How To Make Money Online 4 Steps

How do you make money online like what are you doing I’m gonna show you how I make money online and I’m gonna actually show you some screenshots how much money I made today I have different businesses different products and I’m gonna show you the four steps right here how you can get started okay and this is important because most people can never get started they start but they get lost at too many details so just look today this is one I have lots of different things I sell online so I’m gonna be showing you different things okay this is a company this is a some products you know I love books and I like to learn from books but I also have a company that sells books online and here’s how much I made you could see fourteen thousand six hundred and eighty one dollars today selling books and book related items this month the last 30 days you could see there seven hundred and eleven thousand dollars selling books not all four agreements but just so how’d you like to wake up and the day’s just getting started by the way like fourteen thousand dollars it’ll go up a lot from here and you can see all that this is stripe a stripe account right here you can see $69 for 97 what if you could make 14,000 a month you may 14,000 a week I’ll show you another company so you know I wear glasses so I also sell glasses online so it’s kind of cool so glasses here is what’s called Shopify and you can see today made six hundred and forty four dollars and then yesterday made one hundred one thousand six hundred dollars now we also sell on Amazon so this is just a small amount of the sales this month on Shopify eighteen thousand dollars and I think we did about a hundred thousand on Amazon so you know it’s about a hundred and thirty thousand something like that selling glasses so somebody said ty we believe you you make money somebody said they can sell anything so let me just get you started on how I make money online like I said today I’ve made different companies I think I’ve made probably 50 to $100,000 selling online here’s selling glasses on Shopify let’s see I bet you by the time we go back here it’s gonna go up this is selling book related stuff fourteen thousand six eighty one seven hundred eleven thousand this month so how do I do it can you do it is it only me I got started a long time ago in the Internet so what I’m teaching you is more than 15 years experience selling online me and my business partner right here that own this company 5050 combined we’ve spent five hundred million dollars on online advertising so we spent more than almost any person that I’ve met he spent more than me but I’ve spent a ton so I’m gonna show you right now some stuff so please pay attention the world’s a TD I’m not gonna keep this video up forever like these are videos if you’ve been seeing my test groups that I did in the last year I open them and then I close them so you snooze you lose so what are the four things you got to do and this is so simple you’re gonna literally kick yourself that nobody ever taught you this before trust me because now I’m not promising you that if you follow these four steps that today you’re gonna make 50 to 100 thousand dollars okay doesn’t know what I’m promising you because I started out figuring out how to make a hundred dollars a month then I figure out how to make a thousand dollars a month in 10,000 a month then I figure out a hundred thousand a year in a hundred thousand dollars a day eventually so a hundred thousand a week ten a hundred thousand a day so results vary for different people okay so some people procrastinate they don’t pay attention and then never make any money and then they blame like the system like you can’t blame the system if you suck and how you’re doing stuff but for those are you ready to learn who aren’t overly skeptical i’ma show you some stuff and I’m gonna answer questions live right now so here’s step number one step number one is fine common household items okay literally so I started with the most common household items for me glasses and these are sleep glasses I wear these before I go to bed and I got in business I business partners – business partners that run the business and I’m part I’m the third business partner and we’re selling about I don’t know over a hundred thousand dollars a month of these glasses common household item glasses write books probably I’m gonna sell with company called mentor box common household item books and book related items like five to ten million dollars this year just in that and I own lots of different products so it starts to add up in fact one of the things you got to learn to do is build multiple streams of income the average millionaire the average billionaire has three or more different streams of income so when I show you these screenshots and these are real screenshots in fact these aren’t even screenshots these are literally live you could see I login I go to stripe I go right here and you could see that you could see yesterday you can see the last week you could see the month so you could see the last year we’re at five point seven million dollars five point seven three one so five million seven hundred thirty one thousand eight hundred seventeen and seven cents and that’s just a new company okay so the first thing is you need to find if you want to make money online you need to just find common household items that interest you so I brought a few just from around the house candles I got a buddy of mine selling 10 million dollars a year where the candles okay salsa right here I don’t know who saw I like this salsa I know a company down in Texas selling millions of dollars it’s a guy who had a recipe for salsa I don’t know if it’s from his mom or something and beef jerky right here common household item if you like beef jerky you might have it laying around the kitchen there’s a dude who build a company beef jerky company in a one or two years he sold it to Hershey’s for 200 I think two hundred and twenty million you can look up Google crave beef jerkey okay and a lot of and they weren’t really that good at selling online the opportunity I call this robotic income that’s what I’m showing you today so pay attention to this first presentation because there was a time in my life when I did not log I when I woke up and I logged into my phone I wasn’t making fifty thousand a day my other company let’s see other products I’ve sold today we use our own merchant accounts so one of them is at twenty one thousand so combined today we’re already in the days just getting started because we get more sales later in the day we’re at about fifty thousand today okay and I remember I feel your pain if right now you have a lot of pressure on you financially you’re not making enough money your jobs not paying the bills for you you wake up and instead of looking happily at your phone for how much sales have come in online you know you’re looking at credit card bills you’re looking at the nightmare of of the model world the average person in the world these days literally the average person is saving less than 1% of their income can go on the government website are the best years in America it’s not 5% worst years- percent meaning people aren’t saving a penny so you’re basically working for the man meaning you’re making somebody else rich if you’re not saving any money you’re paying your taxes so you’re making the government rich you’re paying your mortgage so you’re making banks rich but you’re not creating in wealth for yourself so step number one find a common household item this is how you break out of that and I started as a long time ago done different many different products I’ve sold online I even was in the if you saw my snapchat the last day you know I was out at a big club and people are shouting out like dude how do you get the money to get I got a table there I don’t do that all the time but I had some business people in town so I got a you know three thousand dollar table and Dom pérignon people like how could you do that I’m well I remember being stuck don’t think that I can’t empathize with your situation because I can okay now I don’t worry about it if it’s $3,000 you know now I got a black card on Amex it doesn’t matter anymore what are you I mean I still pay attention to expenses but it’s not as bad as it once was and this is at one of the ways that I got out of that situation find a common household item that interest you number two use Shopify now when I got started you didn’t even have these it’s easier now click funnels or an Amazon these are your three choices I’m gonna try to go in-depth as much as I can during this I don’t know if I’ll have time cuz there’s a lot of different there’s see if you notice I use Shopify for some things we use our own software for others though glasses company does a lot on Amazon we’ve used click funnels I use my own software but that’s more complicated I’ve spent about seven million dollars of my own money building software but that was before this came out it kind of sucks now if I was getting started I wouldn’t have to spend so much money because literally like there’s software you can sign up to most Amazon’s free I forget click funnels and Shopify you could literally be started in like a hundred bucks or less you can be up and going so or at least built starting to build a site to sell your common household items now like I said I’m going to talk as much as I can here and then I for those of you a few of you maybe 10 or 20% of you that are very interested I’m forming this private test group if you want to be in the test group I’ll put a link to it later but ok what do you do from here well there’s an important part that most people miss because if you just find a common household I know some people that do this and this but they don’t get the next step down and the next step step number three is you have to connect them to a credit card processor and a band a bank and let me talk about this for a second so different things I have direct now that I’m more advanced I have direct relationships with banks so that I could connect to credit card processing but if you were just getting started there’s literally something here and you can see I still use it for one of my businesses stripe you could set up I think stripe you can set up for free or very little money and with stripe guess what happens you are allowed to process Amex Visa MasterCard direct you don’t have to go directly and have a big account so that’s the next step and then you want to set up a business bank account don’t use your personal bank account to deposit the money like this for 2681 or like I said in the last month this seven hundred eleven thousand dollars stripe will deposit in a business bank account and you don’t want to merge those for multiple reasons one of those you don’t want to co-mingle funds if you ever want to sell the business you want to have the accounting straight from day one you also don’t want for liability reasons if you form an LLC or S corp or even a C Corp you need to have separate bank accounts or else they don’t consider you a real business they call piercing the veil but so this is the next thing connect you can by the way everything I’m teaching you you can get started with in the next 24 hours now I know a lot of people watching live week and their tens of thousands of people are gonna or watching this live today and guess what most people procrastinate we all know that so some of you ain’t gonna get it up don’t blame me I’m showing you the path right here so number four yeah and when you set up your your bank account and all that at some point you’re gonna you should talk to a lawyer and about whether you should have an LLC or an S corp in that all that’s I don’t have time to get into all of that you to get a good accountant to so that you’re you can use H&R block you can use one of those okay the next thing by the way if you’re just tuning in live I’m talking about how I make money online I’m showing actual screenshots I’ve never done this before of different businesses like I said this one made 14,600 that today already in the last month seven hundred and eleven thousand that’s an actual stripe account I’m showing Shopify and that’s selling books and book related products books like these books in a box we mail to people I’ve got here’s the glasses business selling glasses online me and two business partners James Swannack and his brother Tristan sixteen hundred ten dollars yesterday today we’ve sold six hundred and forty four plus on Amazon I don’t have the Amazon login on this phone but Amazon’s about triple that so probably today different products and businesses I have already sold for fifty thousand and the days just getting started we sell more at night and stuff so what’s step four this is an important step right here so you got step number one find a common household item that interest you step number two you use either click funnels Shopify or Amazon step number three connect it to a bank account that’s very important oh and I want to show you something here so when I say well I’ll come back to that step number four is white label and dropship so what I mean is this is why it’s an exciting time for you to be alive a hundred years ago if you wanted to sell candles like I showed you I got a buddy of mine selling 10 million dollars or more worth of household candles literally making a living selling candles if it was 20 years ago he would have to manufacture the candles himself which is very complicated he literally have to go to a factory they’d say the minimum is fifty thousand candles for five bucks each he’d have to come up with a quarter of a million dollars on day one which is kind of a nightmare if you’re just getting started when I first got started I had less than $100 so I could feel for you if you don’t have a lot of money so what he did what you can do now and what he did you can white label somebody else’s candle or somebody else’s glasses and then do drop shipping you don’t even have to store it at your house that means when somebody buys on your clickfunnels your Amazon account your Shopify account that it goes right directly to the mail in the mail to them from the manufacturer from the warehouse and that will change your life because that’s very hard to dropship if you don’t know I mean it’s very hard to manufacture if you don’t know what you’re doing drop shipping you don’t have to know hardly anything just what you want now about a year ago I did a conference in at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and there’s two 21 year-olds were there Sumeet Samir and Hwan some of you have seen them on my snapchat they took the advice that I gave on how to build businesses they built this exact thing that we’re talking about they are now 22 years old Samir and one if you watch my snap and I’ve got some YouTube videos with them they are shipping about $220,000 was their best month in sales and right now there are around they’re averaging around 75 thousand a month at 22 now I just did another conference and they said ty we learned we got started by coming on air conferences you’re not here in person with me but if you’re wondering does this stuff work man there’s so many people doing you can’t believe it now there’s people trying to do it and doing it wrong and if you do it wrong you’re gonna waste your time you’re gonna get discouraged you’re gonna waste money so how do you do it right because I gave you this outline I want to talk more in depth on some things because once you accomplish these four things there’s other stuff you have to know like you have to know marketing because if you don’t know marketing you’re not gonna be able to get anybody come to your website there’s over 1 billion websites in the world right now over 1 billion websites web pages meaning you can’t just put your site up and expect to make money so let’s talk about that for a second there’s these four things and by the way going back to my story like I said I started with less than 100 bucks then I figured out I make 100 bucks a month then a thousand a month and then I forgot make ten thousand a month then I figure out how to make a hundred thousand a month I remember when I broke a hundred thousand a month it was probably about ten years ago I figured out how to make a hundred thousand dollars a month online making money online and I was like wow I wonder if you could even make more than that and then I figured out I make a hundred thousand a week that was maybe 2010 or so and I remember breaking through to a hundred thousand a day and actually I’ve made more than a hundred thousand in an hour before in fact I’ve made over a million in just one or two days it’s kind of a cool feeling to wake up I remember waking up and made him seven hundred and about twenty thousand dollars from the time that I started that day went to sleep woke up and then about eighteen hours later it broke a million dollars but I want you to know that’s a progression you know what I’m saying so now I didn’t start out with Lamborghinis Ferraris like you homes around the world like that’s not how you start what you start I’m giving you the way to start step number one find that common household item so I’m gonna just ask out right here on live who has the common household item I’m gonna do a real live get one person started as we speak I don’t you know I charge over a hundred grand for personal consulting people ask me to do it I’ll give you 20 grand to meet with you and I just don’t do that anymore I charge 100 grand plus and so but I’m gonna do one free session because I want to help out everybody you know as much as I can so somebody said spatula coffee cup what else keyboards Mouse’s pillow pillows is actually one that this company right here we’re about to go into reading pillows because I like to read there’s a huge market a lot of people are starting to read in fact more books were sold last year than any time in history especially for count ebooks so people lay in bed and read so a reading pillow that’s a good idea but let me just pick one of these mugs blankets picture I’m gonna find one that’s specific some of you are putting really broad stuff like tables or something desk oh I got if you saw my snapchat a couple days ago I was at the bulletproof conference in Pasadena there’s some guys selling standing desks so you press a button and it like raises up because people sit to much and work I’m not sure how much they’re selling I asked them but I don’t remember what they told me but I would guess they’re selling at least five million dollars worth of them yeah convertible standing desks picture frames key hanger let me find one that I think would be a good one baby items it’s too broad give me something fresh flowers salsa recipes all right who wants to figure out how to make $100 a month extra I thought let me just show you something that people get messed up when I about in 2004 is when I got my first nice car I got a Mercedes the cheapest one but it was still a Mercedes and I grew up in a family like no money like we never had a nice car we did not have her have a nice car when I was like 17 I got this car that was three different colors had a hole in the floor I was afraid to drive it on the freeway because if you missed the gas pedal you might put your foot you could see the road below you that’s the car yeah I didn’t have a I lived in a mobile home then I grew up from age 14 to 18 living in a mobile home in Clayton North Carolina so they want a lot of money and I figured out something simple though if you make four hundred three to four hundred dollars a month extra from what you’re making now you can easily afford a Mercedes they have deals on Mercedes like 300 bucks a month so one cool thing for some of you that are like ty show me how to make you know ten million bucks a year that’s eight figures most people ain’t gonna go from zero to eight figures in one year it’s happened before the guy last year a guy started a online website selling stuff to compete with Amazon called jet comm he sold it nine months either nine or ten months later for 3.1 billion dollars so it’s happened but that’s an extreme case almost never more realistic is for you to figure out what if you could make it extra 500 bucks a month an extra thousand a extra $10,000 a month like it change your life less will change your life than you think the key is I’m gonna write this down real quick what you want to do is create robotic income some people talk about some people talk about like automated income and this is more specific remember robots never get tired how much do you need to make if you want to make 100 grand a year this is a trick question how much do you need to make per hour to make a hundred grand a year and a lot of people will say you need to make fifty bucks an hour and that’s correct but that’s only if you are only working like a human we get tired if you only work eight hours a day you basically have to make $50 an hour and a lot of you don’t have a job that’s going to pay you fifty an hour but let me show you a little magic trick that’s what I said is a trick question if you go here to York I’m gonna go to my calculator you can do this along with me one hundred thousand dollars okay divided by 365 days because a robot can work 365 days so that’s two hundred and seventy-three bucks a day divide that by 24 hours because a robot can work 24 hours a day you only need to make eleven dollars and 41 cents to make an extra hundred grand eleven dollars and 41 cents put the key is you got to do it 365 24 hours a day no vacations no rest no sleep humans can’t do that I don’t care what you say oh I’m gonna grind I’m gonna work hard you can go work hard as much as you want if I got a robot working for me we’re always gonna beat you okay you need the human that’s the brains of the operation we’re not you for the most part we haven’t reached the point of singularity where robots are smarter than humans but we can build the robots and set them working that’s what I showed you clickfunnels Amazon Shopify these are websites which are run literally by machines and those machines can run for you 365 and then you only got to figure out how to make eleven dollars and forty-one cents so for example if you’re selling candles let’s say you’re gonna sell this candle I don’t even know what candles so for but let’s say this candle is 25 bucks and let’s say your costs are 15 dollars so that’s 11 dollars roughly that you make you only need to sell one candle per hour only 24 a day for you to net a hundred grand no I’m dumb out gross 11k you know how many candles people buy per year it’s a massive it’s a probably I’m not sure the exact market but I’m sure there’s a billion dollars or to the candle and candle related things if you count decorations and all this stuff so let’s get into this I’m gonna pick an actual use case the Yankee Candle laptop stands toy car shaker cups a dog bed oh let’s do that one let’s do dog stuff the reason I do this is one of my friends is an expert I mean he sells a ton on Amazon and I was just talking to him the other two actually interviewed him on my podcast and he I said what was one of the hottest things on Amazon right now and he said what’s hot on Amazon is sell pet related stuff we all know people crazy about their dogs people will basically spend more money on their dogs and they will on their children’s at least some people will ah so dog beds let’s build a business right now each of you can steal my idea I’m not gonna do it you can have the dog for at least one year I promise you I won’t do a dog bed business okay so I’m gonna show you if you have some guidance how easy this could be okay dog beds example business actual blueprint I’m handing some of you right now a literal blueprint so we get we got dog beds step number one what did I say find the common household item for some people who have dogs like I have two German Shepherds they have little beds I have two sets of beds one by the back door and one out on my basketball court and it’s funny one of my dog like the dog beds the other one sleeps on the group floor but one of them Ando he’s always up on the he’s always up on the dog bed and later I’m gonna show you look at this water they’re charging like $1 for water this thing probably cost him less than one penny talk about a common household item my buddy’s selling over a hundred million dollars worth of water tees all that online by the way he just got into Walmart but he started online so we find that except who remember what was step number two who can remember it who can remember step number two so we said I want to sell water someone says it good water okay still what is step number two testing your memory yes there we go we got to set up either Shopify clickfunnels or we can go on Amazon now what I would recommend for this is both of these you set up two but you just start with one so I would start flip a coin one thing when you don’t know what to do in life and you’ve got two equally good ideas just flip a freaking coin half the world if they don’t know what to do they just freeze up and stop don’t ever stop literally keep a coin or keep a random number generator on your phone Google has one just roll the dice so I’m gonna roll the dice I’m gonna do it watch this random I’m gonna do theirs live so people know this is not pre-planned I’m gonna show you random number generator so we’ll do one or two Shopify is one Amazon is 2 okay you put in here one or two generate here we go to Amazon right there you see so no cheating allowed so we’re gonna sell on Amazon so you basically it’s pretty simple Amazon teaches you how to do it you go to Amazon and you become one of their you know kind of partners now you can actually be an affiliate partner or you can set up your own store in this case you want to set up your own store the cool thing about Shopify clickfunnels in Amazon is they have tons of tutorial videos and you can even go on YouTube I’m not gonna spend I because I don’t want to sit here with my laptop and show you how to do it it’s really simple you can basically type in you know how to set up Amazon store and you’ll find an Amazon you go login you create account same with Shopify saying we click funnels all those okay so you get that that’ll take you a little bit of time to go through there click through set up your stores set up your settings now if you don’t yet have a business account because that’s cup number three you can temporarily connect your personal bank account to them okay because you’re not gonna make money in the first second you set it up and you can switch it out later so that’s what I tend to do okay now what’s step number three and this is an easy one here is connect connect the credit card or the bank account and the bank account sorry now the beauty of doing it with Amazon is you don’t have to use stripe or Braintree you have stripe you have Braintree at PayPal when you sell on Amazon Amazon takes care of all that for you so it’s pretty easy right Amazon literally does it for you by the way if you’re just coming in late we’re talking about how I make money online I’ve been showing screenshots making fifty grand a day different businesses Shopify Amazon stripe all those showing actual not even screenshots showing you alive right there making money let’s see if we made any money Wow I like to look that one of my buddies I launched another company that sells supplements and the CEO of that company it’s hilarious he’s never had an automated business like this he’s always had traditional businesses he owns real estate he owns a paintball field he owns a car mechanic like a shop that works on rental cars for like Hertz and stuff anyway he’s like dude I’m addicted to my phone i log into these alerts and I see myself making money and I’m just like in heaven you know you can see all these 17 minutes ago $69 charge 497 charge you can see literally in the time that I’m doing this whole call probably make a thousand bucks or more like I said my peak I Rameau stive ever made in one hour is probably one or two hundred thousand dollars in an hour the most I made in like a day or two is a little over a million bucks and this is just selling online so okay so you connect the credit card if you’re using Amazon to sell your dog beds just set it up to your bank I use Bank of America I use I got a bank in Baker America chase I used to use Citibank sometimes they’re okay but Bank of America but there’s no special bank like most banks in America are the same if you’re outside of America you can do HSBC you can do there’s a lot of ton of merchant banks you Royal Bank of Scotland is a good one up in Canada but just keep it simple whatever bank you’re already using now use that but eventually you need to walk in there and tell them you want a separate business bank account don’t mingle your funds and whenever you are setting up a business expense use your business account when you go to the movies personal you know don’t mix it gets too complicated with with the IRS – okay now so you got your dog beds all this can be done literally in an hour and then step number four step number four is we need to white label the products and dropship so a cool thing is there’s a company started by one of the richest men in the world his name Jack Ma Jack ma ma literally like your mother ma cool story he went from really zero dollars to building Alibaba and Ali pay and multiple companies in China which you can access right through the internet and connect to people who will make your dog beds for you they will ship the dog beds to Amazon’s warehouse for you you can sit at home you’re gonna be traveling you could be on the beach none of the stuff you don’t have to warehouse you don’t have to hold stuff you don’t have to fill up your bedroom with dog beds and you can order them in relatively small quantities now the bigger the quantity you buy the cheaper you’ll get them forward you can buy them for relatively small quality quantities they’ll ship them to Amazon’s warehouse and then when someone buys your dog bed on Amazon the warehouse you know that Amazon now has robots a robot will come down grab your dog bed pull it out put it in a FedEx package or whatever or post you know postal mail mail it to your customer and then just send you a check for the profit pretty cool right Amazon will keep a little bit for their work for their postage and all that that’s your first money now you got money coming in for doggery Jack Ma by the way for those of you don’t believe who believe dreams can’t happen you cynics out there Jack Ma used to be an English teacher in China he made 80 cents a day now you might think your pay is bad he made 80 cents a day Google it he was making $20 a month okay so I don’t know he’s making between 80 cents maybe a dollar a day a dollar can you imagine working for a dollar a day that’s literally if you work eight hours he was working for like ten cents an hour and he took that and he built this drop shipping company now it does many things now it does credit card processing you know stuff and he built that and he’s not the richest man but he’s one of the richest men I think he’s worth thirty or forty eight billion dollars and guess why he’s so rich because he’s made a way for you to dropship products and by the way there’s other options besides China okay for those of you who get in my more advanced program I’m gonna open up a small test group if you I’m no forcing you I’m doing this as a free call literally as a free training but for those who want some more advanced help for the next two months I will train you me and my business partners will show you step-by-step how we do it because there’s some more advanced stuff some things you don’t want to get from China and from China you can basically also draw white label American company or from other companies around the world if you don’t only have to use Alibaba I’m just giving you an example of a simple way to start and Alibaba basically you go on there and you search and you find the product remember I told you Samir and Hwan two of my students they were in at one of my in-person conferences about a year and a half ago now they’re making between seventy five thousand is a low month for them online to about two hundred I think their peak they told me was two hundred twenty thousand in the summer they made two hundred twenty thousand so they’re gonna make you know two to four million dollars they’re not even twenty five yet and they do a lot of stuff from different sources but they started getting stuff from China because you can get it for cheaper if you have an ethic some people don’t like China they want to buy american-made there are options to white label from American places okay so you don’t have to freak out about that so one big thing that I haven’t covered and let me just say this it’s how do you get customers because if you just put it on Amazon if there’s other people selling dog beds they might be when people type in dog beds you might be on page ten and you don’t want to be on page ten for the most part because if you’re on page ten let’s be honest most of us when we search on Google and researcher in Amazon we don’t scroll ten pages down right so there’s a whole system on Amazon there’s a system on the internet and let me just go into some of that and I know a lot about this by the way me and my business partner Alex combined we’ve spent five hundred million dollars on online advertisement he’s spent more than me but we’ve spent more than almost anybody any two individuals that in the world there’s people have spent more but not many people so I’m not telling you this from like I don’t know what I’m talking about okay we spend I’m one of the biggest YouTube advertisers in history he spent more on Facebook but I spend a ton on Facebook so I’ve probably spent twenty to forty million on YouTube ads because YouTube ads is newer Facebook ads start back to 2008 but I started with Google AdWords in 2001 so I’ve been I’ve been at this game a long time you know I started on preneur when I was still a teenager so what I’m telling you you need to listen this isn’t something you can get in a book you can’t get this in a university class trust me a lot of a ton of universities are teaching my stuff it’s funny they take my YouTube videos students all the time snapchat be all my professor here is is using your video to teach marketing well you can go there and learn or you can just learn from me I’ve taught at Harvard I’ve taught it not as a professor but I’ve spoken at Harvard I’ve spoken at London Business School top business schools in the world u.s. see those Harvard and London Business School are number one and number two in the world right now ranking for business so let’s talk about something so here’s you let here’s you okay and here’s your website now there’s 1 billion other websites out there ok literally 1 billion more than a billion web pages depends if you want to count websites or web pages but it’s an insane number right by the way for those of you just streaming in I’m talking about household items we got here I just made $89 in the last minute selling books online you can see it went up you can see the little American Express card eighty nine ninety five so that’s the cool thing about the Internet while while I’m talking to you making money if you were like ty how do you get Lamborghinis how do you get Ferraris how do you get that stuff you gotta have robotic income you have to know how to make money online there’s never been an opportunity people I love cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and all that those are all huge opportunities I love investing in real estate I just bought a hundred acres I’m working on eleven hundred acres to develop and all this stuff here’s the problem nothing nothing yet is tried and true in terms of robotic income as the internet make your money online there isn’t like real estate has made the most millionaires but real estates been around for three hundred years Internet’s really only been going at the earliest 1994 when Amazon started that’s the beginning of the internet so to speak but it’s really been the last ten years so guess what happened this year is the first year that more things were bought online for Christmas for just during the year then were bought at stores you know store they’re going out of business we’ve seen bankruptcy of American Apparel which was a six hundred million dollar clothing line gone they had too many stores nobody buys from stores that I mean people buy from Authority but not that much look what happened to Sears even Walmart has now been crushed by online because Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and he’s made his site big even though there’s a billion other places people can go on the internet how did he get so many people to go to his and that’s what I want to talk to you guys about okay may see someone just said Eric Laura said Macy’s is bankrupt that’s right Wendy a woody on says rest in peace Toys R Us did Torres R Us go bankrupt blockbuster of course banana republics closing stores target is closing stores guess what though this is creating the biggest opportunity in history because people are still buying stuff but they’re switching I’m gonna give you a perfect example this a guy in California about 2010 build a little app nobody liked it it was an app it was an address book okay it was an address book and guess what it didn’t work so he switched it he said I’m gonna upload I’m gonna make a little site you could upload your pictures and share them with your friends now there was an old company called Kodak it had been around for 100 years billion-dollar brand in two years Kodak was bankrupt done no longer in business no longer in the planet and guess what this website right here Instagram was what he renamed his site in two years he sold this for 1 billion dollars and now more people use basically use Instagram almost in Facebook more people still use Facebook but there’s a reason Facebook bought Instagram because they knew Instagram almost could kill Facebook it’s people love it look at Netflix I’ll show you another app on my phone guess what Netflix sells online they’re selling common household items if you live 20 years ago you would had basically VHS or beta you know these old cartridges you stick into a new VCR it’s funny saying VCR it’s like VCR it’s the words you don’t even say anymore man pc art now you know what you say netflix and chill’ that’s all people say look Netflix right there just past 100 million customers paying them 9 to 12 bucks and they just raised the price here’s the cool thing about owning a company with 100 million customers if you raise the price by one or two dollars you make an extra two hundred million dollars a month if you raise it two dollars somebody said Colin be said VCR and chill yeah there ain’t no VCR and chill sorry but I’m telling you for those of you who catch the trend who aren’t too cynical who open your mind who learn marketing who learn the fundamentals guess what somebody gonna make the next Netflix somebody’s gonna make the next Instagram somebody’s gonna put blockbuster type companies gone out of business what’s the next pot buster let’s predict right here live what’s the next company that’s gonna be out of business someone said bra he was just lucky Reed Hastings who started Netflix okay a lot of people are lucky the question is how can you get on the lucky side of the stick there’s a line through the sand some are you gonna sit on the unlucky side and yes you can’t completely control your luck I’ve been lucky I was lucky enough to be born healthy it could be born with you know health issues that’s luck just being but but you can’t you can’t say that everything’s luck it’s not all luck somebody said Chipotle yeah Chipotle’s in trouble Chipotle was almost if you talk to people almost the most popular place to go five years ago like people loved old lady but like let’s go to Chipotle they’re like let’s go to Chipotle and then just go to Netflix and chill okay but you know what they did one problem with Chipotle in my opinion they don’t do online very well like for example there’s a company now anybody use like uber eats like uber eats you can order right through your phone and an uber driver or a delivery person brings you for what’s the other one there’s another post mate’s is another one so guess what happened like Chipotle’s McDonald’s they’re just getting on the bandwagon now what’s remember I said step number one sells simple household items what’s more simple than food and cheap Oatley got in trouble McDonald’s revenue is down one of the biggest companies and brands ever in human history in terms of recognizability make donald’s they own Capote Lee for a while I think it got bought back I’m not sure but they didn’t get on the bandwagon and now McDonald’s sales in the United States going down and guess what’s going up uber eats uber eats like you go to college campuses and you can see trends on college campuses cuz college campus kids are gonna graduate they’re the consumers of the future they’re your customers of the future they’re buying stuff and having it just delivered to them I’m serious it’s I’ve actually heard it’s a problem and some colleges people stealing ubereats they’ll just like intercept the ubereats person and be like yeah that’s me and then you know how like uber person will be like John and then if your name’s like Bob you’ll be like hey my name is John thanks for the food and they just meet him at the door like that’s how even Netflix and Netflix are so big you know something’s big when people are trying to cheat it Netflix people are logging in with their friends log in and odd stuff like these companies are killing it and Chipotle didn’t get with the get game they just didn’t get with the game now they might try to catch up but it’s hard to catch up so what do you have to do to create a brand whether it’s selling simple household items like dog beds like books like beef I’m getting in this this game I’m getting in beef jerky this is something I’m gonna sell it online crave built a company in a one or two years sold over two hundred million bucks my goal is to build a beef jerk but they did they sold it like 7-eleven I might forget that I won’t put this up on Amazon I’ll put it on a Shopify or clickfunnels I’m gonna sell it directly to people in a box a protein box and it’s already a one to two billion dollar industry and it’s controlled by one main company called Jack’s so don’t be afraid to be curious look at the household items that are already around you and disrupt those things now let’s talk about marketing because this is an area that I’ve done a lot of work in this is kind of one of my specialties let me just give you some recommendations to get your dog bed company or whatever it is you’re gonna sell number one you really can’t be afraid of controversy and and being and standing out and people are really afraid of that but for good or bad we are in the Kardashian Age the Kardashian family you might not have like everything they do and everything they stand for but they are marketing machines the daughter Kylie Jenner makeup company she’s predicted to be one Billy a billionaire for she’s 25 Maybelline L’Oreal the biggest brands in the world they took 50 years to catch up and she’s selling the same it what took them 50 years she’s doing in her first year at 20 years old I think she’s pregnant she’s pregnant you know so she’s got a lot on her hands and she still build a business bigger than brands that have 2,000 employees or L’Oreal prior has 50,000 employees the games changed why do people know of the Cardiac Kardashians because they’re not afraid of a little controversy you know they kind of got started Kim started with a little controversial video I’m not saying you got to do a sex tape okay but controversial and so your dog beds it doesn’t have to be negative controversy by the way it could just be funny controversy what I’m calling controversy maybe a better word for it is standing out so what I see a mistake people doing they follow the instructions and I know I’m about I’m gonna open up this test group in a little while I’m gonna put a button below I know some people and I’m gonna try to screen them out they’re gonna try to get in this test group and they’re gonna just try to do whatever they’re gonna see somebody else’s you know beef jerky website or somebody else’s candle company so and they’re gonna like exactly make their marketing the same I’m like that’s not gonna work you can’t be the same in a world of 1 billion web pages or more you’re just gonna get lost so for me I knew when I did my Lamborghini video that it would piss some people off because we all know we live in a world where people get butthurt if somebody has something they don’t have and nothing makes guys more butthurt then somebody has a cooler car than them trust me for all of you gonna make a lot of money there’s a guy there’s a kid up in LA he’s 22 he sells online so I think he’s sent about a hundred two hundred thousand a month he just bought a Huracan and I told him that’s a Lamborghini I have an event two-door he’s got the little Aventador is called a Huracan and I’m like dude people especially guys are gonna see that and they’re gonna get mad at you but don’t worry about the controversy because the controversy will make you stand out now don’t go murder somebody and then go tie told me to be different like murder isn’t gonna help you sell okay don’t throw somebody off a bridge while they’re in like throw a dog bed after them and be like look this could be all over the news it’s gonna be all over the news but you’re gonna be around to enjoy your profits okay so you got to use a little common sense which is no longer common but what you might do with a dog bed is I don’t know what what’s something funny you could do with a dog bed I call this the the brand store you have to create a controversial brand story an interesting brand story what it okay I’ll tell you one that’s controversial but not really controversial it’s more uplifting for every dog bed that people buy you will don’t you will take a dog out of a dog shelter I am giving you guys I guarantee you a business idea right now we’ll see who’s smart enough to take this trust me I’m good at marketing if you build a company like Tom’s you know Tom’s was a shoe company for every shoe pair of shoes you bought they gave a pair of shoes to like homeless people or needy people it helped grow their business I think Tom’s is a billion dollar brand new glasses company Warby is at Warby Parker or one of those every time they sell a pair of glasses they give a pair of glasses to people in poor countries to help them you know people can’t afford frames so what if you take your you people love dog charities what if you take your dog bed and you say for every dog bed that you purchase I am going to send you a picture of the dog the puppy that you saved from being put down in a dog pound you rescued a dog or you know or maybe if that’s too expensive you could say for every 10 beds that are sold will rescue one dog I promise you that’s gonna go that stands out from the crowd that’s gonna go viral you’re gonna get picked up by probably mainstream and local news for sure if you shoot that out to local news CBS NBC there’s a little note station they’re gonna be there always looking for stuff for sure if you do it right you’re gonna get picked up on larger and larger outlets if you start posting pictures on Instagram of the puppies that you saved the dog didn’t have to just beep up he’s gonna be older dogs are you saved and you make that at least 50% of your post on Instagram dude Instagram posts go crazy with animals one of the biggest sites out there has like 35 40 million followers is 9gag and 9gag posts a ton of a ton of animal pictures so your Instagram your website is going to stand out massively I mean this is and you’re doing a good deed so you’re creating good karma if you believe in karma and what goes around comes around you start you start if you can say after three years in business that you saved 1,000 dog from being put down you rescued a thousand innocent dogs and you have their picture on one of your pages on your website you think you’re gonna stand out like this I’m giving you guys gold sometimes people are like ty do you give away free ideas or only in your paid programs I’m like well I have paid programs but I give away a lot of stuff free I just passed 1 billion free minutes watched on YouTube of my videos I actually just passed a million followers so thank you all of you who subscribed I appreciate it but it’s enough about me it’s about how can one of you or two of you there’s room for ten of you a hundred of you to just be in the pet space alone there’s so many opportunities healthier pet food you know bitter items for pets like better toys that maybe like you see all these plastic toys somebody should make toy like plastics not the best for dog’s teeth it’s synthetic somebody’s gonna come up with some crazy cool you know recycled product that also makes a dog’s teeth you know dogs need to chew to keep their teeth healthy they’re not like us they got canine things right so now let me take a few questions on this but I want to keep going with this and I want to show for some of you I want to talk about this test group because I’m opening us up for the first time in history I have never ever done a test group on how to sell and make money online with common household items the reason I picked house you know I’ve done social media marketing agency I’ve showed people how to invest in real estate I built the 67 steps program like I’ve had hundreds of thousands of people go through my paid programs but what I love about this test group I’m going to take a handful of you there’s gonna be a small percentage of you trust me that watch this I mean million people gonna watch this video over time easily and I’m all I’m gonna let a small percentage of those in they’re not gonna let ten percent in or anything like that and guess what those of you I will help you over two months okay for two months me and my team will help you build this whole thing and get you started if you think I can’t help you you’re crazy I’ve done this a long time and helped a lot of people okay so somebody says is it just scarcity is just just BS ask all the people who thought I was joking about my real estate investment course that I launched I think that the best guy in theirs making 40 50 thousand dollars a month starting with zero and no credit and then I closed down the test group and all the people were like oh who are you really joking about it they’re like wait wait can I get in now and I’m like nope when I say I’m gonna open it and close it I did and sometimes I’ll do scholarships and close the scholarships and stuff like that so yeah one of my things I’m gonna give a little side note in life you’re gonna encounter cynics and skeptics never try to change their mind because they’re telling you who they are and you want them I call smoking it out you want to smoke out skeptical people in your life because for those of you who pay attention like Juan and Samir there are so many people my social media marketing program top guys making 125 no 145 thousand a month right now at 22 when people don’t believe him he’s like dude I tell people what I’m making and one year ago he didn’t even have a bank count they don’t believe me I said his name Jade and I’m like Jayden you don’t want everyone to believe you why would you want everybody to believe you and then they’ll go out and compete with you you want idiots in this world I’m being honest I know it’s not the nicest thing I’ve ever said but I Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger say if it wasn’t for the stupidity in the world they wouldn’t be so wealthy second richest man in the world like mmm part of why I’m rich it’s not just luck it’s that so many people are skeptical cynical like even in the face of insurmountable evidence like Netflix and you don’t think there’s a crapload of Internet entrepreneurs making money like you’re that stupid like I gotta meet some of these people in real pur it’s funny no one ever comes up to me in real life I don’t know if they’re scared or whatever I’m like who are you who is the dude that thinks people I make money online like I get it in 2001 I started with Google AdWords the second month that came out back then when I would tell people I’m doing Google AdWords zero people knew what I was talking about okay it’s 2017-2018 like you still you don’t think people make money online I laugh at you in a in an empathetic way maybe it’ll wake you up some people gotta be laughed at to wake up I don’t really laugh at you I don’t really delight in the stupid half the problems in the world barcode we got stupid people I’m gonna go to World War three with North Korea because we got stupidity flying around everywhere so I don’t really delight in stupidity I’m more like astounded because how could you not believe it in 2017 Evan Spiegel made 1 billion dollars before he’s 25 it’s never happened in history but never never I was just if you saw my on livestream like three days ago I was with Naveen Jain he made eight billion dollars in 1998 with the Internet you don’t believe that you think you don’t think that it has a real oh my god but for all of you who pay attention be excited with these people because you never want to be selling dog beds when a hundred million people sell dog beds like that’s too many there’s room for I got to go live here again on Instagram there’s room up in this world for a thousand people to be selling on Amazon and making a ton of money with pet products okay I’m talking about how to make money online let’s see if I made any money I’m gonna show you let’s see if we made any money while I’ve been doing this talk in Urdu so I’m sure I’ve been showing screenshots let’s look at the glasses company it’s kind of cool household items I always say sell stuff that you wear that you use here so just on click funnel Shopify sorry eighteen thousand eight hundred and ten on Amazon sold about triple that we’ve done about a hundred thousand plus their books let’s look what we’ve sold in the last 30 days I’ll show you this isn’t even a screenshot guys this is the actual log into my stripe account seven hundred and eleven thousand four hundred and seventy four you don’t think that’s real you think that’s made up you don’t think I sell book go to mentor box calm it’s all over the internet we’re marking it all over Facebook my business partner I only fifty fifty with a guy some of you need bit more business partners by the way if you’re scared if you’re fearful if you procrastinate if you’re not outgoing if you don’t like business networking find a business partner that’s the opposite of you you know finally someone who’s opposite someone sayings Thai you seem very confident let me just show you a little side thing that’s very important more important than anything I’ve shown you today you basically have this part of your brain ok I’m not a good artist at all as you can tell and inside your brain there’s like these little things they’re kind of like antennae and I’m oversimplifying it but trying to explain it okay their dopamine receptors dopamine receptors and here’s how what dopamine does dopamine is the drug that basically makes you confident okay confident it gives you reward it makes you like when you buy something and you feel like good that’s all dopamine receptors dopamine is a it’s a chemical in your brain we have dopamine you have neural epinephrine you have well you have stress hormones other parts of your body that cortisol and so you have to understand how to motivate yourself because I can show you how to how I make money online but if you’re not confident that enough you’ll basically not do it so here’s how dopamine receptors work when you win your body literally grows new dopamine receptors you can google it when you lose your body sheds dopamine receptors so if you look at someone like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or Warren Buffett these people who have been winning at everything they do guess you know Bill Gates first company that he ever built started around 12 and he built it when his about 16 17 18 was a Microsoft which made him 18 time richest man in the world so if you were to go inside Bill Gates brain he’s grown a tremendous amount of dopamine receptors which makes him confident and ambitious but for you and I who might have gone through the regular school system who might have had parents that don’t believe that you can break out of your economic situation for those of us who might have friends that always pull you down okay guess what you probably don’t have as many dopamine receptors as a guy like Bill Gates or Zuckerberg or what Steve Jobs had so what I’m what I want to say to you and one of my goals of the test group that I’m gonna open up in a few minutes I want to take a small handful of you and I not only want to show you how I make money online and how you can copy like I’m just going to give you copy what I did more in depth because we don’t have time they give me two months I’m gonna show you step by step online videos I’m gonna do a live call once a month to actually train you live we have a private group where you can ask questions every day and people in the group and different people who are my business partners will actually share with you their secrets if you need a specific answer my goal is at the end in two months not just that you make money online whether it’s an extra 100 bucks a month an extra thousand dollars a month an extra ten thousand that’s not the point want to rewire you for success and I know that sounds cheesy but the older I get and the more I do the more I realize a it’s true and a lot of people can’t handle that truth a lot of people say oh it’s the system that makes us suck it is the system but what you’re gonna do about it you have to fix your brain that was wired incorrectly by the system I promise you new technologies coming out we’re gonna be able to put things on people’s head and litter fMRI machines we already have those you can look into people’s brain and be like this person is wired for failure their watch they’re gonna try its I see people who try to make money online they fail at everything they do and I know why it’s not enough to just have that know-how right you can’t just know how to do something you actually also have to have the confidence and the motivation and ambition and the faith all those things play in trust me you gotta have the emotional stability and for some of you you can just go take everything I talked about today and go do it on your own I have people I do that and then have people like you know Samir and Juan they I do seminars of my house they pay ten thousand dollars to show up for me to help them so they are like well the more you invest in yourself oftentimes the better the better info you get the more you learn the more you earn you know so I just wanted to take a little sidetrack cuz I’m I want to go into more practical stuff but I’m afraid for some of you because I’m afraid that I give you these practical things I show you the screen like the the online login you can’t even argue I usually don’t show that but I’m like you know what I’m gonna show it because some people are so skeptical and so timid and fearful that I just got to show it’s kind of like I was on h3h3 some of you who saw a tree a tree a long time ago did a funny video about me he’s like oh oh I rented this house for one day what we’ve gotten to know each other and kind of become friends and so he had me on his podcast is a huge podcast him and his wife they Hilla they kill it Ethan Hilla and um and when I was on there a lot of people have been writing me like pouring into my Twitter and Instagram being like hey like oh now I see that this is real like people need encouragement it’s like they got a C for a while so that’s why I decided to do this live call because I wanted to just show you people like that I’m making money right now as we’re talking like it’s it blows my mind sometimes I’ll tell you what blew my mind this happened about two months ago I posted screenshots on my snapchat a lot of you saw it and I said in the last hour I made $22,000 and it’s not the most I’ve made but it was a decent hour right 22 grand and it’s pretty much almost all profit it was probably so there’s gross profit net profit there’s eBay da we’ll just call it gross profit meaning once you subtract the cost of goods right so I made like 20 grand I was thinking when I was growing up my mom in one year I’m almost sure never made more than $20,000 and Here I am in Shu and 365 my mom was a single mom raising me working trying to take care of me she’s to have to leave me at home with no babysitter sometimes cuz she didn’t have enough money and I’m like man this world has changed I don’t have a college degree and I’m making more and she made in a year in 60 minutes it’s like and and I’m not again I’m not promising that everybody here this is gonna get rich quick scheme that’s not what I’m trying to do this is I’m trying to show you what’s possible people go do do you have Lamborghinis and Ferraris so you can just show off no the truth is I got my first nice car no I got a Mercedes in 2004 I don’t really count that in 2008 I bought a mother I got a Maserati okay and I was a cool car Quattroporte II and I never post it on social media ever I sold it in 2012 or 13 and I never once showed it off I mean I showed it off on the road I had a Ferrari in 2009 never once showed it off but now I show the cars not to show off me and I know some people are gonna believe that and that’s good some people don’t believe anything some people think the earth is flat this I am done with trying to convince everybody what I’m saying is there’s a whole group of people who go dude I grew up with nothing I’ve never made money online my parents had a dead-end job I got a dead-end job but when I see some of the pictures you post I’m like how’d you get that and then it leads to a conversation that helps them not me helps them and not me somebody said do show us the online log in okay this is a this is a skeptic in a cynic I’m gonna show you well I’m not gonna give you my login you think I’m dumb but you can see right here this is real time so it can’t be faked this is stripe mentor box LLC you can Google mentor box LLC it shows one week two weeks this is not a screenshot you see how it’s changing 5.7 million dollars in the last year selling books and book related stuff so that’s that’s as good as you ever gonna get how many business people show you that’s just one of my companies one of my products I got lots of products I make about fifty to hundred thousand dollars a day now and online and then I do other stuff offline like real estate and some stuff like that but my primary income has always been from online not from real estate I do real estate as a diversification tool so let me just do this real quick because I want to take more question and answers but I want to put up the link to in a put of a link and also yeah I’ll put up a link to the test group in a little bit actually I’ll put it and some of you won’t be able to see it live for whatever reason don’t have a heart attack follow my social media I’ll have it open for a little bit I’m not sure how many days I’ll have the test group open for but you can come back if you are on my snapchat my Instagram story you’ll see the link so if you don’t see it I’m gonna put one I’ll put it below but if you don’t see it below don’t have a heart attack and don’t fill up all the live chats going where is the link just listen to what I’m saying and yeah so what are you gonna get in the test group this is how it works it’s very simple where’d I put my marker marker okay so oops where’s the other marker there was another one Nathan where is it oh I had it next to the hot sauce that I was showing you how to sell and so I looked like hot sauce okay so here’s how the test group works it’s two months okay part of its online so you can access it on your phone or you can access it on your laptop iPad and then part of its live okay so we have lot like live call in or live streaming so some of its pre-recorded like step by step classes that way you can listen to it at any time you want you can listen to it at 3 in the morning you can watch it at afternoon I don’t care if you live in you know Madagascar if you live in London and then the live stuff will have it preset and you’ll just you can call in or even better you can live stream it but that’s live so you can’t you got to go and show up at the time but if you miss it don’t worry it’ll be online now what are you gonna learn this is the key thing what you’re going to learn is number one what I call selection mastery you have to select if you notice when I was doing this live stream I was like carefully selecting people were throwing out all kinds of ideas people were like oh okay you know so candles sell light bulbs so toothpicks like some things you pick will not make you much money let’s just be honest you ever watched Shark Tank there’s some stupid ideas in the world you pick a stupid idea put dumb in you’re gonna get dumb out okay so I want to show you first thing we’re gonna do is how to correctly select the household items that you’re gonna sell and there’s a whole set of I call it selection mastery I want to show you how to master that because I don’t want you to just sell one thing if you notice I showed you screenshots for multiple products that I have why the average millionaire a billionaire has three forms of income so we’re gonna you’re gonna learn the keys to robotic automated income robotic automated income we’re gonna talk about how to create over time three different diversified income sources because mark my words a recession is coming in the next one to two years could I could be wrong this is a say but we know that capitalism goes in cycles a last real recession was 2008 bow at every seven to 10 years something happens so if you have multiple streams of diversified income you do better because there’s more of a chance that if you just have one stream of income it gets hit in the recession knocks you out but I’ve gone through two recessions when I was selling online didn’t affect me at all in fact those years I did as well or better than any other year okay somebody said that Jesus will come back well if that happens you don’t need any of this if you’re no longer on the planet not important okay so number four I’m gonna show you when to use click funnels click funnels versus Shopify versus Amazon versus WordPress some of you can use WordPress I didn’t talk about that yes versus your own custom built site so to sell online you have to have a website with these tools right here you won’t have to kill yourself to build it that’s the cool thing click funnels it’s a website that you can build your own site and it’s optimized for marketing Shopify optimized to sell lots of things it’s it’s although you can do that on all these amazon you get to tap in to a hundred million people already buying on Amazon so there’s real advantages there I’ll show you how to use them in combination WordPress if you’re selling an information product there’s other things there’s kajabi there’s all these different tools that we’ll talk about you need tools you need tools just think about this don’t bring a knife to a gunfight you ever heard that if you bring a knife to a gunfight you’re gonna die this is how it goes if I have you know an AR rifle right here and you’re standing 20 feet away from me and you got a knife you’re in trouble now maybe you can throw the knife and hit me but I’ll tell you if I had a choice I’d rather have a more powerful tool to protect myself in the same way when you’re building a business you’ve got to select the tool should you build a custom build site should use WordPress should you use kajabi should you use Amazon should use Shopify should you just click funnels it’s confusing now I told you if you don’t know what to do you can just get something up and going but it’s I see people trying to make money online and they picked a long wrong tool and then they come and they go tie like I didn’t make any money and I’m like what tool did you use and they’re like Oh Wix or some Oh school website thing you build some 1997 dass looking website and you can’t figure out why you have no sales well nobody wants to buy from your horrible tool so I’m gonna teach you that over two months in this test group will have live calls we’re gonna have up we have a private forum that only people you can ask questions you get it’s it’s a big thing that’s gonna help you in the next two months okay next thing you’re gonna learn and by the way for those of you who get in I got some special bonuses I’m gonna do on this live call so number five numero Cinco I’m here down here in San Diego so I’m near Mexico so I’m speaking a little more Spanish do you speak Spanish about no okay okay number five we’re gonna go into the financial mastery so as I told you we need to connect stripe or Braintree or PayPal or Amazon if you’re selling with Amazon by the way there’s now new options you can sell with Bitcoin you can sell crypto currencies PayPal is an alternate option aw Amazon of course you don’t have to know anything and then we’re gonna talk about banking how to set up your company how to set up your business bank account I’m gonna walk you through step by step for those of you who get in the program I’ve talked about it now basically here’s the deal some people get all the way to stage getting a website and they get people to go to the website but they can’t they can’t get the money I’m not joking to you I had a friend sent up a huge business in Brazil he was making almost 1 million dollars to guys in Los Angeles I won’t say their name because it’s kind of embarrassing over they were selling over a million dollars a month a month in Brazil that were selling supplements I forget what else they were selling but they were selling this handful of funny things right and they never could get the money out so they were like because Brazil is very complicated same with China like they don’t like the money to be sent out so they they basically had to buy a whole bunch of houses in Brazil and use the money there but the problem is they never wanted to go to Brazil so now that’s a unique case because you’re probably not gonna sell most your products to Brazil or maybe China but I’m gonna show you the mastery techniques that I that took me over a decade to learn about how to make sure you get the money deposited in your bank account seriously I would tell you a true story I was in Helsinki Finland in probably like I don’t know 2012 let’s guess I’m not that good with remembering years the year I was there but I like to say 2012 I was out salsa dancing believe it or not I used to be a professional dancer and teach salsa one of my first businesses that I built a long time ago was a salsa dancing website it was instructions it was called Latin dance now it’s not up anymore I never made much money with it cuz I like basically instead I got in the nightclub business and I like that better because of that cause like you know what I’d rather meet girls in person then just teach salsa dancing online so I started teaching salsa in person and I used to teach like a hundred people a night and then I got in the nightclub business in North Carolina a place called Red Room a place called perizaad George’s Graz and spice Street I pretty much had four clubs that I ran I had a business partner named Georgie Oba toxeus and Jay mez yeah they were one was Greek so I built this restaurant got in this salsa thing I go to Helsinki Finland I’m salsa dancing is like 2:00 in the morning in Helsinki and I look down and I have a call from PayPal and I listen to the voicemail because it was daytime in the US so I’m like no and it’s like we no longer want to we were shutting down like 10,000 merchants I hadn’t done anything wrong it just didn’t want to be in that business anymore in PayPal I was processing like a hundred thousand dollars a week and they’re like you have one week to move all your banking somewhere else it was like a it was like an automated message they sent so I’ve never loved PayPal that’s why I said like PayPal is like yeah but if you do this wrong you’re gonna make money and you’re gonna get it frozen and PayPal held like fight they had like five hundred thousand dollars of my money they released it after like one year it was annoying because you know five hundred grand it’s a decent chunk of change you can do a lot with five hundred grand right if you had invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2010 you’d have seventy five million dollars today so imagine what happens if you got put five hundred grand you couldn’t even do that but I want to show you in the test group like the banking techniques that you need how you don’t mess everything up how you know you don’t have you how you don’t figure how to make money and have somebody else steal it from you that’s basically kind of what happened so this is important this part by the way I say a lot of questions I’m gonna answer questions live these are pouring in so excuse me if I haven’t answered them all there’s been at least five thousand questions minimum so far somebody said I need a job haha Darren Mitchell man you don’t need a job you need to create a business create income you don’t always have to have a job you can always create a job that’s better you can’t be unemployed if you know how to create jobs that’s where people get messed up how do you how can fire you when you own the business I mean theoretically can go out of business if you don’t how to do it but you’re not gonna get fired okay so the sixth thing I want to show you me and my team are gonna show you how to set up the job shipping or white labeling they’re a little different I’m grouping them together you know white lit drop shipping is is they’re somewhat synonymous now so I’m gonna show you me and my team for those you have the test group for next two months how to set this up do you go to China do you do Alibaba you know do you use local stuff do you use Amazon Fulfillment and use their warehouses do you ship it out of your house you know we don’t you like for the book company we use a company out of Washington in the US to ship the mentor box the books I told you shipped $750,000 I’ve made this month alone 5.7 million in the last year doing books and book related stuff so we sell some online book stuff too so how do you do that cuz like someone you don’t have enough money to just go out and buy 10,000 dog beds or 10,000 candles or 10,000 books or 10,000 pairs of glasses like that’s not doable for most people especially if you’re starting so one of my goals like for this test group I want to make sure by that time the two months is done and some of you are gonna go much faster and some of you need more time buy time in two months is done you got something rockin and rollin you have something rockin and rollin like do you know how many people right now if you don’t believe me at Thanksgiving or next time you’re with all your family just go talk to your family and say did you have an idea that you wish you had done but you procrastinate and never got around to doing it did you have an idea that you are too afraid to do every single adult in your family every single person there is gonna be like yes yes yes and you regret the stuff you don’t do you know how many businesses I like I’ve done ok in business there’s people a lot richer than me and there’s people a lot of people that are poorer than me so someone said tire you in an air B&B no this is the beach house I come down to I leased it for a year a lot of people are like ty if you have money why do you lease houses I’m like oh the financial literacy of the United States scares me like some people try to flame me for leasing Lamborghinis and Ferraris I’m like you must be stupid you know that rich people lease cars and lease airplanes you know why you lease because it’s tax-deductible some of you I’m gonna teach in the test group how the game really goes guys I buy stuff like I like to bought buy land because I can develop it you want to not to make money real estate you develop land and you develop it right people make a hundred million bucks on one deal you’re never gonna buy a house and set and make a hundred million dollar profit zero times I mean maybe one house in America has ever made somebody a profit of a hundred million dollars so yeah but I like to lease stuff if you lease it through your business name then it’s tax-deductible if you use it for business purposes so a little that’s a little sidetrack since I’m going live but it actually illustrates the point of right here I got to teach you guys some financial literacy some of you are stupid enough you’re gonna make money and you’re gonna buy a Lamborghini don’t buy things that depreciate they don’t buy things that depreciate houses can appreciate but right now like this house is like a ten million dollar house so if I buy this for cash ten million bucks you know how much money I can make if I put ten million dollars more into my marketing she I could make a hundred million fifty million I can make 50 million for sure right now if I invest ten million so this house isn’t gonna appreciate 250 million so I lease it let somebody else carry it and plus I get a tax deduction so a little side note for those of you who grew up in the public school system and don’t know jack-shit about money welcome to the real world guys some cars do appreciate ya they appreciate teeny bit like you buy a black car for 40 and it goes up to 60 in ten years ooh whoopty-doo that’s like three percent appreciation I’m talking about this business that I’m talking to you guys about I’m talking about stuff we will double your money in a week I’ve doubled my money now I’m not promising you guys are gonna do that but I’m just saying depends how much skill you have okay yeah my YouTube I’ve went offline someone said your social media program has already made me 30 grand cool Matt Buchanan cool yeah dude up I’m past that what kind of past that age where people when I first came out in 2014 or like are you a scam ty and of course everybody thinks it’s a scam cuz I’m the first human to ever talk about making money like on YouTube really and so automatically people think you’re a scam artist I’m like oh please please please I actually now I tell everybody and it’s funny like now my students are starting to make money and people think that they’re a scam and I’m like welcome to the world of jealousy and envy people you can try to help other people and people are gonna get butthurt because you’re a little bit ahead of them I hope all of you get ahead of me I don’t know I don’t have any envy man I see people like I said Naveen Jane was over at my house he’s worth I think two or what he says worth two billion at least two four billion dollars I’m like do you think I get butthurt okay so we’re gonna go into the dropshipping next and this is super important if you get in the test group I’m gonna show you how to market the product using stand out or controversy I’m going to show you how to use Instagram I’m gonna show you how to use YouTube I’m gonna show you how is Google SEO me and my bit my business partner will be teaching to look there’s other people teaching this ask them if they’ve ever spent five hundred million dollars on advertising me and him spent five hundred million on online advertising so you you get what you pay for sometimes you learn from people that don’t know what they’re talking about you’re not gonna get your results so we know how to sell stuff online you probably wouldn’t be here if I didn’t know what I was doing sometimes people are like how do I know you’re good at marketing I’m like cuz you’re watching me and you know it’s a bitch to try to get people to watch you especially when I talk about subjects like I’m not like the Kardashians I’m not putting you know sex tapes and stuff like that that’s super controversy hate on the Kardashians actually like the Kardashians for what they’re doing do I agree with all their tactics no but I don’t no one agrees with you never find somebody that’s a saint in this world and don’t hate the player hate the game like you can’t hate them unless you hate the whole game of capitalism and a lot of capitalism sucks but a lot of it’s good seriously the average person in the world in every country in the world has more money than they ever did unless you live in a communist country like North Korea you know it’s not a great place to live but I don’t hate the game and I don’t think you should either and and and now Khloe Kardashian she I’ve seen or retweet my videos so she’s my favorite she retweets me on Twitter so she’s now my favorite home because I haven’t met her but you know the friend of your friend is your friend kind of thing what is it the friend of your enemy have you seen Dwight Schrute on the office does that he’s like the friend of your friend is your friend a friend the enemy of your enemy is your friend but what did he say that the enemy of the friend of your enemy is your enemy anyway I don’t know why I said that but I love the office if you don’t watch the office Dwight Schrute is hilarious I’m actually gotten to know him he came over to the house for dinner Dwight Schrute isn’t real names right Rainn Wilson he’s a hilarities funny in person too I actually posted a YouTube video okay back to this we’re gonna be talking about this somebody said so dropshipping marketing how to stand out go viral you got to go viral viral is free money man virals free money and just a little quick note how to go viral as I told you I told you about that there’s basically there’s a good book on this called contagious but we’ll go even further than that because that book’s not even totally written for the internet but basically the way the world works the the world is not driven by governments it’s not driven by the Illuminati it’s not driven by the Federal Reserve you know the most powerful force on earth is inside your body it’s called DNA and we have this thing at birth that our DNA commands us and we listen tells you to breathe try to hold your breath till you die you know it’s impossible your DNA your blueprint of your body will override you you might faint but it’ll always wake you up and make you breathe again so when you understand how humans work both yourself and people you become a master at marketing you become a master of selling dog beds you become a master of selling glasses of selling books and one of the things that makes things go viral you need either things that make people laugh either things that make people feel warm inside good either things that make people angry or outraged you see that in the news that’s how the news sells their headlines they do outrage marketing oh you’re not gonna believe this blah blah blah okay so when you understand those three things you can create marketing and social media posts that drives traffic to your click funnels Shopify or Amazon site ten times faster than all your competitors and there’s other things there’s twenty five cognitive biases of the human brain but these I was talking specifically about virality if you look there’s common themes that go viral things that make you feel good like for example a veteran of Iraq comes back and his daughter doesn’t know he’s gonna be at the birthday and he walks in and she starts crying those videos go viral because they make you feel good inside videos there was a video of this African like dictator guy that was his name was Joseph Kony a few years ago and he was killing a lot of people like literally his genocide and that went viral because it made you outraged you see funny things how do you think America’s Funniest Home Videos became the top TV show years ago you watch people fall you watched it and still if you go on Instagram YouTube it’s a huge thing Sports is a whole other thing sports basically is from the cognitive biases of our brain that wants to create alliances so people will die for their soccer team like literally even though the player might be switched from another team and suddenly you used to hate them and now you love it’s not logical let me just throw that out one other quick tool you got to realize humans aren’t logical if humans were logical will be a better place but the world isn’t logical people go out vibes and one of the things that you’ll build when you go through my test group and learn how to build your website correctly and make money online is how to convey a vibe the vibe that you want now not everybody has to like it but the people who do if you do it correctly will buy from you and they’ll buy a lot from you they’ll buy it like I said they’ll buy you know five point what did I say we’re at four books not everybody likes books but when you do it right you’ll get five point seven million people look we made another thousand dollars oh here you want to see something cool I want to show you a close-up are we getting these enough on this you think know like just throughout this whole thing like what it’s because we should these are gonna be important you almost should have a separate camera like looking and I can hold it over to you let’s do that on your phone so let me just show you something this is a cool cool thing here’s just a transfer it’s a little hard to see here yeah whenever I do this you can just kind of do a thing right here it says fifty eight thousand nine hundred and nine dollars is gonna transfer and here’s we this Bank we use Silicon Valley Bank so how would you this is just you know every day we get a deposit here’s the day right there for selling books we get a check for fifty eight thousand dollar let me try to go like that maybe will help it’s a little hard I don’t know how to make it visible there I gotta go like oh let me do MIT maybe I’ll put nightshift on there you go fifty-eight thousand to be deposited it’s kind of cool that just popped up it pops up and it’s gonna be deposited in our Silicon Valley Bank this business I have is based out out of San Francisco but it’s kind of cool you know imagine you’re getting checks some of the some of the companies like stripe will send them to you daily or weekly or monthly it depends most of my merchant stuff sends daily so you’ll get a check for a hundred grand I mean a wire they wire when you connect your bank account it’ll wire it right in so it’s kind of cool someone says don’t mail or Nathan wants some camera time Mel Nathan do you guys want to come on here and do this talk for me I’m starting to lose my voice so I’m gonna put the link below go to the link I’ll talk to you in a second about some of the if you get in now I’m gonna put some bonuses one cool thing in business little side note when you sell stuff on clickfunnels whether it’s dog beds always include bonuses it’s like a gift one of the simplest marketing tools in the world that most people are too stupid to realize is gifts work and in business you call them bonuses so always people are like why do you add bonuses and stuff from Michael I don’t know because it’s a smart thing to do that’s my answer sometimes like would you write it next time you went in we were just talking about Chipotle earlier if you weren’t in Tripoli and they gave you a you know you got your burrito bowl or whatever and they’re like you know what since you’re such a loyal customer the guacamole is on us table you know how they’re always like the guacamole has stood out like every I hate that about Chipotle you’re like dude everybody in America knows the avocados extra you don’t in same with subway you don’t have to say it they’re like sometimes wonder do people flip out and must somebody must have had like literally shot up at Chipotle they must have gone on they’re gotten their Tripoli thing they’re like I wanna go welcome only the person forgot to say it they put guacamole they got to the thing and it was like seven dollars in like seven dollars it was supposed to be five it is like blasted the whole place so they didn’t make a corporate policy 100% of the time buddy asked for rocket moly you gotta say you know it’s extra I’m like yes I know it’s extra shut up so they should just give it away as a damn bonus and they should do it every fifth time you come in you get your free guacamole that’s a bonus some of these companies that you think are so genius they’re not that they’re not that smart they’re really not blockbuster wasn’t that smart like blockbuster didn’t realize that people maybe don’t want to have to drive to a video store and people don’t appreciate $300 late fees like people don’t each of you watching one of the things that’s going to make you money is the stupidity of other people you’ll even see it in some of the comments here sometimes the comments that are in here I’m like oh my god is this the planet that I live on our people this dumb like with modern education it has it helped because they say IQs are going up but I’m like we’re like I don’t always see it where to hell where the hell are the brains coming from I mean the lowered IQ coming from the lack of brains okay so here’s some bonuses I’m gonna give you if you get it now so basically the way the test group works I’m gonna open it up and I’m gonna give you a scholarship – that’s a big thing not gonna chart cuz how much should I charge for this thing well when I first started like in 2012 and 13 doing consulting I charge my flat rate was $25,000 and by the way cool thing is this glasses company the guy who runs it for me I’m a partner there’s three of us we own it 33 percent each so this company right here oh look it got more sales while we’re here it’s made eight hundred and seventeen dollars sewing classes yesterday it sold 1600 the days not over of course today and then on Amazon it sells about three times more this guy who built his business with me he was he paid me 25 grand in 2013 for me to help him his name – James Swannack these glasses are named after him we call him Swan ease him and his brother and I remember him being like – hi 25 grand and like that’s so much money like and I said well you don’t have to pay me then and I’m not gonna help you like I’m busy guy like I’m not trying to be a jerk but why do I have to give my time to people they’re not giving anything to me and so I gave it so after like he’s like dude I own one piece of property in Australia and it’s worth around 25 grand I got to go sell it and it’s my last dollar to give to you I said oh man you don’t have to give me your last dollar do whatever you want to do and about a week later he he wrote me and he said okay ty I’m ready I’m in and he he got in and I trained him I did the same thing but for one year so this is a two month program but once a year I talked to him like once a month on the phone that was a little more in person I can obviously can’t do that quite as much but I’m not gonna charge you 20 grand but this same in for me and now he built his first multi-million dollar company with my help and I asked him I just interviewed all of my podcast for those of you listen to my podcasts on iTunes or Spotify there’s a you’ll see there’s a one we’re talking about two brothers selling glasses and he I said did I help you and he’s like dude I’ve tried ten businesses before I met you all of them failed so he wired me 25 grand and it was I didn’t even need the money like the reason I did it was because people don’t take things seriously like when you pay for stuff you take it seriously and I think it’s insane people pay for community college and even college to get a degree and then they can’t get a job and nobody calls that a scam well depends on your definition but the way I look at a scam is if you pay a lot of money and it doesn’t work out for you because it didn’t equip you for what you needed you got ripped off now if you knew that an art history degree if they told you up front on college listen we’re gonna give you this art history degree there’s fifty thousand people in America graduating with art history degree and there’s only 1000 jobs you do know that right and you go yes I’ll still pay 50 grand then that’s you but a lot of people going to school and they think that they’re going to get a tangible benefit that really helps them in the marketplace what I’m going to show you in this test group is going no matter what happens in the world people are gonna buy stuff online it’s not a fad it’s not a trend it’s not new this thing is going to be here and a lot of you are almost too late to get in trust me some people some of the things you want to do like build Netflix don’t try to build the next Netflix they got that thing on lock five years ago you could have done it but you’re already too late so the longer you wait the later this thing gets it just gets later and later and later and later so here let me give you the most important bonus of all time and you know talking about the price I could charge 25 grand that was what I used to do but then I realized I couldn’t help that many people I did like I’d help five six people a year just on the side so I decided I do these things at my house they’re called master plan seminars when I do them two days there were 10 grand people just two months ago people would just pay me ten grand for that and they came to my house for two days and that’s too expensive for me when I got started it’s too expensive I know I got a lot of people watching me that are 18 or they’re 50 and they haven’t saved up much money so I said you know what maybe I’ll do it you know for five grand and I do a seminar by the way at my house I changed it to one day for five grand but I bet most of you can’t afford that so I thought I would do it for 20 I just keep going basically in half 2500 I’ve done seminars my house were 2500 a hundred people just came made 250 grand the other day doing it it’s not my main income source or anything some people say well isn’t that a lot of money it has much money you know how much money Harvard makes these are almost trillion-dollar institutions if you look at they’re all the assets they have under management and pension funds and all that so no it’s not that much money but here’s the deal I’m not even gonna charge a thousand bucks I’m gonna charge under a thousand basically I could if you get in now that’s the first bonus I’m not gonna charge you what it cost and some people say oh no that’s not that’s still too much well I’m not even charging a thousand bucks so if you think it’s too much then go to Community College go take a class on how to sell online from a professor who never made jack shit online you get what you pay for you know some people go oh I’m just gonna buy a book for five bucks ten bucks there is no book that’s cutting-edge I love books but you think books are cutting-edge how can you write a cutting-edge book by the time you write the book publish it and get it out in you know Barnes & Noble it’s already outdated I just read a book on marketing the other day a new one that came out and it was how to use meerkat live streaming I’m like meerkat doesn’t exist anymore they’re writing books about companies that are long gone they’re writing books that don’t have Instagram stories in them yet that’s relatively new they’re they’re writing about stuff that’s just like oh my gosh so you the reason I like online programs is because I can put the newest material like right up there instantly for you something changes is it some new tool and some new – I’m changing techniques watch my stuff online you think I’m advertising marketing making money the same way I did one year ago even six months ago you have to be a cutting-edge type business person entrepreneur if you want and it’s fun I love it people go oh is that hard no it’s an adventure man you want an adventure and this is the ultimate adventure it’s fun you think I’d go back people go well isn’t it risky I don’t know it depends what you consider risky I haven’t had a salary job or an hourly income since I was 16 years old I worked at office America you know the funny thing guess what happened office America bankrupt so what have been the riskiest thing was for me to stay at office America till they went bankrupt I moved on man I moved on and what do you think I’d rather be making you know a hundred thousand dollars a day or at I think I made $6 an hour when I worked in that office America and then they laid me off you know what I’m saying I got I got protection you get once you know how to sell online you’re protected from recessions now you might be affected but you’re still protected there’s a difference so this next bonus I’m gonna give you for those of you getting now is the most important one literally number two bonus for those you get in the test group before it closes and by the way it will close these bonuses will be gone okay a hundred percent money-back refunding this is the most important and this this differentiates me from Community College regular college even books that I love you don’t really get reap you know how much textbooks cost like textbooks cost one thousand dollars you think it’d cost them a thousand bucks to make a test book no no and can you get your money back if you don’t like the course well you can try to rent the book back you can sell it secondhand but you’re not getting 100% of your money back I will give you if you go through this program two months and you don’t think this thing works and it didn’t help you and you think it sucked all press one button my staff will present one button it instantly wires all the money back to you instantly but it still takes about three to five days but you get all your money back we won’t keep any of the money that’s it so now by the way this test group is level one there’s multiple levels to this this is the online and live streaming version level one we have a level two where you can actually come to my house and my I’m doing one this Saturday you guys missed it it’s already full but basically there’s level two but today I’m only talking my level one I don’t want to get ahead of myself first start at level one if you want once you’re in level one and you’re in it if you want to go to level 2 or level 3 you can do that that’s where it’s in person training but I’m not talking about that now because it’s already full so you’ll see on my snapchat it’s pretty cool so 100% money back refund if it doesn’t work for you that’s for some of you that are on the fence please realize I was very real we refund people and the cool thing is the reason I refund is because I one of the lowest refund rates I hired a consultant he told me my refund rate is literally a third of the average person who sells you know some kind of online thing by the way I see a lot of questions someone said Todd this guy’s the real deal just this alone it’s of great value thank you man Jamal thank you somebody said Alexia Matos for real hey ty good evening it’s cool man live streaming I’ll show you how to use livestream by the way you could sell a lot of stuff on livestream it’s not the main way I sell but you got to understand that there’s between branding and marketing so branding this is branding and you can do that if you’re selling dog beds if you’re selling salsa if you’re selling books for sunglasses if you’re selling water I haven’t even gotten I’m gonna show you at the end of this how to build a water business this business if you saw my snapchat this is a good business to get in little niche things you can do with water it doesn’t always have to be plain water you you can add carbonation it’s a little more advanced business but it’s huge someone said do this info is gold thanks man water business is saturated yeah but it’s saturated cuz everybody in the world drinks water sometimes saturated businesses are the best businesses to be in I’m going in a snack food business soon everyday common household items can make you money that’s from a whole point of this conversation so don’t ever say well everybody sells food yeah but ubereats came in disrupted the food game put in restaurants completely changing the restaurant game so it wasn’t oversaturated it wasn’t oversaturated but in a way it was saturated because everybody is buying food and everybody’s getting the idea of delivering food and stuff like that but nah it ain’t – it’s not – I would not say some things are too saturated I don’t believe healthy food is people are switching to healthy foods salmon jerky one of the big companies I post on my snapchat they’re doing they’re doing this jerky stuff okay the next bonus is and this is huge I talked about this I’m gonna give you access to a 24-hour 24/7 private group of people doing this of experts and students you’re gonna learn so much in this group I call it a tribe I built special software for those of you who click the button below get access to the the test group you’re literally going to get access not only to the online videos you can download them audio you can listen to him when you’re on a treadmill you can listen them when you’re in a subway to work or driving you can listen to audio so you can do that I recommend it it’s gonna take you about 15 to 20 minutes a day that’s all you have to listen to you can listen to it while you do other stuff you’re gonna get access to the once a month we’ll go live you can save your questions if you want to ask me or my team will be talking once a month will then give you like I said the money-back guarantee I’m gonna discount the program under $1,000 you’ll see you’re not gonna pay twenty five thousand even though that’s what people have paid for this information then you’re gonna access to the tribe the 24/7 you can go in there you ask a question people respond it’s very important that you not just learned for me but you learn from other people so you can learn from other beginners mistakes and things like that so it’s it’s huge that you’re I’m gonna give you that okay the next thing I just want to show you one quick thing here to remember this this is how life goes it’s a little they call this binary in computers here’s you before you got on this call okay you came down to here and you have a choice I’m like going the test group or not if you say no that’s fine life’s at a crossroads you go here now where do you go from here you could say do I just start doing this on my own okay you can try that so this is no you’re not gonna go in the test group yes or no you’re gonna try it on your own so let’s say you say yes now if you say no we’re done the cross the crossroads ends because you’re just gonna go on with the job you have now or the lack of job and you’re gonna make much money if you go this way now you get to figure out how to do it on your own and you can re-watch this video maybe if I got a replay you can piece together you some people say oh you can can you just google this stuff have you ever googled stuff about making money it is some of the worst advice ever if you literally google how to make a million dollars the firt one of the first websites that comes up said that you should be an uber driver for thirty years that’s one of the pieces of advice one of them was to to babysit for like 25 years I’m like all I and save all the money it’s just sometimes free advice like I said sometimes you get what you pay for if you like needed advance heart surgery would you try to find the cheapest surgeon in the world would that be your number one goal hey guys like my heart is not going so well who’s the cheapest discount surgeon on planet earth that’s what I want is there like a Walmart for cheap plastic a cheap cardiologist I need the cheapest one well this one’s not that good I don’t care how much it well no one’s that stupid when it comes to their health but it’s hilarious when it comes to making money people are like who’s the very cheapest person I could do you think people who make money aren’t valuable in terms of them being your teacher you know what I do now I spend over a hundred thousand dollars a month on trainers in all areas of my life whether they be consultants whether they be people who like training physical training jiu-jitsu GI I’m like who’s the most expensive teacher that’s what I ask and I used to not be able to do that and I know you can’t always do that but I promise you that sometimes people are penny wise in dollar foolish and so yes you’ll have to pay some money to be in the private test group but guess what this opens up now will you be learning from people who have done it yes we be learning from people who make spent marketing will you be learning no or yes from people who spent over 500 million dollars on online advertising yes like the trail goes further when you do it right over here it’s like will you be learning from somebody who’s done it before no and any time you hit a No a lot of times I think the trail ends and that’s why so many people stop right there so apply the same brain power you do to your mechanic do you try to always buy the very cheapest car that’s nothing people will be like no I’m upgrading my car I’m upgrading my couple car doesn’t matter you can roll down the windows manually or you can have electric windows you can like that doesn’t affect the quality of your life put your income does it’s been proven over and over money won’t make you happy but not enough money will make you unhappy think about what I just said money doesn’t guarantee happiness but lack of money guarantees stress trust people auto poor people are happier then oh they’re not just google it if you believe Google higher suicide rate among poor higher stress low you think single moms stress are not stressed out yes they are so I highly highly highly recommend you don’t buy the hype that money is a scam making money is a scam it’s not a worthy goal the way you’re gonna make money is by helping more people so helping the more people you help we’ll bring you more money but it will help more people do you think we’re in a worse or better world because Elon Musk is a billionaire I think we’re in a better world for the last 50 years all the car companies Ford GMC Toyota they could have made a good electric car Toyota kinda did with Prius but Tesla came along and Bill a better car they’ve helped more people than four and you know what Ford is a company that’s less valuable now than Tesla Tesla’s now worth more money and of course the owner and the founder Elon Musk his income and net worth went up accordingly but it’s a better world so don’t buy into that all money is evil money is a necessity if done right it will make you happier if you’ve done wrong and can make you unhappy but one of the things we’ll talk about in that program you can ask me for those who start making money in on the live when we do the live calls I’ll be giving you instruction like I literally one of my top students Jayden was at my house the other day he paid $10,000 for one day to be I do a inner circle round table I call it and he’s making so much money he’s almost getting scammed out of it I had to give him some not really I don’t want to put him on the but he has a problem that very few people have he’s like I got an extra you know quarter of a million dollars should I invest it in this idea this idea I’m like let me guide you because someone you’re gonna make a lot of money and some of you gonna lose it all I got a friend in Los Angeles sold his company for eighteen million dollars in 2000 I think seven I seen him a Laker game now and he took it antibiotics of cars and he bought a house and then he invested four million in a real estate deal one of his friends told him to do out in the desert between Los Angeles and in Vegas and then the deal they like we need a little more money we didn’t finish building so they gave him more money and he gave another Foreman he ended up putting eight to ten million it remember when you make eighteen million you got to pay taxes even if it’s long term capital gains and you got state tax let’s say you paid twenty thirty percent so eighteen million off the top he lost about let’s just say four million five million to taxes so he’s got about twelve million thirteen million he bought some houses and cars now he’s down to nine or ten million and then he put nine million and guess what happened when 2008 came that real estate went to zero I don’t what happened the house is a ghost town out there and he lost he had to go back and start working again now he does have a nice house and some nice cars that are paid off but he got no income so that’s why I said one of the important things for each of you is not just how to make money but follow the decision tree all the way to the logical correct yes no path cycle the binary cycle that not only you make money but you keep the damn money I promise you a lot of people make the money and lose it you know Mike Tyson made six hundred million dollars and then if you read his autobiography one of his one of the pages says that he had to he could not get a hundred dollar hotel room for him and his wife he went from 600 million to zero zero so yeah I’m gonna do question and answers you’re at a crossroads make the right choice for you if you’re on the fence don’t go in it I’m not a high-pressure salesman I’m at the point now where I actually don’t even want the people who are skeptical and cynical sometimes people are like proved to me I should learn from you I’m like no no that automatically disqualifies you and that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person why would I want to be around bad vibes I’ve already know this stuff works if shown you screenshot not even screenshot I’ve shown you logged in pages if you already know how to sell household items and make a million bucks a month then you don’t need this program you know but there if you do I made five million bucks a month selling like I don’t even say my income right now because then it just creates more sinasohn it so I just lowball it there’s websites that guess my income and net worth I don’t care if they lowball it oh my lowball at all you want all I care about is do I like my life and I like my life doing the things that I do you see them on social media and I like my life around a handful of curious interesting people that want to grow together and if that’s you let’s do it if it’s not then I wish you luck on this path some of you by the way will go on this path and do fine but I promise you you’re gonna meet some of my students in the world of competitive business and they’re gonna smoke you because they got 10 years experience in their head that they downloaded from me of my business partners like you’re not gonna be able to beat them very easily seriously it’s just that’s why I have business partners because I like to do business with people who already know how to rock and roll and that’s basically whether this test group is it’s you being involved now we’re not in business together per se as a business partner but the analogy still holds you know what I’m saying let me take some questions there’s really not that much more gonna take some questions click the button I mean it’s not that much more I can say I can talk for another 2 I’ve been on here for 2 hours and 6 minutes I can go for 30 hours but let me take some question and answer for those of you ready to go go here this will the stuff that I’m talking about will close up ok I’ve done it over and over this last year and people think it’s just a tactic to get more people to buy no it’s attacted to get people in and let’s get you going somebody said you made 5 million in a month yes I’ve done more than 5 million online in a month what do we have you don’t see the link come back to my website or watch my social media sometimes links are glitchy but should be right below or you can go to Tai Lopez comm there should be a link on the top nav bar if you don’t see it come back tomorrow okay it should be around at least one more day can I work for you I just posted a leak I just posted a link to work for sales but that’s in San Francisco you got to live or move to San Francisco do you have to pay for clickfunnels yeah all those services I mean Amazon holes is not that expensive though but I don’t make any money off click I could be an affiliate maybe I will become one but I’m not one right now so is there an age limit no man you go back I hope you guys watch my snapchat I post the most raw real stuff I did a conference two Fridays ago or one about ten days ago something like that and this this dad brought his two sons ones 15 and ones 18 they are beating Samir and Juan they’re like I’ll tie you talked about to your students Samir and Juan doing like 75,000 or maybe their best month was 200 this fifteen-year-old showed me his Shopify like he could you can’t lie that’s the cool thing about seeing people as login and he was killing it he was killing it oh well yeah livestream still offline no it’s not is the program available offline yeah when you get access to it you can download it but it’s not available like in a book or anything you need startup capital not a ton out of ton not a ton like you need something to get in the course um it should be able to be up and going in less than $1,000 now what do you do if you don’t have a thousand dollars to start your initial click funnels or Shopify you know one of the things people can do if you really want something go to your family ask ten of them for a hundred bucks now sometimes like your family doesn’t have that but I’ve borrowed money before don’t get yourself in a huge hole okay don’t go out and borrow like there was a guy who’s in one of my other I have a program that’s closing now it’s called it’s basically I personally mentor people once a week and it’s just a small group I think I let a thousand people in or something and they pay like a grand or something each and I take them through this course but it’s not open you can’t go in it it’s one of the ones I opened and then closed and a guy first day he got in there he’s like I’m gonna get in the coffee shop business and I’ve spent 100 to one hundred thousand dollar lease on a office I mean on a restaurant space and I’m like no no no no no dude you don’t don’t put all your money in something you haven’t done yet so what he did I said just start selling coffee delivered from your kitchen in most states or I don’t even know yeah he was from the US I was like check the laws if it’s legal to just cook you know make coffee in your own kitchen cuz it’s not like if you cook food you got to get a you got to get your kitchen license but I said just go deliver coffee to people and he’s like oh think like a month later he’s like thank you – I just talked to him he’s like save me so much money I was about to drop a hundred grand and now I’m making money right from my house so it’s another business you can end the cool thing about coffee delivery set it up online and then deliver it in person that’s another thing we’ll talk about that in the test group hybridized businesses so like if you think about uber eats it’s like online cuz it’s an app right but it’s a hybrid because it delivers you the food by app you know in person right away so it’s not completely on like an e-book is completely you purchase it and you download it’s all electronic there’s nothing physical but there’s a huge room for like these fees that’s why I said Chipotle was dumb if I was any of these companies I would have built out Eber eats or I don’t know maybe I wouldn’t have been that smart but in hindsight I would like build Chipotle use uber maybe cut a deal with uber this is before overeats they should have done it it would have driven so much more sales do you know how hard it is to drive anywhere and go places restaurants I think the future of restaurant by the way is definitely not people going to restaurants people gonna be netflix and chill’ sitting in their house I read a book 20 years ago on this by a lady named faith popcorn and she said a future trend she’s a trend predictor and she predicted a trend called kakuni she said cocooning is what humans are gonna do if you give them a choice between having to go to a video store Blockbuster and be able to sit in the cocoon of their house and have things delivered through Netflix they’re gonna always choose Netflix and sure enough she was right if you give them the choice between going to Walmart and leaving their home their cocoon their safe place versus Amazon ships it right – very quickly now Amazon’s gonna win and we know Walmart’s struggling massively compared somebody said what kind of name is faith popcorn laughing my ass off no she got the last laugh because you remember her name my friend controversy marketing stand out marketing you know don’t name your you can make up an author name don’t write your book if your name’s John Smith don’t be like your name’s John Smith come up with like you know Elvis Preston or something like that I’ll remember I’ll be like this Elvis Presley wrote a book is Elvis still alive that was Preston so faith prop corn there’s a damn good name just some of you don’t know enough about marketing to know that this whole group now is gonna forever remember the name faith popcorn she got the W you got the L whoever wrote that so I told you if you playing poker in a room and after thirty minutes you don’t know the sucker in the room is you’re the sucker the guy who was laughing that fave popcorn or the girl I don’t know it was you know have you ever made a million in a day yeah in about eight thirty hours or so I made a million before selling just online not counting you know but yes what kind of water I drink well knew usually not this one this is like the worst this is like Oh 360 oh this is ending this whole foods brand yeah I don’t spring waters okay I’m trying to buy a farm that has a huge spring on it I want to get in that business man it’s a good business someone said haha I do got schooled I wasn’t trying to school anybody he was just so sure of himself that it was a dumb name I was like yeah be careful when you laugh at people who are killing it ty have you ever been ripped off I guess you’re asking that because you’re wondering if you click the button and you get in would it be a rip off here’s the deal most of the time you’ll be ripped off he’s not buy things you do but buy things you don’t do or you don’t do correctly I mean that just think of it this way there’s traditional education and there’s alternate alternative education a lot of people wish they had done some level of alternate stuff okay let’s do a real practical how many people here wish instead of what they had done which was go through regular school first grade second grade third grade who here wishes they were really good at musical instrument like some of that time they sat down with like a master piano player who had not only taught them like drills but made piano fun and now you’d be an adult and you’d be able to go to a party and sit down and just like if you’re a guy like all the girls turn around cuz you just or you pull out the guitar you know half the reason Justin Bieber all these do girls love dudes who can play guitar there’s actually scientific studies number-one thing a man can be caring that gets a woman that literally ten times increases the chance that she’ll get her phone number if he walks up to her like in the park or on the street it’s not a gym bag showing that you workout cuz a lot of women are like Oh meathead dumbass it’s not like you walk up with like a suitcase in a power suit to show you have money google it oh god they did a study all these different things the only thing actually a gym bag I think decrease the chance that a girl will give you her phone number it was a guitar women love artists trust me you don’t see you know what do you think girls grow up pictures of like their childhood crush sometimes it’s actors but it’s mostly musicians mostly music it was like in singin Justin Timberlake and now it’s Bieber and even dudes love Selena Gomez and all this stuff are you on a grande you look at her Instagram she got to be one of most popular people in the world ‘rihanna all this so going back to your question about scam like it’s the stuff we didn’t do that scammed us like I went to school even some school had like a band practice but it was stupid you’re like in a room you get like a tuba or you’re like no one wants to play the tuba the where was the guitar class they took all the boys that are nerds I can never get girls and like listen to me son learn this bad boy right here and I don’t care what you look like even if you can’t sing if you can just play an amazing tune it’s gonna increase your dating life success so the scam was what we didn’t get who here which guy is super excited that they didn’t learn martial arts in school all those years in school remember like PE class sometimes it’s like walk around the track I’m like woohoo good use of taxpayer money let’s walk around the track that is so smart because they were so politically correct they were worried that if they did anything real somebody would have a heart attack why not have a jiu-jitsu class or boxing class which dude here is super excited by the fact that they’re not a badass with their hands with their feet you know with jiu-jitsu does anybody here like you know what mate like dudes love the fact every guy’s dream is like the girl of their dream is at a bar and some dude walks up to him and is like pestering them and the girls like leave me alone and they walk up to the girl the guy like the lady wants to be left alone and the guys like who the fuck are you and you’re like listen man let’s just end this and the guy takes a swing at you you counter and knock him out and then you turn to the girl and alike I’m very sorry he was rude and you walk off and the whole bars like yeah yeah trust me if you know how to box boxing or you put people to sleep in one second I don’t care how big they are if you really know how to you don’t boxers have fast hands and almost every guy in the world could have gained that skill so the scam was not what you did as much as what you didn’t do someone said is that Thais fantasy a lot of guys have that fan it’s not my number one fantasy but I’ll tell you this it’s not a horrible feeling you there’s a bank robber and like behind you you see him slipping the note and he’s like everybody put their hands down and you know Krav Maga you take the gun away from them knock them out the police come no who’s gonna be that Saturday about that you could learn Krav Maga takes a decade to learn so all the scams is all the stuff you don’t know trust me so this is all about learning something new you don’t get scammed like I’ve never bought a book and been like scam like this is basically a book for all of you people are slow this is basically a book that you can access on your phone like sometimes like PI online courses are scams no they’re books the way they’re gonna be taught in the modern world that’s that’s it that’s how the world goes guys the things progressing we used to have like parchment paper in the Nile you know the dial Delta in in Egypt and we’d write on parchment and the document you know the Declaration of Independence was like a feather pen we don’t use feather pens anymore we didn’t use real pens and then we use it and now we’re in the world of online classes so I just read a great book the end of college the end of college man college is on the way can you open it for me okay yeah the end of college is a badass book the US Army 1947 started studying distance education and digit distance education they thought would do worse than in-person education guess what it’s been repeated studies over and over or the last one to two hundred they’ve done 100 to 200 scientific studies people learn just as well online as they do in person so is college outdated now I think 50% of people in the world should go to college certain degrees accounting is great med school obviously being a lawyer I think a lot of stuff that people go to college like one of my brothers went to school for Spanish oh my god he got in debt $80,000 at UNC in North Carolina and guess what he can hardly speak Spanish I said why don’t you just want to travel around the world man get paid if you’re gonna go 80 grand in debt wanna be cooler to go 80 grand in debt from your travel bill four years traveling the world I might go to Argentina go to Colombia 80 grand and and that’s just he had a little bit of scholarships or whatever he probably the total cost was like 200 grand you know what you can do with the quarter a million dollars down in South America number one you’ll learn great Spanish like real Spanish like not a classroom where you learn like la biblioteca like just stuff you never use like you learn just like Spanish that don’t nobody speaks he could have been zero dollars in debt because he could have got a job but he didn’t get a job ain’t done speak Spanish but he did have 80 grand debt that stressed him out I don’t think it’s paid off yet so who are you you know so but people will go to med school doctors they need to go to college so not everybody it’s just like one of those things people want to make it they were there so extreme everybody so extreme in the model world like huh it’s College horrible no one should go you do not help your own brother no I did help my brother I’m actually the only person in the family to help my brother or one of the only people but I’m getting people I don’t this not mark I don’t have to get you can help people with it but also let people learn their own lessons you don’t have to solve every problem that people have 100% you you make an effort and I did make an effort and I help my brother big time but I didn’t pay off the whole debt like that’s if you think that’s but you can pay it off though I’ll send you a link since you’re such a justice crusader for morality feel free show me that you paid off your brother there’s a lot of people want to call you out on let me call you out send me your $80,000 have you helped your grandma eighty thousand did you help your mommy send me the bill and then you can speak when you can’t don’t speak on things that you can’t do yourself makes you look dumb man seriously never never be a moral one thing I’ve learned you watch politics be careful of being a moral crusader man because the life life we all do stuff that eventually when we’re the moral crusader it’s like the the Christian pastor who’s like I hate gay guys and dudes in the in the bathhouse with gay guys you look dumb just move drop it don’t talk about it don’t didn’t life’s hard enough on your own to lecture other people I’m telling you so especially about morality like I stay away from that like I I I’m not a moral warrior I think you should be moral but I business I talk about what I do if you are religious master then I hope we need more of you go fix go fix freaking Washington DC someone said vegans are moral Crusaders okay how do I apply to San Francisco it’s selling online education your largest income it’s become pretty a big part of my income now but in lots of different ways I do different stuff now not just like one product or something I like to diversify but it used to be a smaller part now it’s bigger I’ve done many things I’ve been nightclub business my first business was in the healthy food business done real estate I’ve done consulting was a cool business I liked that I was online that was one of my businesses so I’ve done lots of different things online so physical things not physical things oh we got to wrap up we got only four minutes left on this camera card so click the link if you don’t see the link you should see the link but if you don’t watch my social media I’ll put a link but for everyone else seeing a link click here the next page will be a 256 bit SSL encrypted page you and as quickly as you can enter your card you’ll get in the test group and I’ll be seeing some of you on these live calls and some of you might go to level 2 or level 3 when you get in the program this level one of the program the online stuff but once a month live call you will all assign you a concierge from my office and if you want to find out about coming to level 2 or level 3 you can talk to them you you got to apply to that but this level one next page go ahead get in it’s not expensive relative to what your get learn to make money online learn how to create robotic income for you

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