Clients Say, “How much is it?” And You Say, “…”

What do you say when your clients ask you the question well how much do you charge how much is it what’s your response how do you handle this objection now before I teach you exactly how the head of this objection you have to understand why they’re asking that and when they’re asking is also very critical example if they’re asking you this question how much is it you’re just two or three five minutes into your conversation it could be on the phone could be face to face it means that they want to get to the bottom line they want to know just tell me how much it is I don’t I don’t care well your feature benefit I just want to know what this fits my budget now the minute you give out the price you tell them this is how much you’ve lost all control because you have not taken the time to build up the knees to discover exactly what they’re looking for before you give to the price so when you tell them the price they say is ten thousand dollars it’s $50,000 it’s a hundred thousand dollars right there the minute you gave them the price you’ve lost your power because now all you could do is wait for your client and say you know what no that’s so expensive no I don’t want to pay for that or look that’s that’s that’s not what we thought that we’re gonna spend then we’re gonna do now you have to go into what I call justification mode right oh but but we are so good that our product is better that we’ve been in business for X amount of years and and all this now you turn into this salesperson right you don’t want to do that so if it’s in the very beginning of the conversation when your clients asking you so how much is it exactly you should redirect we direct the conversation going back to the needs and find exactly why are they talking with you in the first place so in the beginning when they ask you the question how much is it you would simply reply it depends it depends and then they might say something like what depends on what what depends on exactly what you’re looking for so why don’t you tell me a little bit about what you’re looking for boom you go back to their needs you go back to their wants you go back to you why are they talking to in the first place now if it’s somewhere and let’s say after the middle of the conversation it’s the end that you’ve done everything that I teach you they you are defying them you follow the about their needs you’ve done all those steps and now it’s Morni at the end you’re actually talking about money and they say well how much is it now whenever you give them a price let’s say is ten thousand dollars you don’t just say well how much is it or ten thousand dollars oh and then all they’re gonna say is either it’s okay but most people they would say oh it’s too expensive it’s more than I thought it’s a new natural response from your buyer so what do you do you want to also continuously ask the next question so it would sound something like this well how much is it it’s ten thousand dollars are you comfortable spending that kind of money or it’s ten thousand dollars instead within your budget so right there you take the next question and you go deeper right you go to the next step and they won’t deal they’ll say oh yes or they say no now if they are giving your resistance on price and that goes beyond in this particular video this is what I what I teach in high ticket closures I teach you how to handle some of those objections but for now for now knowing that if they ask you that question you always want to redirect you don’t really just want to say well the price without something else sometimes if it’s up it was somewhere in the middle of the conversation they ask you were how much does it cost if they are pushing and pushing and pushing you can also get them a range you give them a range of oh it’s it depends on what you need let’s say you are a a graphic design person and you are developing a logo or brand or something for them and they asking well how much is it gonna cost me to you four to do all these design packages and all that well you know anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars how do you feel about that and it just listened and see what they had to say now they might say oh okay that’s what we were thinking roughly to spend okay or they might say oh whoa that’s well hold on a second that’s way more than what we want to spend then you can go back to handling the objection so be very very careful when your prospects asking you how much is it so depends on when depends on the timing you were and do it differently but knowing in traditional sales the buyer always has all the power because they have the money but that’s not true in terms of high ticket closing when it comes to how much we as a closer we have the power we need to control when we want to reveal price when we don’t want to reveal price maybe it’s too early and we haven’t built up the demand we haven’t created the needs so all depends but you want to retain and remain powerful you’ll retain their power so you can lead them to the end and close that sell.

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