Avoid This Temptation.

beautiful time of the year here in New York Central Park glad to be back just got back somebody asked me best piece of advice I’ve heard mmm pretty simple you get everything you have one out of life but it usually takes one to five years longer than you expected people’s goals the horizon is always too short things take a second mother nature biology there’s a pattern there and that pattern is cyclical meaning you have to go through multiple cycles and it’s not just a 12-month cycle sometimes I think that life happens in an 18-month cycle not a 12-month cycle the calendar is man-made it’s artificial you know the real calendar is on its own it’s not Native American it’s not Roman it just is what it is and most people give up too soon try as hard as u can be patient money is not coming in one day your not going to make a milion dollar in just a day if u starting from 0 

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