Dont Fail In Success Trap

What in your life right now is okay and you’re ignoring it it’s time to get disturbed with all the opportunities that exist today why haven’t you reached your next level of income life and wealth in most cases we’ve been lied to we’ve been told that if you find the right opportunity and you work hard you can be successful and that’s simply not true millionaires billionaires and successful people have realized you need the foundation for wealth that habit and that’s exactly what you’ll be learning on the millionaire success habits podcast all success starts here today I want to talk about success traps I’m gonna make it short and sweet here’s the thing when you think you’re somewhat successful it is so much harder to get out of it when life is good when it’s okay when you can get by that’s when a lot of times we don’t make a move you see when something fails miserably when the relationship has failed miserably it’s easy to to change to make it to make it better or to have to end it if a business fails miserably you tried and it failed you move away you try something new if you get fired it’s a if you want to call it failure you have to make a move but here’s the success trap when the relationships okay there’s no passion there’s no love but there maybe there’s a little love every this respect but it’s it’s good enough a lot of people have tough relationships when your job almost pays the bills when you’re almost happy and you look around and go well a lot of people are out of work a lot of people are a lot worse off than me I’m okay here when you have a business that is running you and you’re not running it but you’re still self-employed and you kind of pay your bills but you’re not seeing your kids as much as you like but a lot of people don’t see their kids that is what I’m talking about today guys the heck with good we all have the opportunity for greatness now if you’re going through a tough time in life you might be gone Dean you’re so he’s so optimistic I can’t have great yes you can I’ve been around long enough I’ve touched the lives of millions of people around the world I’ve met enough of my students that have come from hell and back have come from the hardest circumstances in the world and when they found a way to not settle for okay not settle for good to raise their standards they can bust out of that success trap and find a way to take their life to that next level guys I will come on this video screen I will create a video for you every single week for the rest of my life if I need to and every week share a different message that gets you disturbed inaction is what’s gonna keep you where you are listen if your life if you see glimpses of a better life if you can imagine a better life if you see a better life through other people the opportunity for you to live it is there and I’ll pound from I’ll scream from mountaintop so I’ll do a video every single week I’ll do whatever it takes to show you that if you can make tiny shifts in your habits and your beliefs if you will raise your standards well if you’ll not settle for okay if you want you didn’t realize that you can live with passion and intimacy and love and success and an abundance and prosperity if you’ll just believe it and take an action today let’s get you out of a success trap or get you out of status quo and get you on that journey on that path to the next level what in your life right now is okay and you’re ignoring it it’s time to get disturbed it’s time to realize there’s more there’s time it’s time to take action and use the strategies that you have at hand then we talked about in these weekly wisdoms to talk about in my books and my courses and maybe some of the things you already know it’s time to take action.

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