7 Practical Ways To Rewire Your Brain

Everybody doesn’t win and the sooner you wake up to that that biology is ruthless man then you get a little fear in you and when you get a little fear in you you start listening because if you’re truly afraid you listen let a little fear come in and drive you in motivate you we’re set up for failure because we think we’re going north but we’re going south that’s why 50% of people who get married divorce 80% of businesses fail that’s why 30% of Americans are on some form of antidepressant medication that’s why 60 70 percent of people are overweight I mean in a way we’re kind of but we live in a society that’s very narcissistic you’re told like everybody who’s a winner no not everybody’s a winner that’s like saying everybody’s blonde there’s a definition of what blonde is blonde is like this yellowish hair so you lose meaning when you start going everybody’s blonde when you see your life and anytime there should be pain you go no no no it was just how it was meant to be no look yourself in the mirror sometimes and go you know why I’m not happy it’s because I didn’t listen 10 years ago and I got in the wrong career you know I’m not happy because I married the wrong damn person it wasn’t meant to happen yes everything happens for a reason you made a bad choice but it didn’t have to be that way and the second you build up pain and this by the way is not my opinion if you talk to guys like dr. David buss top 10 most cited psychologist in history okay he’s one of my main mentors he told me I said to adults change like we do all this self-help videos in podcast I said am I wasting my time he goes yeah kind of I said why he said well after 25 it’s very hard to teach old dogs new tricks by the way that’s why I’ve changed most of my stuff targets people 18 to 25 that’s why I do snapchat and all that because there’s hope for 18 to 25 now if you’re over 25 before you get depressed he told me but I have good news for you time I said what he said adults learn through massive trauma so you will learn you have to let in some trauma into your life and that’s rough but no pain no gain like if you are a hundred pounds overweight and you want to be able to play basketball here’s my news for you everything happened for a reason you got fat because you ate too much and you didn’t exercise so welcome to the gym in the first year is gonna be hell but that pain hopefully will reprogram your brain at every time you want to eat that nasty thing go wait I don’t want to go through that pain again so I think one of the myths of societies we won’t let pain in we just excuse it all the way like now that was meant to happen oh you wasted 20 years of life I married the wrong person in the wrong career no it was my happy where’s the people who go you up you wasted 20 years and you will never get it back you better go in your room and cry and the truth is you only learn as an adult unfortunately most people can only change with mass and trauma optimizing your life for hustling and grinding is like optimizing your life around going P no P is something you have to do it’s not the goal you don’t go woo you know my goal is hit the toilet seven times a day no but you have to do it to survive so grinding and working hard and hustling is not what you optimize for it’s pain why would you optimize for pain but as in this it is a necessity and if you look at actual scientific explanation of what makes you successful it is not just hard work if that’s true construction workers would be the wealthiest people in the world waiters and Busboys they work harder than the owner the most scientific psychometric personality test is called hexaco it’s more accurate than Big Five which used to be it’s much more accurate than myers-briggs infj entp all that stuff so hexaco tests you on 26 facets of your personality and one was called conscientiousness and it’s been proven over and over by scientists conscientiousness is the most correlated with business success define conscientious oh yes so then it divides into four sub facets organization perfectionism diligence and prudence so that real truth is hard work is 25% of the formula because diligence is known in the common language as hard work okay so if you just think diligence alone will get you success you’re like a basketball player that thing she’ll play in the NBA cuz you get shoot free-throws ah there’s you ever seen the best free-throw shooter in the world they’re old 70 year old men who shoot underhanded but they don’t play in the NBA because the NBA is not all about free-throws so MBA is scoring defense free throws maybe is one component rebounding assists there’s a lot of components so the other three you have to get good ends the first one is perfectionism people you have to know how to double check your work it’s that simple it doesn’t mean you’re always a perfectionist but it means when it’s important when you’re a pilot of an airplane double check before you go they if you get on a plane you hear the pilots double checking the co-pilot going you know hydraulics and the guy goes hydraulics and that’s why planes don’t crash and it’s called Six Sigma it’s three defects per million your goal in business and in life on the important things is to make three mistakes per million transactions in the only way you do that is by being a perfectionist in terms of double-checking so that’s 25% the next one is organization I can’t tell you how much better my life is and anybody watching this will be if you wake up every single day and you take ten minutes I have yellow notepad sitting all around my house I got that from Bill Gates Bill Gates bill and Microsoft at 17 by locking himself in a hotel room was six yellow notepads and he wrote out the whole basic code for boss and things I built Microsoft okay he became the richest man in the world 18 years straight because he was organized enough to lock himself in a room and think through his day and so what I try to do and whenever I do this I have a great day whenever I don’t I notice it be organized a little bit ten minutes I actually have this little couch thing outside of my shower and I put a notepad by it I take a shower when I wake up I walk over to that I kind of sit there and I just write out I mean can be as little as three main projects you want to get done that day so organization is the other 25% so now and then you have diligence which is hard work hustle and perseverance but the last one is the kicker and this is what I was talking about the rewiring that has to happen the last one is something called prudence scientists call this prudence prudence is the ability to make the right decision and I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs and non entrepreneurs even me at times – I’m not special I’m lumping all of us in this because of our upbringing in society our goal is let’s say our goal is like that camera right there so let’s assume that’s north so I have this compass in my brain and my goal is to go right there let’s say it’s a mile away so north what happens if society my upbringing in school wired my compass exactly backwards so I think let’s say I can’t see that camera but I know I want to go north so I pull out my my compass and it points that way so I just take off walking and I do it in an organized fashion I do it in a perfectionist manner I’m perfecting my steps in my posture I’m also working on you know hard work and hustle keep walking towards your goal well the truth is if you go south when you should go north you could have gone one mile but the earth is about 24,000 miles in circumference so you get to walk 24,000 miles and you’ll come up on the backside and you will get your goal that’s most entrepreneurs the average person takes 20 years to become a millionaire 90% of businesses fail within the first five years 80 to 90 depend on what statistic most people I did the math once the average American has $60,000 saved by the time they’re about 60 years old so my answer I did the math you can do this with the simple financial calculator at everybody in America your parents everybody you know will be a millionaire if they live to 160 at 160 years old you take 60 grand at age 60 and you give it a decent return on investment 8% 10% you’ll be a millionaire at 160 but the problem is the great philosopher I think was Aristotle Socrates said the problem is heart is long but life is short the art of living and getting to your objective is long but it doesn’t have to be it’s long if your compass is backwards so the whole point of what I’m saying about adventure at the beginning is I’m trying to take myself and point it to the true north and you have to learn that from books and mentors and a life experience and listening and finding in-person mentors and all those things they help adjust your compass and most people are gonna get what they want just about 40 years longer are there like key principles though that you can use to turn that compass of north actually points north yes first one is just like Alcoholics Anonymous admit you’re lost and that one’s hard for people you tell people even for me sometimes I want to think I’m smart and I got it all figured out and sometimes I’m like wait a sec I’m still lost and not that the acquiescence the the admittance of the fact that you’re still lost it gets you on track a lot faster so if you’re watching this and you feel lost it’s better to just sit down and be like I’m lost because the day you admit you’re lost is the day you allow yourself to be found by people who can give you a tip but what’s what’s the equivalent of that because obviously if you’re an entrepreneur nobody’s looking for you so that’s though they are though who is they are dirt you go to Barnes & Noble people sell in their books they’re looking for you as a customer so read read I mean the that people argue with me on this reading thing and people argue with me about Mentors no just use your own gut feeling is that how you learn English when you were two years old you use your gut feeling to start conjugating verbs no you learn from other people you learn manners you learn language you learn all things valuable you learn to drive from another person so it doesn’t make sense you learn life so books are just the mentors who maybe are dead now you wanna learn about Steve Jobs you know live the teacher but you can learn through accumulated wisdom and that’s what trust me I meet I very a few powerful businessman I’ve ever met don’t read a lot Warren Buffett who I think’s the best businessman by far in the world has done see has 75 companies that he pretty much runs 200 billion in revenue he reads eight hours a day he reads 600 he said he slowed down in his old age he only reads 500 pages a day Bill Gates goes on reading vacations Mark Zuckerberg just start started a reading once a week book club on Facebook and already got a couple million father and now with audiobooks there’s no excuse you got YouTube videos let this thing run in the background and it’s better if you can find it I mean better than ebooks is in person mentally that’s why I do a podcast it I started Google AdWords in 2001 okay I was I got lucky I just stumbled and I was one of the first people to ever use online advertising I was in I think the second month Google’s AdWords launched and there was no YouTube videos there was no Perry Marshall books there was there was nothing you just kind of wasted money to learn now we’re the most spoiled generation everything this computer on this phone iPhone 7 is more powerful than the first rocket that put man on the moon that cost billions of dollars now we get that for under a thousand bucks and people are still like I’m lost yes your loss sit down and then open up Safari and go how to do Google ads and you’re gonna come up let’s see what I come up with AdWords they have their own tutorial word stream jump a PHY you got some paid stuff then you have some free stuff on HubSpot if you sit in a chair Charlie Munger calls it assiduity put your ass in a chair sit there and focus without being you know the average American right now the average first in the world our attention span has dropped to five seconds the sad news is the average goldfish has six seconds we’re now competing with goldfish and the goldfish are winning so if you don’t have assiduity to sit down breed there is no solution for you you will always be poor because you’ll always be beat by somebody who’s willing to sit in the chair is there a way for people to build that discipline yes pain and that’s why I’m not a big believer in delusion you know you asked me one of the rewiring things we have to do in this world I’ll tell you one you ever heard this myth everything happens for a reason so just accept it well there’s kind of truth to that if I jump off a building and break my legs yes everything happened for a reason the reason was gravity like that’s why you break your legs and physics legs brittle concrete not brittle so that but people interpret everything happens for a reason be like well I was meant to learn from that thing and then BS read Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene one of the most important books written in the last century he says organisms that only learn through trial and error lose to organisms that can learn through other people’s a trial endure is anybody here we’ve got a little live audience anybody here ever had to be hit by a car to learn to look both ways I did it I kind of learned from just somebody telling me big car two tons velocity smash dead and I now always look both ways so if your myth is that the only way you’re gonna learn is just through massive mistakes and trial and error you have a read Richards talking book if you believe in evolution or even you don’t you believe in creationism or whatever why do we have big brains because we do have the biggest brains on planet Earth not always use them but we got the biggest potential it’s to be able to what Richard Dawkins called project so you can literally sit in this chair and predict outcomes without having to do them and because we’re all narcissists because of society and Instagram and all this and I’m guilty of that too we don’t like to be uncomfortable because a narcissist story to themselves is your the best and so you don’t you your worldview is messed up that’s a wiring issue let me put it this way I meet people who think they’re smart okay what it really tells me is they’ve never been around actual smart people if you’re really smart watching this let’s say you have 155 IQ that’s what Bill Gates has in Albert Einstein we’re up there my step grandfather had 155 IQ he speaks 14 language fluently he can write Chinese he’s a chess master he can play three other chess masters without looking at the board while they look at the board and beat all of them if you’re smart you can do that if you’re not I got good news for you Warren Buffett says you only need about a 125 IQ to be very successful but it’s better to stay in your lane and just go I’m not that smart but you can hire 155 IQs but that’s an example of what I’m talking about of this rewiring and right so these practical things will change your life since you have a concept called never be the bitch of your own mind yes what do you mean by that your mind is driven by deep evolutionary drives so for example narcissism is a protection mechanism right so your mind wants to tell you you’re amazing it makes you its bitch you have to override that and go you know what I’m not that amazing so let me go learn from amazing people do you have methods for people to do that because I think that’s so important so I tell people don’t trust everything that your mind says sir please don’t buy into all of your emotions just because you have an emotion doesn’t mean you have to act in accordance with that but how do you help people get over that how do they overcome that I think humans for the most part learn by osmosis so it’s hard to lecture people into success but what you could do is you could inspire people to understand this so for example if you could if school system could find all the 14 year olds and find out what they admire right it’s the reason I show Lamborghinis Ferraris there’s got a lot of young followers and you know what 19 year old guys like Lamborghinis and Ferraris so I show that part of my life because then they listen to the other stuff so first you’ve got to lead by inspiration this has been proven over you cannot pound stuff into people’s brain people actually do the opposite when parents tell their kids you got to read nobody reads but if I show a Lamborghini and Ferrari which is the reward that people want and then people go how do you get it I said see all these books I read them and put it then people I have more school kids reading books I think than anyone in history I don’t say that cocky I’m telling you it astounds me because all I had to do was put up a video with Lamborghinis all right when you’re the bitch of your brain you go I’m just gonna freewheel this day it’s very it’s very hard to be organized we’re not now dogs aren’t organized you ever see your dog organizing day so if you want to you can either act on the animal side which is just a winged life or you can operate from a sense of logic and duty and so I learned somewhat I’m not even as good as Joel to not be the bitch my mind by just being around it for a while and so that’s the best way find somebody that you look at them and you go this is a person of discipline a motivation self motivation they don’t need external motivation they’re motivated from within and spend all the time you can around them and so for all of you who are really big on the hustle your ass off hustle and the networking side it will help you because you never know how you’re sitting next to that’s one big believer in going to conferences Berkshire Hathaway conference it’s the first week of May of every year these dudes are gonna die soon Charlie Munger Warren Buffett you can buy a B share for under 500 bucks buy a B share you get a free ticket it’s insane you sit there with two men on stage in a stadium of 18,000 of the top investors in the world cost you under 500 bucks you sit there’s only one day I fly into Omaha and fly back out almost the same day and you walk out just motivated you’re with the guy that their business you know we meet business isn’t like I’m doing 100 million here they did 200 billion in revenue last year I see people making fun of the Kardashians I’m like you gonna make fun of the Kardashians look Kylie Jenner the youngest Kardashian in the last 18 months has done 400 million dollars in revenue on lipstick kits and various make up things with Kylie cosmetics put that in perspective Lauria maybelline massive brands it took them fifty years as an organization with thousands of employees to do a Kylie Jenner did by herself at 20 at 18 you’re gonna laugh at the Kardashians do you have to agree with everything the Kardashians know but like Abraham Lincoln said I learned from everybody even if sometimes it’s what not to do so you can just go into the Kardashians reverse-engineer their success go I like this I like this I like this I don’t like that then leave out what you don’t like if you can pick up one gold nugget whether it’s from in-person mentor whether it’s from a book you become very wealthy in knowledge very quickly one nugget a day one not a day it’s like Charlie Munger Warren Buffett’s business partner said step by step you get ahead but not necessarily in fast Birds but you have to prepare for the fast spurts by learning step by step like you want to become like a supercomputer you just download smart crap from smart people and you pick and choose like some people are like Thai I don’t agree with everything you say I’m like good I don’t agree with everything I said like a year later I’m like wait I was wrong

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