Homeless To $130,000 A Month Thanks To Social Media

I’ve been telling everybody social media marketing agency I’m with my man chin who’s got us in the club we’re a little tipsy here beep are you okay but what are you at right now revenue wise 130 camera under 30 K a month I’ve been telling people just 2016 the best business to start the easiest you don’t need cash to start you don’t need nothing to start listen I start this business I’m not this guy for about five six years now we did big has been crushing it you know we’ve got luxury brands right luxury brands 130km um it’s you know everybody’s off of the social media the world is asleep you say this business how to do it they don’t know how to do it so they’ll pay him they could be paying you I’ve been telling people hey go watch this little training clip below or oh whatever in the description you can watch how I’ll train you how to do it the chins the man he knows how to do it there’s basically people who know how to do it and people know there’s people who are awake and people are sleeping in the system so chin how much capital did it take you to start not that much right no pretty much nothing just literally you know having the idea knowing that these businesses wanted it and then just going off it’s crazy this time we were at libertine DJ whoo kid hey so basically what how do you get them to pay you what do you tell them you just walk in if you call them you email them you DM em how do you start yeah so we’ve got plenty of ways to get attention once we got the attention it’s really just about showing them how much money they’re leaving on the table by how through social media can your Facebook Ads for facebook guys LinkedIn YouTube is because I’ve created an industry and people aren’t listening listen listen sometimes you just gotta trust somebody not everything everything’s a scam you know I’m gonna put a link you got three days less than three days left I’m doing scholarships for people you want to get on Chin’s level might take you while you might not get on that hundred thousand dollar a month level a month right not a year under than 30k a month above that I told him to under I told him to under exaggerate so chin one of the things you were asking me is taxes you make it too much money now I was asking you about what am I supposed to put my money so I can get it out without paying the government so much that’s what’s good problem to have I hope everyone you need a trading program because you’re making money and you want to legally minimize your taxes and you you know I’m saying like most people’s problem you are like me we didn’t grow up with money no no I’m how you grew up I grew up so poor that you know I’ve slept in a park about you know slept in a church of walk away from homeless one hundred thirty thousand dollars a month just remember that for all you say you think this is an actor you got your head in the sand baby you got your head in the sand do you think people just you don’t think people out here making money come on man Ferrari you mean you know how much money Ferrari made they made money because people are making money new money are you all money people that make fun of new money at one time you guys were new money so don’t talk too much you guys were new money at one point and it’s no there’s no never anything wrong with being new money you know just respect what you have don’t go crazy we got somebody gin let’s drop some knowledge on people right here my trademark term knowledge what would it what’s your a trait what if you had one tip to give people out here are still in the masses they haven’t been able to rise up what’s the tip find somebody like people I’ve every business everything I’ve ever achieved in my life has been down to the fact that I’ve had a network of people around me I’ve sought out whether it was when first time I met you mentors business network but don’t be afraid of people don’t be hey what’s your what’s your website where people want to learn more about yeah whatever insta I am June Gregory you get everything about me to a boy yeah I am chin CH I n Gregory we’ve been we’ve been we’ve been friends for a long time now man it’s like five years now we just saw him he got us in this libertine Club it’s pretty tough to get into but you know we made our way we made our way through them through the security your friends right we met the owner is kind of cool I like to see how people do business around the world so click the link I’ll put a link below either in the corners the description go there and all you procrastinators you know that saying you snooze you lose I got a better one you stay sleeping you stay poor you stay broke don’t blame the system don’t blame the government you’ve been warned you’ve been shown the way and I’m not saying everybody’s gonna have his level of success but if you don’t try all you can look back in life and say what if Jeff Bezos richest man in the world he said he knew he had to start Amazon because he didn’t want to grow old and go what if so what if I what if this would work for you what if what if don’t let the world be what ifs go do do life’s about action and momentum it’s not about the people who sit and contemplate and have pros and cons Excel spreadsheets here’s the pro you got a chance here’s the con you’ll stay poor that’s your whole Excel spreadsheet for you right there opportunity they come this is a good networker right here 

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