’s how we identify what property we want here’s how we buy the cattle here’s how we put the fence up here’s how we put the water lines in here’s the organic minerals we give them here’s how we rotate them every day it was like all laid out and I executed on it he kind of looked over my shoulder he would come visit though it was a we found a separate property away from where he was and I would go there at night after I finished because I worked on his farm I was an apprentice and I go over to this other cattle place that we had set up it was a guy named Duff Brown I remember and he let us use the property we set it up Joel Salatin and I did it I did the work and at the end of the year I think we my can’t remember the profit but I remember my cut was like 12 grand profit which was a lot to me I actually leveraged that money I used it to travel the world I meant mentors I went basically I would find mentors like I’d read a book or an article and I would call them or write them a letter or send them an email and go visit them I went to visit bill Moulson and Tasmania all the way across the world I went to Ireland I went to Asia all over South America with the money that I leveraged from my first business I leveraged that into more skill more knowledge right so that’s what’s missing in school no one has that set plan for you like I had with Joel Salatin so I’m gonna give you four I basically have a handful of friends buddies followers experts and I said let’s put together a plan that’s super specific and anybody can do regardless of where they live how old they are gender education and even if they don’t have much skill in business so we came over for I’m gonna put a link below you can click ok you can click below you have three days left to click that link so I told them I’m gonna put a page up and I’m going to they’re building something crazy here on the beach never know what’s gonna happen in Miami I taught them I’m gonna build a test group and I’m gonna give people access to four different experts teaching a specific business I’ll put it up on a page for a limited time I’m gonna see how much success we get from that first test group this is what I did with social media marketing in 2016 so this test group consists you’re gonna get access to four different specific business blueprints business plans first one is how to buy and sell and flip phones on eBay and online everybody needs cell phones so good I mean there’s 2 billion iPhones we’re purchased in the world that’s insane people always drop their phone they need new ones or looking for a better one blah blah blah so there’s somebody who follows me that I flew them in and I said teach everything on how you have a six-figure business flipping phones that’s the first one by the way you can get all four of these below in the test group for a discount or you can get one or two or three you can mix and match the second thing you’re gonna learn is Patrick Tucker is going to teach you how he is a financial planner okay believe it or not is big money I think he made 1.2 million last year gross with really good margins I mean makes a lot of money now he’s been in it for a while you’re not gonna gave one do a million dollars but if you like numbers and you like investing wealth management is a crazy amount of people baby boomer generation retiring huge opportunity they don’t want to manage their money they want someone to help them do it who’s on it’s ethical and knows what they’re doing so we’ll train you and how you can go from zero to actually becoming a financial planner believe it or not that’s a business that I did after the business which ol South’s and years ago I I built and sold a a wealth management company in North Carolina a financial planner I was a CFP all that stuff I don’t do anymore but I know that business works because that’s one of the businesses first businesses I ever got up to six figures even though I was like whatever 23:24 didn’t have any experience didn’t have a college degree okay so that’s the second business blueprint you’ll see when you click on this plate the third one you’re gonna get is mobile carwash look everything’s gone mobile around cars you’d have Eber which it now looks like it’s gonna be a hundred twenty billion dollar company insane what is it it’s a car that’s comes to you so what else do people need around cars they need them to be clean and it costs a lot of money to build uber uber raised about what ten billion dollars so if you don’t have ten billion dollars it’s gonna be a little hard to compete with uber but you can compete around a service around cars that people want to deliver to their door so I’ve got somebody who’s teaching you how they build a six-figure mobile car wash business how to price it how to get customers it’s a great opportunity I mean that’s a simplest business plan but the Devils in the details you’re gonna get the details and I want you to notice on each of these programs that they’re simpler than you think and I can tell you this well I’m an investor now when people come to me with complicated business plans I’m like the odds are against you simpler stuff is more likely to work seriously simpler stuff buying and selling and flipping phones that’s like simple I always say if my hundred year old grandma can’t understand actually is 101 now she can’t understand it if I’m not gonna make money even the most complicated valuable businesses in the world are easy amazon’s easy it’s like an online shopping center with a whole bunch of stores and a whole bunch of products as in sure there’s a lot of technical that goes behind it but the basic premise is simple all these are some financial planner simple things most people don’t know anything about money they’ll pay you to manage a forum okay and then mobile carwash far walk cars is a trillion transportation it’s a trillion dollar industry there’s cars everywhere in the world this doesn’t is work in the US or in one place now if you’re in like Beverly Hills you can do high-end mobile carwash and so on so forth but you can do this anywhere in fact there was a follower years ago when I first did my hair my garage video in 20 this is like 2014 he reached out to me he’s in his early 20s and he had built five he I think he had built a franchise in Virginia just Mobil car wash and detail and he was making I’ll know two three four hundred thousand dollars a year and he was telling me I want to fly out I lost track of the guy but I’ve got someone else who’s done it I use the mobile car wash for my car I mean I was spinning at least two grand a month because I have six cars they’re harder to wash and so I know that people are paying because I was one of those people paying you might as well make money from that and then the fourth blue blueprint enemy give you last but not least definitely not least possibly I mean maybe the best one but it’s hard to know it’s this one had I liked agencies how to build an app building agency apps I mean you can’t believe I remember not that long ago I was driving somewhere and I was just like I wonder fast food companies have good apps and I remember this is might have been like seven years ago Kentucky Fried Chicken didn’t even have an app or one of those big brands and I was thinking holy crap like what an opportunity he’s got Kentucky Fried Chicken or whoever was Wendy’s these guys will pay you ten million bucks to build them a good app so you don’t actually have to build the app yourself that’s the thing I like about agencies you’re basically the person who connects the company with app developers that you have found and who work for you that’s a great way to make money boy agencies you don’t have to do the work you so when you click the link below you’ll see the app agency in the bundle too you can get all four or one or time the thing about the app agency massive opportunity because there’s basically only three kinds of businesses in the world 2% of them that have a good app ok two percent 50% that don’t have an app and the other 48% their app sucks so it means your total market in the pours like 98% of businesses so in the course in the blueprint you’re gonna learn step by step how to find people to actually build the apps that will work underneath you you’ll be like a general contractor like building a house you’re a general contractor so this is an insane bundle these four things you could do one of them or more believe it or not you can have multiple streams of income just from these four that I’m putting in the bundle all taught by experts that make at least six figures doing it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically make six figures but it’s better to learn four people that are making six or seven figures and some of these teachers that you’re about to learn from will make these experts are doing seven figures like Patrick Tucker a financial planning she’s making millions so click the link below for three days and then I want to cut and close this tester so click the link below you will thank me later

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