From 0-100K $ in A Month

What’s the quickest way from zero to 100 grand I’m gonna be giving out a thousand bucks but more importantly give a man a fish feed him for a day teach someone to fish feed him for a lifetime fastest way from zero to 100 grand I’ve seen so many bizarre theories on the fastest way from zero to a hundred grand if you want a real one that actually works I’m gonna do it in real time right here this is a case study this may be the most important video you’ve watched in a while I know that sounds cocky but I’m serious listen and you’ll see here’s how you go from zero to 100 grand even if you don’t live in a big city even if your have no money to start with even if you’re 18 years old 80 years old it doesn’t matter okay who here Josh Rick favorite restaurant in LA yes catch I asked him before so I’d have it ready I’m on a google catch la this this all right I’m gonna do it manually here you go you go to catch LA this is how I would go from 0 to 100 I’d get this person who owns this business to pay me $25,000 this year and then I’d do it four times that’d be a hundred grand with nothing but the internet so first of all you got to do your homework step number one do a little bit of homework identify potential customers you’re gonna have to get somebody to give you the money legally this is not how to rob a bank that could work but it won’t work for long so I go to catch LA I’m doing my homework cuz I’m gonna get a meeting number three meet the owner fastest away from 0 to 100 grand so I do a little homework on a business it could be any business I just picked a random one that we at my office somebody likes to eat here I go to their website now I create the needs list I’m gonna find everything wrong with this restaurants website real fast I spent an hour on it I’d find like a thousand things but let me just do okay first though if they have a pop up of uh of YouTube let’s see okay first of all it’s not even a real picture it’s a drawing of a restaurant which is very bizarre okay let’s watch this video because I’m compiling my list okay I’d stop right there idiotic nobody wants to watch a video of the restaurant being constructed I like the restaurant cuz I want to eat there okay compiled list video wrong double check my work let’s click here to look at the video on you okay ten thousand views is that good they posted in 2016 that’s not so good for a popular restaurant they’ve gotten three comments on a public video in three years you want to know how a video is bad if you get one comment a year one comment don’t you get a negative comment they get no comments okay so that’s wrong now I look at their homepage I’m gonna teach you guys how to start a social media marketing agency EECOM agency be a consultant I’ve trained two hundred eighty five thousand people if I’m gonna do it for free people are my paid programs for those who can’t afford my pay programs I’m going to show you right here this is for real this is a big restaurant here they got money out the yin-yang you prove your worth they could drop twenty five hundred dollars a month on a recurring contract with you like and not even notice it they could drop ten grand a month you could get one customer a year it goes zero to a hundred grand I’m just being conservative there’s nobody out there by the way there’s nothing that I’ve ever seen on the internet right now that’s a free video like this teaching you legit stuff to go from rags to riches I’ve seen a stupid stuff I’ve seen unrealistic stuff I mean I do different things to make money I make millions of dollars a month but a lot of that stuff I can’t show to people who are starting out because you can’t do it like real estate I just closed on I just bought six hundred acres real estate I couldn’t do that when I was starting out I can’t show you how to do that because you’re not gonna build especially kind of deals that I’m doing you’re gonna be able to do but this anybody could do you could do at 18 as easily as 50 years old because young people people believe about EECOM social media and the internet so look first of all why would you have a restaurant picture without the food without the ambience why would you have a picture of flowers it looks like a florist why would you have your logo so big apple calm the biggest company in history look at how smart they are apples logo is that big so I’m compiling my list Apple’s logo is that big but catch seafood they decided most important thing to a restaurant experience we need our logo massive huge what does Donald Trump always say huge that’s like what the heck okay next what’s the only reason any human ever goes to a restaurant website two things one to find out when it’s open find out the directions possibly number three the phone number do you see directions here possibly for to book a reservation do you see book reservation here do you see the hours here here’s the phone number teenie they’re almost undoable look at that who built this website they got ripped off I’m gonna compiling my list video wrong no address no hours now I scroll down they do show the hours is this helpful to people look at this here nope here nope here oh here it is it’s written by somebody who doesn’t know American English it says opening hours that’s not how you say it in America you say hours so it’s not even written correctly contact info address is it clickable nope non clickable that’s a mistake right there okay they have in the center the most important area of a website the god spot timing the average time in experience ranges from 90 minutes whew thank you for telling me that I really go to website number one thing I do is go to websites and I go I wonder what their average dining time is Chipotle before I eat at Chipotle before I eat in restaurant I’m like let me calculate the average time in experience okay stupid alright now don’t call people stupid or you’re not gonna get them as a customer but I’m just telling telling you what I think this is actually good but it’s in the low corner they won some big food award move that to the top now website let’s look at their social media okay ninety nine thousand followers their verified that’s good this is horrible don’t ever you know what he wants to see weird emoji like digitally created nightlife they have a bomb disco ball whoa nothing screams place I want to go to the disco ball my reminds me I had a business partner was like eighty years old a long time ago and he used to he used to come to LA and be like ty let’s let’s meet some broads and go to the disco I swear he would say that and I’d be like don’t say broads do not say discos there’s no discos for over 25 years in Los Angeles they’re clubs and they’re women but do not say you do not meet oh look at that fine Dame that Dame that Dame should come to the disco he would also always try to book limos I’m like nobody uses limos really anymore unless you’re in a prom or you’re doing your Kinsey nee era at fifteen years old but okay this website disco ball no phone number I know they have multiple restaurants but they’re not listing right here their most popular restaurants addresses 385 likes on that picture horrible this one 466 they finally got one picture here they got thirteen hundred and seventy seven because it has people’s faces but did they ever post a picture like that again nope they’re not even doubling down on what works the people in my social media marketing program I teach them double down on what works this is a gold mine right here now look I’m gonna show you something even more ninja you don’t you’re not even my paid program I’m gonna show you this right here you want to go zero to six right one customer like that’ll make you one hundred to two hundred thousand dollars a year you run a social media marketing agency you fix their stuff for them if you don’t know how to do it you can outsource the work you can find people on up work that do the work you can find other agencies you control the client money there’s nothing on the internet I challenge you show me one thing that consistently will take people from rags riches like what I’m showing you right here social media marketing agency e-comm agency social media marketing agency I own the trademark on SM MA I’m just saying that because I’ve trained the reason the US government gave me that trademark because I’ve trained the most people on how to do this I know what I’m talking about I trained 40 over 40,000 people just in this in my paid programs in over 190 countries basically every country on planet earth so watch this a ninja trick do you go to Google site speed it’s a free website that no business owners about know about so I’m compiling my list I’m gonna walk into the owner get an get a meeting with the owner of catch I’m not gonna do it you do it okay you take the website catch restaurants website right here it’s called catch restaurants I’m gonna go here and I’m gonna cut and paste it in real quick and I’m gonna analyze Google does this I’m gonna print this out I’m gonna put it in a one dollar three-ring binder that has the name of my social media marketing agency and I’m gonna hand it to the owner as a free gift and look how professional this is did they teach you this in school have you seen anybody ever talking about this no nobody nobody’s teaching you this right now it’s sad in this world nobody’s teaching people legitimate ways to go from zero to a hundred thousand dollars and I don’t care who you are disenfranchised or not look at this their site out of a hundred Google gives them a one imagine if you did a car you did an exam in high school how’d you do it I didn’t do so well mom oh you mean you got like a F like a sixty uh no a little worse you got like a fifty that bad mom I got a one what’s your SAT scores one I’m a one what school can you get it to you can’t even get a community college with this SAT score of one they got a one on their mobile their desktop got an eleven so I just come in here I print this off I press print screen print this then when I presented it here’s my list for me did you know that whoever’s running your web site mr. catch restaurant they forgot to eliminate render blocking resources not deferring off screen images they didn’t minify the job javascript they’re not reducing server time response time you might not even know what it means but you can look right here and understand what it means time to first byte it identifies the time of what your server sends a response there time to first byte is horrible you’re gonna look like Albert Einstein with no college degree no college degree you can look like Albert Einstein if you listen to what I’m telling you right now I can give you I give you this ten grand or I can give you a way to make ten grand a month forever you get more and more customers this is legit so this is a free website I’d print this off I then walk in now what’s the next step I’ve compiled my list I printed off now people say but time how would you go to how would you ever get the owner to meet with you ah you go and eat at his restaurant or her restaurant know who owns this restaurant they might be watching so here’s what I do number three secure the appointment and just to be clear for those of you know this who are on my paid training program you can also do this for dentists doctors cosmetic surgeons real estate agents they all have the same problem they all don’t know what they’re doing 99.99% of businesses including large ones I’ll show you big companies that are doing this wrong I don’t recommend you start with the biggest companies smart would start with smaller ones you set that secure the appointment because you got to talk to him you got a hand in this how do you secure pointment don’t just use email don’t just hide behind phone don’t just text go eat at the restaurant or if it’s dentist’s office have them clean your teeth you got to get your teeth cleaned twice a month a year anyway that’s two clients you could secure or work on securing so you come in there eat at their restaurant figure out the time the owners there then you go to your server hey while you’re eating their food they’re not gonna say no to you you say to a mom hey can I talk to the owner the owner comes out I go hey I got a little gift for you I don’t know social media marketing agency I’m gonna take my blazer off here okay so I secure the meeting and I don’t try too hard sell them I don’t try too hard so I’m gonna walk away I’m gonna present and walk away I’m gonna do what’s called the take away you know wolf of Wall Street now movies like sell me this pen best way to sell this pen is to just say this simple message to the person you’re trying to sell I notice those pens you have there’s 10 things wrong with them this one that I work out this company is way better anyway talk to you later walk away reverse psychology 101 what do people think then you know the best way to get a date with a girl I’ll start with the worst way here’s the worst way to get a date with a girl go please please please I really need this date I really I’m lonely I’m home can you please leave Leave leave it’s not the best way you meet somebody at Starbucks you get a lot you think and potential you walk up to them just say just wanted to say beautiful outfit you have on you got a good taste lock away especially if you know that person maybe they work at the same building they come back to the same Starbucks why you got to be so thirsty and so hungry you don’t have to close this catch la client this restaurant ain’t going nowhere they got a million dollars in equipment sitting right there that owner I’m passing it on to him I’m doing him a favor I’m saying hey I looked at you I want to refer my friends to your website but when I send them to your website it’s a 1 they doesn’t even load for them correctly they can’t figure out the address they don’t know how to book a reservation it but here’s a little report I had Google I did with along with Google they’ll respect Google it gives your website a 1 and by the way that’s one out of a hundred not 1 out of 10 it’s one of the worst it’s the worst rating I’ve ever seen actually catch got the worst rate I’ve never seen anyone get a 1 we just were messing with it earlier Farwell live hand it to him walk away come back to eat in a week say by the way I found a couple other things if you ever want me to just talk to your web people your social media people I could probably fix this for you real quick this guy’s got money catch LA has money mark my words most restaurant owners spent two to five hundred thousand to open their doors you don’t think they have $1,000 a month 25 I wouldn’t even come with my thousand dollar package then you understand secure appointment present walk away man I’m gonna get this video here ranked I see all these videos on how to make a meal this is how you make a million dollars do you get 10 customers like this first person I trained to do this in 2016 made a 1.2 million dollars in their first 12 months of doing this so questions ladies and gentlemen who thinks sometimes people go do I your programs don’t give it like I see you all social media you’re not giving any practical advice name somebody ever gave you more practical advice to this right here name me show me the video baby EECOM dropship you ain’t better than this even though I teach econ dropship and you think it’s more realistic that you’re gonna make a million bucks with ten clients like this BBS brand real estate you really think this is better in real estate that real estate is better than this what I just showed you everybody knows digital marketing even Victoria’s Secrets going bankrupt because they don’t know the digital game sears is gone JC Penney’s gone the youngest billionaire in history used snapchat and Instagram stories to sell her make up name a video I want to see the video don’t name a person name the video I know a lot of people out there giving advice and that’s great come on show me the practical plan I just showed you who’s the first person gonna call catch LA I’m not gonna take it go for it you do it good name a restaurant in your town there’s dentists doctors there are 20 million business owners in the US conservatively there’s 19 point five million that don’t know anything and they’re not even secure in what they’re doing meaning they are aware of the problem they’re aware from you could do an econ major you could do a social media marketing see this right here is what people should be doing if you have no money or you don’t know what to do if you have some money you can make a lot of money in this because you can even accelerate it you get ten clients like this you make it a million bucks a year you get ten small client you’re making $2,500 I’m $25,000 a month people go to school for eight years to become a lawyer and a lot of them do it for the money most people didn’t go you know what I want to do I want to file forms and not there’s a few people that want to be lawyers for reasons other than money maybe half them half the lawyers are out there because mommy and daddy said you make a lot of money in it bs start an agency like this started aiding the world don’t need more lawyers please Lord California doesn’t need more lawyers there’s a couple hundred thousand lawyers here all suing each other just making money for the lawyers not for the people PageSpeed insights so next thing walk away and then build here’s your funnel the funnels large at the top you’re talking to 40 restaurant destra you’re not closing them all dentists doctors cosmetic surgeons now guess what happens here automatically 50% of people say no to anything you do I will tell you this I gave away cars brand new Mustangs out of the 12 I either give away ten or twelve cars out of the ten or twelve cars I gave away to people said no I said what do you mean you won they said well we don’t believe this is actually tile oppa has given away a car we think is a scam I said my assistant said wilt I’ll FaceTime you what’s your number I’m not giving you my number so you know what I said to you you part of the 50 percent that’s stupid you blocked your blessing that was gonna give you a car gave it to someone else one of those people figured out it was actually real cuz I mentioned their name and they came in oh no I want the car now I said sorry mm-hm you block your blessing you snooze you lose so 50% of these restaurants just gonna save no flat out their mom their brother their sisters doing their social media and their website meeting if they’re not gonna get you they’re not gonna do nothing you can do just walk away 25% of people are gonna be highly interested focus on those the other so 25 50 percent say no just right out the gate they block there but if if 2 out of 12 people that I gave brand-new $30,000 cars said no – definitely 50% of people you try to sell a service to or he’s gonna say no so forget about them 50 percent I had a friend that was probably the best on planet earth I used to own a lot of nightclubs I’ve been around a lot of guys that think they’re good with women he was the best I used to call him mr. X because he didn’t want me to say his name on my live stream but this guy you’ve never seen out in public more women throwing themselves at a man than this guy okay he used to be the doorman at one of my night clubs in North Carolina anyway I once asked him mr. X I said his real name his name is Drago his his name he’s a Puerto Rican a Romanian now he told me he doesn’t care if I say his name he was married for a second and he didn’t want me to say it he stayed married for about approximately 33 days and then looks like it got in trouble and I saw his Facebook went from like married to unmarried in under a month I was like I told him was like Drago don’t get married this is you’re not the guy to get married but I once asked him do you get rejected a lot and he told me 50% of the time now which that’s pretty good because most guys get rejected 99% of the time but he’s like I said how do you deal with rejection he looked at me said Thai I just didn’t look in for people who have good taste when people said no to him he just looked at him like what is wrong with you he thought now that may be a little narcissistic but again you’re bringing a badass service to a restaurant that is getting a 1 if they reject you just be like that they have no idea who should be helping them they got nothing so 25% of people are laters they’re not maybes see people think maybe is a no BS if usually a maybe is a later they’re not ready today they’re busy and 25% of people or what I call highly interested meaning you can close this 25% between one day and six weeks of talking to them there you go zero to 100 grand what are the questions what are the questions now I’ll tell my answer at one of them number five you have to know how to charge them you got to know how to charge them please do not offer your three months service for $20 nothing it’s a thousand bucks minimum per month they can cancel any time sometimes you can get them convinced them to sign a multi-month or even multi-year contract it’s a little harder I recommend 1000 for your basic package 2500 for your more advanced and then five to ten thousand if you’re gonna run Facebook ads for them okay this is you can charge a setup fee but whatever this is a good this works well right here stick with that let’s say you average fifteen hundred dollars a month per client five clients get you to six figures five in America five now you say – I live in a small town okay start emailing some people start DNF DM and some people start getting on some phone calls take a trip baby move people are gonna fall down well so do lots of people and they move or you move and then you go back to your small town take a week off go get some customers New York City man New York City is full of half empty restaurants where their rent is twenty thousand dollars a month this works I started teaching in 2016 I then I built SM ma 2.0 then I built econ agency where you can do this with not just restaurants but you can do it with people selling physical goods this thing consistently I have so many testimonials on my phone that I almost them like if I show people this they won’t even believe them two people didn’t believe I was given a car away even though I was on the news and all over the place giving away cars so do the math can you do this in India absolutely I was just at Grant cardones 10 X conference a girl came up to me at the end she said Thai once you know I flew all the way here from India I’ve got she’s doing I can’t remember she’d do an SM MA or econ major but she’s making four thousand dollars a month which she says is the equivalent of like ten to fifteen thousand a month in American dollars in India because if you live in India you can get customers in America you can get customers in Australia stop there’s no constraints anymore there’s no constraints tie what do they say when they ask what do the other packages offer this is basically like a thousand dollars a month what I would do is you’re the head quarterback they already have their own let’s say they already have their own website designer you’d work with them you would work with their social media person to say okay let’s post more of this and less of this for twenty five hundred dollars a month I’d start doing the work for them and if they want you to send them customers this is where the money is I’m going I’m charging five to ten thousand and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna spend some of that on Facebook that doesn’t all go in your pocket this most of it can go in your pocket this here let’s say you charge ten grand you’ll say look I charge twenty five hundred dollars out of that ten thousand for me to do the work that Facebook Ads for you seventy five hundred is spent on Facebook okay so you’re bringing in ten thousand in your net and twenty five percent margins that’s great margins you can manage five six seven eight nine ten businesses and you’re making twenty five hundred dollars a piece if you got five you’re doing over ten thousand dollars a month if you have ten you’re over twenty thousand it just works it just works it’s not gonna work forever because I’ve already trained forty thousand people to do it then window is narrowing but it still works cuz more and more businesses are going bankrupt tied do we need a certification to start a social media agency you do not you can start I have a four month certification program that I didn’t even do this to sell but anyway I’m doing a spring sale I’ll talk about that a second I’m giving my top four programs for twenty two hundred bucks off for spring is here baby what do they say in a game of Thrones winter is coming winter is leaving winter is leaving I don’t know where you are in life but if you haven’t jumped on this train I’m like what are you doing people go should I go to college well yeah go to call but do this first do this simultaneously do this concurrently why not get two customers I went to college for a one little quarter NC State I worked at the cafe or something I made eighty dollars after taxes in two weeks I was like this is not sustainable you know I was even State it was a thousand bucks or whatever purlins plus textbooks for $400 and I was making 80 bucks every two weeks I said this isn’t sustainable this isn’t sustainable what are you doing right now is this sustainable tie I started s MMA two weeks ago and been reaching out to businesses our phase two your friend Drago is from Game of Thrones here let me just start here’s a check right here look at this you sesh this I’m gonna start scrolling through them the testimonies of people doing this I have a private Facebook group for everybody that’s in my paid program check this out he wrote here’s his check $7,200 check $7,200 check right there made out you could see he lives in Pleasanton California he said yeah he got paid seventy two hundred for two weeks of work let’s just go through this tell me when to stop here look let me show you in whatsapp there’s a thousand ninety-one testimonials I just keep someone to stop Sam that’s the one I stopped on last time do a different one people gonna think it’s fake oh I forgot this is where you forget to backup your whatsapp I got to grab my other phone let’s see hi my name is AJ I’ve been in Ty’s program since December 26 here’s a video oh he shot a video I went from averaging only three hundred dollars a customer to over 2500 ringing the bell four thousand dollar sign for my gym owner I forgot to mention go to your gyms go to your gyms watch this who else wants who needs to see a second case study just to know this is for real watch this Jim Los Angeles let’s just go I’m not even gonna pick one of the big Jim’s granite Jim you ever heard of granite Jim it’s not even a chain let’s go to Jack granite Jim let’s go to their website oh those are great first I’m gonna tell them did you know what shows up look here’s another thing you can fix for them so Google gives you a business listing look what they’re showing as their business linking listing photos for their gym this is a goldmine charge them a thousand bucks to fix this it’s showing the outside renovation with everything clutter you can you see that that’s insane I’m walking into them I’m going brah when people google you they’re seeing oh look at this this is a nightmare there’s nothing good about this website they don’t have a video there’s no people in it it looks like I thought that was blood granite JimBob they got a murder in the building and then they documented on their homepage I bet you these people know a lot about running a gym there it’s grant Roberts and trainers I don’t know who this is America’s most exclusive gym well if you’re gonna run America most schools of gym you may want to have a website that’s decent let’s go over to our Google site speed let’s see what our PageSpeed insights are remember it’s not just speed you want there’s other things that you want you want it to render correctly on a mobile phone for example why is this all right here we go granite gym let’s look at their social media another potential customer that right here granite gym Instagram another this guy probably spent three hundred thousand to build his what to build his gym still a 46 out of a hundred better than a one but imagine coming home from school how’d you do on your your exams I did pretty good oh you got a 95 an a no little lower I got 70 you got a deep nah you got a 46 you’re gonna get your butt beat by your parents now look their desktop got an 83 which is average so don’t let them rest on their laurels let’s look at their let’s look at drannit dreams oh no I’m already worried there’s 12 posts in 248 followers you’re not gonna be able to call yourself America’s most elite gym and go and I have proof 248 people have approved me no I mean this they get 610 this is not good walk in fix this it’s a smaller business I would only charge a thousand bucks to fix it on retainer they get a whopping two comments per video two say my friend we’re gonna have to fix this for you why’d you spend $300,000 opening a gym and you spend $3 on your website spent $300,000 on your gym and your equipment you leased a building and you and you got a you got an Instagram worth 50 bucks you see what I’m saying this is legit opportunity forget what everybody’s telling you oh this is how you’re gonna make money you want to go rags to riches you start a social media marketing agency or an econ agency that’s the start then you can do drop shipping of your own products you can do EECOM you can do Amazon then you can start reinvesting the profits back in real estate you should repair your credit so that you can start running some of this on a credit card not getting yourself into debt but building assets with the credit card is different than building dead you know consumer debt GG conferences I made $2,000 in your program ty should we do the first month free to prove the service do not what you got to prove what prove what no do not undersell yourself for those of you who go through my four month program you got it you have a certification from me it’s not a college degree but name a college professor who knows more about social media than me and my team you know name one that name was name of a professor would name a Wharton professor that you’re gonna get eighty thousand dollars a year for Wharton MBA me and my business partner Alex did a billion dollars in online sales and spent five hundred million dollars on social media more than five hundred I posted a picture of an s1 public filing of one of my business partner Alex’s company showing five hundred million in marketing spend digitally so you learn him from the best that I know not even all me just to be clear so I got a go what time is Alex already down here so here’s the thing I actually started out going live because I was gonna announce the next I’m gonna do my four top mentor programs I’m gonna put a link what is the URL for spring here we’re gonna close this up here in a minute but for spring I’m gonna do my top four programs the social media marketing agency program EECOM real estate investing these are all my mentor programs and how to repair your credit those programs right there I’m gonna do normally those are 2,200 lows at 22 or 25 hunt yeah normally they’re like 2,500 bucks we’re gonna cut $2,200 off of it or you can just buy if you’re already in one of the programs you can just buy it another one is it 97 per or something like that Ben 197 you can buy them individually for 197 one-time payment not recurring I’m not really trying to sell you stuff but I see a lot of you being like how can I get in this so if you want to save $2,200 if you want to wait till spring sales pass no problem this would be I’ll make more money that way Oh perfect I got more time yeah they’re coming here yeah I’m working on a big we have a lot of we own a big investment company and we got some people flying in from Boston so I was supposed to go all the way at LAX to meet them but they’re coming here cool I got some more time for you so you could pay you can get all four of them for 497 or you can do 197 each if you buy the bundle you save the most money anyway let me know the link is either in the below or it’s on your little social media or what is the link ty Lopez comm slash spring live do we have the list of everything they’re gonna get how many things is it been play there’s 68 different areas you’re gonna learn in this it’s gonna be more than you actually need we’ll pull it up it’s not even six there’s way more than 68 lessons but we broke it out into like what are you gonna learn for that it’s like 68 things I know some of you can’t afford it so if somebody who can’t afford it find just use what I taught you in this free thing right there it’s not as good as if you go through the full program but you can already know better than more than catch la you can already know more than granite gym America’s best gym says four people yeah here’s all the things you’re gonna get I don’t even know if I have time to read all this starting LBA can help you find more clients the secret Google key phrase that helps you find business is already paying at least three hundred forty-five dollars a month for video marketing how to get facebook video views for less than point zero zero zero zero two cents each a four letter acronym we’re going into e-commerce three free websites where you can find niche products to sell at at least three to four hundred percent markup if you want to start selling your own stuff five specific ad templates that build a twenty million dollar a year marketing agency I’m giving you templates I’m giving you scripts I’m giving you exactly what to say so yeah hey there chief drop by to say hello but got to go to sleep I’m giving this shot at tomorrow then I’ll try and buy the programs yeah if you don’t have any money if you’re truly rags to riches just go out and start hustling if you’ve got a teeny bit by the way this comes out to four programs it’s sixteen months worth of training but I mean I would do them all within the next four to six months you just walk there just on your phone it’s a password-protected site you login you get us don’t share with anybody or I’ll lock you out that’s just for you you listen to them audio video do ten fifteen minutes of training a day this year gonna be your year this year is gonna be a year I can tell you from going from I’ve been from rags to riches I know there’s people out there teaching some of them have been from rags to riches some have it but I spent most of my teenage years in a mobile home now I wasn’t the poorest person in the world for sure I always had enough food but you know you’re not really balling growing up if you live in a mobile home that’s one thing I discovered you know what I found a mobile home it’s still on it’s still there it’s on Google Earth and you can like zoom in and they added a little bits like so cheesy whoever lives there now added a little like roof so that when you come in because we just had where you walk in like if it’s raining you just like bring the water and add a little looks like they built it with like paper mache so when was SMA 3:30 you mean 3.0 you’ve been there somebody said they’ve been to my most you’ve been to my where I grew up I doubt it let’s see questions who has question on anything that I taught here tie your offer is even cheaper dude this this is not my normal price so for those of you who wait you’re gonna have to pay the full price I just wanted to announce this that’s the real reason that I kind of did this but I want to just give like free value to people that go oh is this realistic this is realistic right here what about under 16 you can I’ve seen but you got to get your parents permission they’re coming here good I told you I said tell them Alex my business partner does not always believe me and then after he’s like oh I believe you Todd you have a sale in the EECOM agency course that is not part of this that’s a real new one but these four are my most tried and true tie what do you think about Robin Hood that’s fine but you gotta have money in Robin Hood Junior Robin Hood is just had invested like in the stock market and stuff well if you don’t have any money it takes money to make money that’s the problem with all these things that people say well what do you do if you don’t have much money what do you do if you don’t have much money so someone said this is ridiculously realistic yep I agree it’s amazing I’ve been talking about this since 2016 and a crazy amount of people got in but you don’t have any people in the same time that I launched this program that actually works ten million people went through college and got degrees that they’ll never use again they got art history they got freaky English I meet people with English degrees oh what’s your what’s your native language oh I was born in America oh you mean you speak English yeah yeah oh but you got in English you you got a piece of paper oh that didn’t cost you much right cuz you already kind of knew English no no no I spent four years of the prime of my life getting that English degree oh really why I don’t know you have to that’s how you become a writer yeah oh yeah we had someone who had underwater civilisation degree I might just get some scuba gear get a job you could pioneer underwater civilization but these English majors Ernest Hemingway you don’t write better I meet people that are very visual but you need this too right you ain’t better than Ernest Hemingway I’ve read Ernest Hemingway I just read one of his books but what was it bountiful whatever you’re not better than Ernest Hemingway he had no college degree and let me tell you you’re definitely not better William Shakespeare hey William got something for you you really want to be a good rider my friend let me put you in debt $80,000 at a small private college where the degree won’t get you even one job and let me get you that English degree you’ve always need but I basically pioneered the English language as we know it no but you don’t have a college degree writers need degrees I get people arguing with me oh I put I posted this on Instagram I said this kid last year made 22 million dollars okay seven years old made 22 million dollars per year on YouTube so somebody commented I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the comment here but somebody commented actually it shows up on my insta this dude trying to hate on my video and this kid he goes this is one of my favorite comments that somebody’s ever posted okay 2,300 Homans dolla Luka here writes Thai grammar is still important so you won’t talk like a monkey when you grow up well monkeys can’t talk at all bro so there’s no grammar for a monkey but I just wrote back dollar Luka I’ll take the 22 million as a seven-year-old with lifelong bad grammar I’ll be talking like a like a caveman you give me 20 22 million at set years old if you compound it using the rule of 72 you’re a billionaire by like 30 you can pay someone else to speak for you I wouldn’t even speak anymore people like that Tiger I got bad grammar I would just like I’d have like two people I call my gramma shion’s they’re just great grammar ish ins they walk with me somebody asked me a question I go and they answer wherefore art thou Romeo they speak in perfect English for me who cares come on people the death of common sense is now upon us seven-year-old to make 22 million and their best comeback is the kids wasting his time the kid is wasted he definitely should be learning what a dangling participle laws because we all know there’s only two things that have ever helped me in life one was having millionaire Mentors second dangling participles when I didn’t know the difference routine there there and there my life was in chaos I would go to pay my bills I’d have no money and Bank of America would go we’re gonna give you a pass what’s the difference between who and whom and nobody knows who’s ever seen who and whom and when I say nobody somebody probably knows that’s very proud of the fact that they know that and they’re unimportant for planet Earth really if you understand anything about language anyway let me not even get on this stupid stuff the world’s so stupid that when I teach a legitimate people are like this is must be scamming people but 1.2 trillion dollars in college debt is totally legit one of the most profitable centers of the US government is student loan interest that means the US government profits off its own eighteen and nineteen year olds I’ll tell you the best thing to do at 18 years old get your finances in order go experiment with a lot of stuff go work in 12 different industries in 12 months go live in four different countries you know how to live in four different countries build an agency have two or three clients back in your hometown travel they don’t care if you’re there you can run Facebook ads from any internet any internet store any country in the world my friend right now I taught her my best for one of my best friends and we’ve been friends since I was 2 Jeremy I trained him he was getting a law degree I said come work for me I’ll teach you how to be an entrepreneur he came he moved from Maine to Raleigh North Carolina some of you my first youtube video in the Lamborghini that guy sitting next to me that’s Jeremy I said I’ll teach you what I know about the digital world the coming revolution he said ok well two years ago he told me he tied not now know how to make enough money he was working for me he now travels the world has been back in the u.s. one month in the last two years he met a girl who worked for me too they both move back move to Europe they make good months they do six hundred thousand gross they own a company called ohm and all I’ll put a link right here it’s a it’s like inspirational yoga stuff ohm and AH right here they own this company oh man all London right there that’s not her but this company right here bad month they make 60,000 good months they make a hundred to two hundred thousand net you know where he is right now let me show you I’m gonna show you a picture he sent me he is in the Serengeti he does all his work he figured out that a Google pixel phone works everywhere in America here’s his video this is what he sent me the other day he goes ty you got to come hang with me he’s riding he’s in Zimbabwe right now he has he has a giraffe’s in his fur is a zebra in his front yard he went from rags to riches he was just like me we grew up together my mom was a single mom so we had a little bit less money than his mom and dad but they were like Dan have money you know what I’m saying so the game right here the game right here is real that’s a real business it’s a well done website so well done funnels they all learn that that’s my best friend and a woman who worked for me and they end up getting married so how much do you need to start they started this with nothing this started with nothing what do you mean best way to make zero two hundred thousand if I don’t make a hundred thousand dollars a day I’ll have a heart attack at this point in my life so when people come to me go tight can you teach me how to make a hundred thousand a year I’m like a hundred thousand dollars a year this is chump change the only problem only thing that separates from you from me is I have people train me and you did it that’s it and you might have been more trick than me I never got tricked into getting in college debt my entire college I paid as I went you know why I don’t think because I don’t have enough money millionaire mentors New Zealand Gary Townsend Australia Tasmania Bill Mollison Virginia Joel Salatin my first mentor Mississippi dr. Gordon Hazzard Ireland Michael Murphy all these people just said here’s how I go people I never met before to thought when I first got started corey rudl had an online program i paid over $400 for it i remembers all the money I had in the world of the dime yes you couldn’t even do what I’m talking about now because there was no social media back then but he showed me how to use Google AdWords that’s the difference between me and you I met corey rudl before he died that’s the difference and now I built about 15 million err mentors this is the difference so you got to ask yourself like all those you on YouTube if it’s crashing go over to Instagram so what else I’ll have to say if anybody’s getting in the test group here Springs hail Alejandro’s Shiva right here I built myself my own app from Tucson Arizona Kevin McCoy north richland Texas oh that’s something that’s one of my guys doing a test payment the calls gonna be like Rehan I know him Lexington Garrett Fresno California allí para I thought Michael Berg Stockholm Sweden I love Sweden I lived there for a little while it’s a great place beautiful place sure Rd Lomita California some people are getting the whole program and some people Isaac got in the whole program for Chicago Illinois and some people are picking it you can mix and match so that’s fine too what other questions should I answer Google Ads still useful absolutes Moore made the biggest difference ever people I’m in Trinidad lifestyle arbitrage a lot of you you know what I’m gonna tell you what to do right now if you live outside the US you’ve got a great scenario sell into the US while you live in India Pakistan Mexico I mean the cost of living is nothing nothing yo ty who is the guy from North Richland Hills well I don’t know if I should give out his name but for those of you in the wraptor suck somebody’s on the wrong YouTube channel he thought he’s watching a Raptors game are you a fan of Elon Musk yes nava dot sa sac said I’m hitting 45,000 this month think to Utah awesome hey Nava send me an email I always document each year taking 300 people from rags to riches so email me viral videos on Instagram how about that viral videos on YouTube virality is a real thing have I met Elon Musk yep yeah three four times ty definitely took notes I’m been home after my car accident this is a good way to learn more glad and made it from the start definitely in the rags phase we’re ready to grow till I get into the program is a problem in the small countries outside of the US in 2000 u.s. so mean no no no you live in Brazil you get couple to American clients you’re done he’s chilling in the beaches of chillin look Oh Rick’s not here Rick was getting his Brazilian wax done ty I know you teach s MMA but do you do it yourself yep I own 15 brands I do it for my own brands I don’t really like I don’t do it for other brands but I teach you how to do it for other brands I got my own brain I got enough company I got mentor box we’ve got a big farmers box food business I got 15 other brands I got real estate deals that I use so I just do it for my eventually some of you will become moguls and you can get your own you can just run social media marketing for your own stuff but when you’re starting out you don’t have anything why does Google say your net worth is five million dollars I don’t know because Google’s egg is easy to hack that’s why I don’t know I’m always fascinated by people go time I should listen to this person because they have a higher net worth than this person well by that logic we should only listen to Jeff Bezos because everybody else can be trumped by Jeff Bezos but we actually shouldn’t listen to Jeff Bezos because in today’s dollars Rockefeller had six hundred billion dollars he dwarfed all the billionaire’s combined so you should only be reading rockefeller books right come on he won’t know how to use their brain people need not use their brain so this business is worth 50 million dollars so how am i net worth gonna be five million dollars yeah eighty it’s more like 80 but conservatively 50 million that I one of my brands best way to build equity best way to build wealth is build brands brands brands brands that’s the only thing I have against drop shipping that’s the only thing I’m having a drop shipping only dropship to turn it into a brand in my opinion does Kylie Jenner have more money than you selling makeup Chicago Jenner got more money almost anybody if you age-adjusted she’s a billionaire so she’s she’s an monster right now I mean she’s made more money than Mark Zuckerberg in the same amount of life how to get clients inside the US this was all how to do it here have you ever invested in social media not exactly sure what that means I’ve ever invested money doing well I did giveaways yes I’ve invested in eight figures into social media growth eight figures more than ten million bucks way more Thai how do I start learning if I’ve no money or I’m young REE watch this video that’s how someone says Kylie Jenner is not self-made okay nobody self-made you got a cellphone happy there’s 10 million kids born with HIV like if somebody always got it worse and better than you what’s the point Carly Jenner’s smarter than you think and by the way here’s the way to think about it she monetized 10 to 20 million followers on snapchat for example that’s where she really started into a billion dollars so if you have like one hundredth of that you should be able to leverage it into ten million dollars she’s more talented than people think I think ties the jordan belfort program included nope Jordan Belfort is is different than me okay so here’s all the spring sales stuff that you’re gonna get I guess I’ll end with this what you’re gonna get you’re gonna get a hundred and thirty nine video lessons this is just for one of the programs it’s already 45 hours fifty hours of life of past live training recording you’re gonna learn from 40 different experts not just me so it’s 95 hours of training over four months of how to think like a gold miner can help you overcome rejection drastically reduce the time it takes to close your first client this low-hanging fruit 99% of businesses don’t grab that once you help them implement will almost immediately improve their revenue and this is not related to social media once you show them this you’re gonna look like a hero the exact type of services to offer in your contract that makes paying you a month minimum a no-brainer decision and we’re gonna give you a downloadable pricing template PDF so we give you pdfs inside the program how to turn $100 an ad spend into a thousand plus email leads within three days know the average revenue on an email lead is a dollar a month so if you do the math that’s potentially spending one hundred turning it into a thousand dollars a month thousand percent ROI three months do stats before you start looking for client the last one helps you overcome procrastination people sometimes get intimidated in the program we’re gonna walk you right through this what type of vocabulary and words to use when naming your agency how do you name the agency some people have weird names it messes you up the exact offers structure that millionaire Joe Soto uses when creating campaigns for his clients with this step-by-step video downloadable spreadsheets with formulas you can use to calculate the lifetime value of a happy customer for any type of business these are crucial for convincing data-driven business owners to pay you 1 to 10 thousand dollars a month you’re getting this all inside the program clicking the little link here ty can you take your adderall I’ve never taken a tour all in my life maybe I should how starting in LB a can help you find more local clients then you have time to deal with on your own warning do not implement this until you’re ready to scale this is how you make big money we teach you how to start and how to scale the secret key phrase that helped you find business is already paying for marketing how to get facebook videos for less than point this is huge if you can get them views they’re gonna love you forever look at that number it’s not even 2 cents it’s a hundredth of a hundredth of 100th cent each a four-letter acronym I use to personally create viral videos this is how I got to over 1.7 billion minutes then you’re gonna that’s just for SM MA then there’s EECOM which has 58 has 33 hours of training 20-plus different ecommerce experts teaching you so we’re gonna talk about three free websites to find the product anyway I’m gonna run out I do gonna need a TD to repay adderall to read this whole thing if you just go to the link you can read it yourself and save my vocal chords how much for this program you can get the whole thing is 497 instead of 2500 bucks just for the spring I did this in Black Friday and it helped a lot of people so I was like alright I’m gonna do it in or if you’re already in one of the programs you can just get individual ones so you’re gonna get SMM a social media marketing agency you’re gonna get EECOM how to sell online e-commerce you’re gonna get real estate investing okay here and you’re gonna get the credit repair Mentor Program that credit one gonna save some of your lives hey Armand are you here here you go let me read some of the credit stuff you’re gonna get okay you got a minute 20 left on insta dynamic girl how to hack credit card points and travel 100% for free and luxury enjoying first-class flights how to force banks to compete for your business and offer you exclusive rewards how to avoid the little note mistakes that most people make that lower their credit scores okay the two dollar 95 gifts that have an 83% chance of convincing car and hotel employees to provide you with upgrades worth over a thousand dollars the two card combo you can use to achieve diamond and gold level rewards how to claim one hundred dollars for free without making a single purchase how to get a government agency to fight on your behalf and removed an braga Tori marks from your permanent record this right here is almost the most important part of the credit program I’ve seen people’s credit score jump in one to two hundred points in like a month okay how to get them to waive the fees how to achieve the baller shout at exact site and script we use to fix and boost my credit score he I did this on myself as a test it bumped me a hundred and nine points in seven days how about that so Oh what house twelve seconds left okay I got to give some money away come right back Instagram I’m about to give this money away is there a poverty discount detail but that is the that one can they use be use internationally yes sir definitely definitely why did hate college degrees I don’t hate college degrees I don’t and this is America how you doing I’m just finishing up here real quick do a little live call ty I’ve been watching every livestream how to start from scratch I business God can we connect I’m looking for another mentor type and subscribe for four years how much money are you giving out oh it’s the censoring I’m working ok let’s give some money away who needs some money I said only give a thousand I’m gonna give to people we give three people no four I got four platforms I’m gonna go four platforms 250 bucks each so first we’re gonna start with YouTube here we go YouTube but ty why are you so generous with your knowledge I don’t know what goes around comes around you helped a lot of people it comes back to you in all ways financially and otherwise same with giving money away it goes around comes around build goodwill in this world okay $250 on YouTube for people have been paying attention what was the name of the restaurant that I did the first example in terms of who I would go to in LA what was the name on YouTube of the restaurant I’m watching somebody wrote stacks oh there’s the first one I found oh man holy crap here let me I gonna have to scroll up I’m scrolling up the firt oh dami hold on one second people I can scroll up and I can find it because one guy spelled it wrong he’s gonna be pissed he wrote look at that oh no I lost it did you find it yes what’s the name all right we lost this person okay I’m gonna start over that came too fast okay remember it’s not the first person to do is the first one I see so I’m perfectly you do tell me when to stop because this thing goes too fast stop here we go Eagles for life Eagles fo lyfe Road catch the first one I saw not the first one Eagles for life I’m gonna do Eagle full life you need to reply with your cash app so that I can know how to send you the money cash app or PayPal PayPal always bans me forgiven money away which is wonderful so genius of PayPal if you use their service too much they shut you down yay yay for dumb businesses how dare you actually use our service a lot time okay let’s go to round two which is Facebook I’ve neglected Facebook there’s an entire live call sorry there’s 239 comments I didn’t see okay Facebook to win the 250 people pay pay attention what was the name of the site that you can use to analyze people’s websites for free facebook facebook dududu Facebook here we go don’t done Facebook got such a lag man almost all right let me see let me make sure I okay I see the answer okay Chris Selita got it it’s PageSpeed insights you could see it right there the other person wrote Google insight you were close David Sierra but I got a I got a B what that’s what it says right there no no can’t argue that PageSpeed insights Chris Salida 250 bucks now we’re moving to Twitter poor ol lowly Twitter paint sending people money who bit paint I tension what was the name of the gym that I gave as an example that you could get as your first customer twitter twit tweet or tweeter who saw the Joe Rogan Twitter thing with like Jack Dorsey and all them debating somebody wrote okay you guys should head over follow me on Twitter Planet Fitness no people she’s trying to make ones up nope nope nope just writing the same thing as the other person who lost one ain’t gonna win did you win Twitter $250 fitness for life is not even close get Dean Cole there you go KL I are Raymond granite gym KL I are Raymond reply with your cash app or paypal email sending you 250 bucks KL I are Raymond okay we got last but not least we have Instagram which people will really go crazy trying to win I’m back to doing that dog from talking kid I’ll do this then they’ll take me to court and then I’ll be subpoena and then that is a Donald Trump did you see what he did today Donald Trump is by far the most entertaining president of all time did you see what he called the Apple CEO today he has you know his name is Tim Cook he goes he said they’re sitting at a table he goes thank you very much Tim Apple it’s funny I am not laughed at anything a president has done heart it is fun I gotta show you this Tim Apple it is the most trending thing on Tim Apple the president just called Apple CEO Tim papal wait this is and it was live so you like at no choice but to stream it I want to be called Tim hat I want to be called tie social media here here we go [Laughter] trying to be mean we appreciate it very much Tim Apple that is so funny that I’m near death man I’ve been watching that thing all day I mean it came out a few like an hour ago tim has a long trouble this is why it’s funny mark my words Donald Trump was didn’t want to forget his name so he was using like a mnemonic trick you know it’ll be like Elon Musk Tesla and he probably was supposed to be in his mind Tim Cook Apple but he forgot to cook so he just came out with Tim Apple thank you very much Tim Apple look at this again I gotta watch this twice this is funny I don’t care what side of Europe Republican very much Tim Apple oh man I was dying out here you called him Tim Apple I’m gonna stay that’s the best thing about Donald Trump how he calls me go little Marco he called low-energy Jeb the way what were some other funny ones he had that’s just funny ties been smoking tonight nope is he says please buy me some dinner tonight okay laggy IG that’s what I’m gonna call it Mitchell okay Nancy yeah what does he call now Nancy Pelosi like Pocahontas what’s no no what’s the Pocahontas she said she was Native American but she’s only like 5% that’s Elizabeth Warren thank you yeah what is Pelosi what does she does he have a name for AOC I want to have that job I want to be President and just think of name for people okay all right Instagram who wants this cash two hundred and fifty dollars survey says let’s see what should I do what have I been talking about okay what was the Google site speed score for the first restaurant what was their mobile speed score what was it I’m gonna rename myself well could I call myself ty knowledge people say that a lot ty you’re literally amazing I’m gonna call my cell literally ty okay here’s the first one the first one I see is ooh underscore re that’s okay here it is oh-oh-oh 8h underscore a RI ooh re wins two hundred and fifty I just gave away a thousand bucks but more importantly if you watch the replay of this I didn’t just give a man a fish or a woman a fish I showed you how to fish legit legit legit legit let’s see here what comes up on YouTube 0 to 100 k let me see if there’s any good YouTube videos on how how to go let me just look here there’s building a crypto portfolio let me do this go from let’s just say how to make 100 K let’s see what YouTube comes up with because YouTube got some bad advice okay the website how to make on hurricane year I don’t make on you can [Music] how to make 100 K in America money Monday let’s look at what’s got the most views [Music] make 100k a year as a wedding photographer bait son 87 2 for 100k and hunt oh that’s FIFA oh here’s the most 10 legit ways to make money this has 3.8 million views ok let’s see this so this is an ad this guy’s dad looks like my dad’s hey wait a second somebody’s copy me okay here we go let’s see if this advice is better than the advice I gave you you can actually start making some side cash or if you’re really serious some good money isn’t that amazing on some of these websites you can actually make as much as $100 a day or even more and the best part is oh my god darn making some money up work YouTube this is rough advice I’m going to tell you this right here quickest way to make 0 200 grand is not to be a YouTube influencer let me tell you that you know many people trying to be a YouTube influencer or a few of them make it but bad advice doing Mechanical Turk work you know what Mechanical Turk is is like crappiest jobs in the world so get a crappy job write the book you know how hard it is to make 100 grand a year writing a book on average you will get 3 dollars profit per book depending on the deal you have you got to sell 30,000 copies of a book you know a few people sold 30,000 copies of a book bad advice $100,000 publishing Kindle ebooks on and you Camus’s on affiliates I’ve made six figures on Amazon affiliates you’re not gonna go rags-to-riches this year and make a hundred grand on Amazon affiliates very few people will sell photos on Shutterstock this advice is going from good to bad oh man do not do Shutterstock you know how many pictures you’d have to sell become a pet Walker woof this advice am there yet Fiverr so you get paid five bucks a lot of times twenty thousand times what is this there’s a lot of people out there doing the stuff that I do huh I think I started it all I should blame myself no one else was really doing it I’m the first person on YouTube doing it like that YouTube ads that’s alright the greatest form of flattery is imitation my man ty the biggest roaster yeah

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