How To Make Money In Futurenet Online

single member not part I want to talk about and many of you listening to this I really like this part and that we’re having a lot of success with our online advertising program we call it future at prana this is very very special let me explain how this works on the Internet today advertising is incredible there 1 billion websites out there ok now there’s only billion people on the planet but there’s 1 billion websites right so and these worksite need traffic these websites need the likes of me and you and our family to go on to them do business with ok now some of the biggest websites in the world the biggest website of world of Google the second biggest website the world is Facebook would you believe the third one is YouTube I believe in about the third one was there are many many websites are there they’re looking they’re looking customers well we have orchestrated our own online platform where we can bring customers to business and I show you how this works now these advertisers are spending a billion a day so it was a paymen website but they’re spending a billion a day looking for customers well you know can get a slice of that money I’m going to show you how that works what we can do here is we have two very simple systems what you need to do if you’re interested is you need to find yourself advertising package we call it an ad package too short for advertising packages an advertising package is very simple if you went to your local newspaper and you said to the news out of like an advertisement in the paper this week they were say okay what size of advertisement you like you like an inch by an inch if you like a big loan on the side which page will you like it on or if you want to go on the front page or if you like a half a page they would sell you advertising and it’s an advertisement package and it’s in the paper this week or this month or you could subscribe on depois or précisément package at gives you or guarantees you if hundred customers are 800 views of your website so if you have a business and you’re looking for customers doesn’t matter what this is it might be a restaurant if you own a restaurant you like some new customers why not advertise on our system if you own a higher level and you’re looking for customers and in your area for tires well why not advertise on our system if you own a hotel why not advertise for customers on our system those are conventional businesses I’ve mentioned so we’re open for conventions but let’s say you don’t have a business maybe have an online business maybe you’re involved in the health industry or maybe you’re looking for customers in some kind of online business that you do well put your website on our website and we will send customers I will look at what you have and you can do business with those customers so an advertisement package is a product you spend $50 and we send a hundred customers to look at you not the same as advertising in the paper protected on the radio or advertising on the television problem is television it would cost you 50 thousand advertise here we charge $50 up for some markets we have a ten dollar advertisement package as well so depending on your market click those marks for $6 too much we can offer a 10 dollar advertisement package but we also have a 50 dollar advertising package and they both set different benefits not not our product is simple that’s all you do you advertise online we send you customers it’s up to you to turn those customers into business okay I’m gonna tell you how this works let’s say you have a boring website a dull boring website well I don’t think our customers are gonna buy anything and it boring or just it not a great website you’ve got to make your website exciting interesting to get the customers to opt in to buy something from you no the other way of doing it is maybe put a good offer all let’s say you were offering let’s say you were selling an iPhone and you were getting 50% off it was secondhand or something that well that’s it over six months a live phone 50% off click here Wow I’m going to look at that archive so people can advertise and people will opt in if there’s an interesting offer I tell you how to be successful with it looking to find customers so either have a nice website or make a good offer to get people to opt in none the next part of it is this you’ve just spent their dollars on our system here’s what we do for you if you become one of our view of yourself if you would like to watch 10 of our other advertiser’s adverts we will pay you back every 50 minutes longer you watch cannot invert a day we will pay a friggin be better we will paint in 96 times a day we’re going to pay you back over time the $50 you spent and we’re going to give you up to another 20% probably not it’s incredibly expensive dollars and we give you up back you you advertise in the newspaper you don’t get anybody’s back if you advertise on them if you don’t get any money if you advertise on YouTube you don’t get any money back if you advertise on television you don’t get any money back if you advertise with us and you watch that we give you money back I’m offered it’s a full arranger is it very okay when you could watch television another admin comes up so you don’t know what a good paper what you are forced to watch it yeah if you’re driving the car and you’re listening to the radio and advertisement comes all in the middle just after the song you have to listen to it you’re doing it and read it and if you go to youtube to video what isn’t right it goes 5 4 3 2 1 God if that advertisement to watch the video you wanted to watch so what’s happening is advertisers are forcing us we’re not fortunate if you would like to watch 10 hours a day we will that’s what’s exciting we are you become in Europe you spend it gives about five minutes maximum five minutes a day if you spend five minutes a day watching some of our advertisements we will tell you that but I show you this exciting so I look at the screen over here guys this company is advertising now let’s see who they are they’re a travel company they want some customers well if you’re interested in travel you can click into our website and go buy some trouble if you’re not interested you don’t have to buy anything what you have to do is if you look at the most you watch the little green line go across the screen little also strange what’s it goes and you’ve watched and here’s the second one this company looking for those people that are losing with okay they’re not interested let the green line go across the screen then watch the next I use Armstrong looking for customers if that’s not your area second on interest in Italian food next odd there’s three of them here the company looking for your utility bill if you want discount on your electricity your gap your your home bill tie these up this company they stick in your country if it’s not you watch the ad and you watch the next one-third or not here’s a company that I did do business with I looked at this about three to come up above iPhone in fact I bought two of these from this company why because I didn’t have to drive into the time I didn’t have to find this car pick I did not the paper are parking I didn’t have to walk into the shop and down to meet you I didn’t have to to win on it wrap and go back to my car take an or of my day to buy this I went to this website on future desk I clicked the order an order that it was delivered to my door so this company here you can see her son business from us on future net can be see how it works and of course if you’re not interested one of these just watch the next time you could do cannot today guys it takes five minutes we start to fail you here’s a great restaurant if you live in an area support our advertiser go and try this restaurant it’s absolutely beautiful if it’s not in your area in food next travel company here’s a bowl company looking just to go go are you guys if not the neck ah here’s a charity Wow so you don’t have a business or you don’t know the shop you can still participate you advertise your favorite charity and therefore the charity gets the benefit a lot of the charity to get the donation I’m on a good day and I see this advertisement I’m against ten dollars and pom-pom had a good wait let me donate to the charity so these guys win why do you allow them to win you advertise your charity they make money but so do you why if you watched end antenna we pay you back your fifty dollars or your ten dollars and we give you up to twenty percent more profit or watching tannaz so we pay you for free on social media for liking sharing posting the comedy are we paying you for watching our advertisers advertisement so this is in the real world you can see public companies here you can see shops and charities you can see online businesses you can see Direct Selling companies when we can advertise anything under the Sun of that what exciting you see if I owned a hotel advertised yeah do you think as a hotel owner I eat the restaurant and I need tires and I go on holidays and I need insurance and I need this device from my iPhone therefore it’s appropriate for one of our advertisers to support our other advertisers it’s like a community yes we should support our advertisers gives us a business guy and we all benefit together future net is a culture future net is a system of people from all the world helping each other needs money online dice editing that’s not my question who could do that look at what’s in us today who everybody everybody you can click them up you can make money successful you can take a lot you can make money who do you know can pick them up everybody can do it therefore everybody could make money guys everybody that started future that made money there’s nobody hasn’t made money with you Jeannette everybody wins yeah and you win infinite if you’re looking at this for the first time right now you need to get back to the players that share this with you get started because in 15 minutes we’re paying you again we tell you every 15 minutes and you can see it company are working on hot funky on every 50 minutes we put our customers four times in an hour we pay you ninety six times every day I’m not start in 15 minutes you need to get an app pack what cannot and get paid it’s brilliant it’s absolutely brilliant it’s exciting guys I mean I’ve seen it over a year ago I’m still excited because it’s beautiful everybody with six times a day most people get paid once a week I can getting paid ninety six times in a day not the good news is you don’t have to tell anybody you don’t have to get customers view around the recruit you don’t have to do anything and you still make the money that’s what people like not of course if you’re making money you start sharing it all you can make more money you see if you find this customer doesn’t like to do this we will pay you if percent everything that those customers spend on advertising so if you introduce a shop that wants to advertise on our sodium platform we will pay you if percent of everything they advertise in fact it gets a 15% on all the recipes coming in from five generations in your network of customers like this is incredibly efficient so yourself I can’t say enough here’s a small customer account ID in this first 30 days you can see here on the screen you have a look over there one thousand one hundred ninety dollars in 30 days so this customer watch 10 ads every day I did after one month they need thousand one hundred and ninety dollar hats applause three hundred dollars a week in their first month three hundred dollars a week – incredible that’s incredible let’s have a look at let’s have a look what happen the next month the next month after 68 61 days how this customers a cut had grown to two thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars that’s incredible let’s see what happened after 90 days same customer three months 90 day this customer made $5,000 why watched a nice day and shared this with a few other people that’s it they watched 10 odd it took five minutes every day that’s 35 minutes a week 35 minutes a week this customer was given two thousand three hundred dollars in just three months in 90 days let’s have a look I want up in the next month it jumped almost $9,000 for month watching cannot today almost nine thousand eight thousand eight hundred sixty three next month adopted for almost fifteen thousand dollars guys and that’s not even six months that’s five months it’s not incredible it’s not that beautiful it’s a girl exactly so many stories from people has been successful all over the world please do get back to the person that sure this would fight them the information just cuz there’s no city on what you can earlier the maximum of course is one thousand fact it’s a maximum you can have so that’s our third income we have pretty money on our social media platform we talked about out of the start the second part is our reward program by buying some digital products $10 $25 up to 16 $85 and I recommend you go for that because you get green coin currency and that gets pretty exciting and that’s our second part and then we have our third part which is our future I’d probably just looked at by watching or advertisement we I mean we even pay you without introducing the other customers that’s what’s pretty exciting

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