Real Estate Blueprint

let’s talk about something they should have taught us in school real estate what’s the blueprint how can you get started this year you know what my word for 2018 is results because like people talk a lot people go to school a lot college is four years or eight years people read books which I like but they forget to do stuff and everything you do like in 20 this year needs to be like doing stuff like getting results and it in I will say this some people just do stuff but still don’t get results like they hustle and all that stuff but like at the end of the year like what did you actually do like show me a result I have one of my students he’s gonna come on a little bit he started and realism he started in real estate but he’s gone through different mentor ships he was making you know 50 day well he’s actually making less than $5,000 when he got started two years ago last year he made we have his tax return here he made three hundred let Jame exact three hundred and what’s the texture of 315 three hundred fifty thousand dollars that’s like rags to riches from real estate so we’re gonna talk about he’s gonna come on and but I’m doing these partial scholarships I had a real estate mentorship four years going and but we’ve had it closed a lot we let people in I think was either 2015 or 2016 we let a whole bunch of people in then we said we’re closing it and people thought we were joking but we really did close it and people were shocked and we trained a whole bunch of people if you saw my snapchat and Instagram story while snapchat yesterday I had 18 of my 300 students I called my 300 group these are the people who got results and you know two of them are like 21 years old doing $40,000 a month was it 40,000 is here twenty-five thousand or 40,000 a month but either way it’s a ton of money at 21 I may they’re on track to make you know half a million bucks another guy Jose he was one of the first people in the real estate program that I’ve had closed he made thirty thousand dollars his first month in Texas he come from but he did have good credit he didn’t have money to start so I want to share with you guys like remember real estate made the most millionaires in the United States of any single thing you could do build an app ecommerce social media you know oil and gas investing gold cryptocurrency Bitcoin like still nothing has beaten real estate so I realized like I need to I need to get back to opening this up so I haven’t talked on this for a long time but I want it I want to specifically focus on those of you who are want to get results results okay so Kenneth jr. core me jr. says what’s the best way to get started in real estate with zero dollars and no experience that’s what we’re gonna do so let’s talk let’s move break this down for you because for some bizarre reason real estate is taught zero in skin high school junior high and even in college it’s like there’s not there not really unless you go for an MBA they’re not teaching real estate at all so people are 1.2 trillion dollars in debt for an education that left out maybe I don’t know if it’s the single most important but certainly one of the single most important things you can ever learn if you want to be financially stable now if you don’t care about financial stability and you want to be stressed and freaked out for the rest of your life then please ignore everything that I’m talking about now if you think everything is a scam and then also please do not watch this but hurt people never get results because they’re always butthurt cynical people don’t get results because they always missed the trends because when the trend comes they’re like it’s like when the internet came a whole literally millions of people although they won’t then now they’re all banned Waggoner’s getting on real you know and this the same way real estate even though real estates been around for not just years or decades but it’s been making people rich for millennia he read back Roman Empire people were buying up real estate Mark Twain said buy land they’re not making anymore so no matter what happens unless we go to Mars Elon Musk but I doubt that’s gonna work out very well maybe you can buy land on Mars all home planet Earth I’m good with that uh no offense to anyone want me go to Mars but here is kind of how I think about real estate so you got a master these four components with real estate okay and the first one is you have to be a master of leverage and this right here is what makes real estate work there’s really nothing else and remember I’m a businessman I’ve always I’ve been for over a decade I’ve been a part-time real estate investor I’ve never made real estate my primary business because I like to start businesses I’m an entrepreneur but I’ve been in real estate like said for more than a decade always had some real estate if you’ve been watching my social media recently you’ve been seeing properties I’ve been buying around the United States and nothing else I do ecommerce social media business I can’t get leverage and I’m explained for those of you don’t know what this means I’m gonna go in depth on what I mean by leverage so leverage is the first thing this and there’s things inside leverage like your credit score okay collateralized loans will just put collateral based loans banks all this stuff debt okay but that’s kind of like subsets of this so that’s the number one quadrant that you need to understand and I’m gonna try to do my best for those of you I’m gonna towards the end of this open up scholarships so like I said this has been closed for years if you want to get in some of you weren’t able to get in the last time because it was a little bit too expensive for you even though it’s not expensive it wasn’t even the cost of a community college class so I but I know some of you are like me when you got started you’re completely broke so I’m gonna do partial scholarships I’ll put a link up but before we get to that let me explain what you got to learn because I can’t teach you everything give me eight give me about eight weeks in the mentor program will teach you pretty much everything you know in real estate trained you but not just teach you so you have head knowledge we get you results by the way if you’re ain’t in the US this works outside the US one of the top students in the first real estate mentor test group that I did he’s in Sweden he made $17,000 his first month he sent me I’ll pull up I’ll actually show you and so this is working in the US and outside he sent me a screenshot of $70,000 check that he did I keep this little real estate testimonial thing on my phone let me pull it up it’s kind of cool I go through these I get them in all the different programs that I have don’t boo boom that’s one where is this Sweden oh here we go you can contact them if you want it’s Christian Eriksen Eri Kay sson Christian with a K so I’ll hold this up here this little I don’t know if you guys could see this oh when you cover it cell phone okay you could whatsapp them too I don’t know if he wants to see it but you can Facebook them that’s not an actor that’s not a fake account and what it says there’s a little small finally close my biggest deal ever oh sorry not seventy thousand a hundred and seventy one thousand I will tell you my story how I did it I used to work as a carpenter at a big company here in Sweden so tired in my day job so I stole my important cashed out anyway he has this whole story he went to Sweden oh here’s a picture of the check – it’s kind of cool right there you can see it he has it in Swedish dollars but it translates in US dollars into hundreds one thousand US dollars it’s a lot more in Swedish Kroners it’s like 1.3 million sounds better in Swedish money in Norwegian money Swedish money but that’s results like that’s what I’m trying to that’s what I’m trying to pound into people’s heads in the world nowadays because so many people talk or they work hard but like we’d have nothing to show for it this guy has something to show for it Zack went from making $5,000 we have his tax return from two years ago five thousand last year AGI that’s his adjusted gross income is at three hundred fifty thousand roughly it’s good money no it’s about thirty thousand a month so next what do you need to know about leverage okay I just call this you can call this different things but you have to understand basically you could call it archetypes but that’s more fancy words so I’ll just call it types you have to understand real estate breaks into many many many many many types of real estate deals so for example I like to buy a raw land or farmland develop it I there’s people who are buying and flipping properties there are people who are doing something called wholesaling that’s where you don’t even own the properties but you make money without owning there’s people like Grant Cardone he really likes multi-unit properties so he likes to buy apartment complexes that’s his thing there’s apartment complex so there’s many types and we’re gonna go into some of those like I said at the basic the most risky is land you know land and development and then of course you have flips you have rentals where you’re buying a house holding on to it you have multi-unit and then of course you have commercial and then you have something called wholesaling so these are all the subtypes of real estate because a lot of times people just go oh I’m doing real estate I want to get into real estate well you can’t that’s like that’s not an accurate way to talk about real estate okay so you understand leverage then you understand the types then the next thing you have to understand is you understand negotiations and sales because no matter what you do I like to call this persuasion because any of this type of real estate even the leverage when you’re working when you’re getting people to give you money or will talk about how to improve your credit score I’ve got a credit program Mentor Program that’s insane results people are doubling their credits going from like 400 800 mm maybe not 480 let me take that back like 600 to like 780 it’s a huge amount jump okay not quite double but you have to use persuasion for that because at the everything in real estate you really think you’re dealing with land you’re still dealing with people so good real estate investors what you need to be mentored on is the art of persuasion and then the fourth quadrant here is marketing okay you need to be a master marketer this is one on one one on one sales but marketing you need to know and these are the new rules of real estate remember this is changing like companies like Zillow for example are changing the world people how people are finding properties is changed it used to be you had to use a realtor you did all this old-school stuff but there’s a whole art of marketing either a deal you have or using marketing to find deals zach is an expert in that he understands how to use persuasion and marketing to find deals preferably off the market I’m working on two big deals right now I can’t say how I don’t want to say which ones they are because they’re really cool deals some of them have been on my snapchat you’ve seen ninety three ninety seven acre a piece of land I’m developing but I’m working on some big ones and they’re off the market and that’s way better because you have no other people competing with you so if you understand these four things and there’s other things that I haven’t but it put in here but this you know you need to know st. contracts I’ve kind of put contracts under this area here because contracts at the end of the day is negotiating right you’re gonna even though you need to understand the legal side so the legal can come in here too that’s another thing so I want to take a few questions I see a ton of questions coming in we’re live on Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter I haven’t been live in a while I’ve been traveling someone’s at I’d like to attend ur class David Lee untie you motivate me hello from Nepal good evening can I come to your house I made 3 million dollars to someone said bro I’m strapped on cash someone says what’s the best place to start my day so let’s jump into this these are the four quadrants you have to understand but let’s talk about practical results what here’s my challenge to you guys there’s gonna be probably at least 10 20,000 people watch this on all four platforms plus my website live okay I would like to challenge not add like I said out of 10,000 people give me 300 people just like the movie 300 who actually go out take action start investing in real estate some of you will flip some of you will buy and hold and run out some of you do multi-unit some of you buy land I want to challenge you who’s the 300 that are gonna get results so like I said let me pull up this video this is a cool video I mean let me turn on I’m gonna turn on this video here I want to just show you this is from yesterday by the way these are not actors so I’m gonna pull up this one with Hayden if you saw this live on my snapchat yesterday but in case you missed it alright my name is Chris Euler I’m in business partners yeah we have superior investment properties join time calls real estate program about a year ago yeah we used to make minimum wage now we’re doing over seventy thousand a month six figures on a good one so awesome where you guys live South Washington so are you buying real estate where everywhere all over Seattle King County and we’re working our way up to snow man – what are your parents think did you guys drop out of college I did both yeah I dropped out right before starting over so if you can’t hear Hayden business partner they dropped out of college and I’m not saying you got to drop out of college so their parents were mad at first but now they’re making seventy thousand a month on average and on a good month are doing a hundred grand or more six figures they’re just been a small part it’s not even a I mean Seattle’s a moderately big city but and they’re not just buying in Seattle 21 years old 21 years old started out reading a book then they got in my real estate Mentor Program and that was I think either the end of 2015 or the 2016 I camera has been there for that but you got in the program did you get in what month the first month second month at second probably second month see they dig out results this is the thing they got results because they actually did stuff so for all of you watching like please actually do stuff and if I could go back in time and be in high school again or junior high I would be like to my teacher I’m like can we can you take us out and we do stuff don’t why don’t we don’t need to be lectured about real estate you know you can buy real estate if you do it with a parent or an adult before you’re 18 there’s guys one of the most famous people in the US history junior Simplot he bought he was buying up land and business and properties when he was 11 in Idaho and guess what if you start at 11 he died one of the wealthiest people in history now I’m not promising everybody here is gonna get rich and all this kind of stuff but what I’m saying is like results let me put that in seville go there let me give you another one I’m not gonna I’m not gonna run these all day but check this out let me this is the one of the first people I remember him getting in because he flew out the first month this is Jose check this out this is cool by the way we’ve done our best my lawyers have actually looked at people’s financials so that as best we can verify these are accurate financial numbers people could still trick us but these Jose I’ve known for years it’s cool so thanks Osama here I’m from Dallas Texas and I started Ty’s program about a year ago the real estate program then I went from not making nothing to 35,000 a month but now I’m making like 10 I guess just be your first much heated about 35 yeah so it’s averaging about ten ten to ten to twenty dollars like last what we could go into they’re making like twelve thousand so what’s the average your family’s made like are you the highest earner and your family oh yeah like early 20s got in the program best month was that first month you know they say you can’t get rich quick well that’s true but once in a while you also get beginner’s luck he got beginner’s luck he made over 30,000 I remember he brought his he flew out here we flew him out he had a check let’s check thirty thousand dollars only thing he had cashed it ah but he’s averaging more like twelve thousand a month so sometimes you got with real estate you got big months and but still averaging 12 grand he’s he’s uh Jose he’s Mexican I think he’s from Texas he made more than anyone his family’s ever made it’s crazy he invested he got in the real estate Mentor Program for under a thousand bucks and he got in it before we had even developed it now it’s like way more advanced but he got results cuz he did stuff there you go right if you’re gonna get a tattoo this year get a tattoo that says results if that’s too plain get it in Latin what’s the Latin word for results anybody know like just make that your motto because at the end of the day I’ve seen this with myself people gonna find things to pick on you melago like sometimes people will be like Todd blah blah whatever sale you show off cars or like oh I don’t like your glasses or you know but like people talk but the thing they can never talk crap about his results seriously you can shut people over real fast there was a guy you guys saw my I did a debate live and I replay is now on YouTube and it’s kind of gone viral I mean not superball it’s got a half a million or a million views but a ton of comments because I’m this guy wanted to debate me and he’s like PI you’re not a good business man you’re like a fake businessman and I’m like showing him results I like pulled up my phone I’m like well here’s a business I started last month and it made fifty thousand dollars today and he was like he went from like my lot to be like but like he just see his his hate go down because how do you argue with the results it’s like a UFC fight one guy talks a lot of crap bla bla bla another guy goes in there and just knocks him out and then it’s like the talking stops and so what I’d like you to do is in this year look back and be like this was the year where I actually can show you something on paper that I did so if somebody goes oh you’re fat or you’re ugly or you suck or you’re dumb you’ll be like yeah but I got this results NBA people like Oh LeBron James who’s better Michael Jordan LeBron James well Michael Jordan can be like six rings it’s hard to argue with reality so real estate is very real this reality you own it now let’s talk about this kind of pathway if you don’t have a lot of money or great credit some of you have money to get started let’s talk about this first quadrant because in some ways you can turn that off there this is the most important quadrant here here’s here’s why real estate can work for you this year or this month simple in the pic let’s say here here’s you today and let’s say you have when I got started I had 47 dollars in my bank account so there’s a saying it takes money to make money and that’s partly true and partly not true okay it’s partly true and partly not true so here’s where it’s true it mean it is true it takes money to make money the richest people in the world like Jeff Bezos he’s not gonna get poor nothing’s gonna ever happen in Jeff Bezos I would bet a million dollars he’ll never be poor because he has money so he’ll always be able to invest in deals and even if he Amazon goes down he’ll still have billions left to do this and he’ll get sweetheart deals and people will come to him and say hey you want to invest in this and he’ll make money and all these different things that’s what they mean by the rich getting richer so that’s the bad news for you if you don’t have any money you’re at a serious disadvantage in life and here’s the bad news even worse news it will continue for longer than you can imagine I’m talking it could easily continue for the rest of your life look around at your family parents friends do you see people trapped in cycles of poverty yes major cycles of poverty poverty so that’s the absolute truth it takes money to make money here’s what happens is real estate well if you’re like me you have 47 dollars or whatever the amount is a thousand bucks it’s not a lot it’s not enough to really do big deals but with real estate let’s say you identify a house that you want to flip okay you think you can get it cheap fix it up a little bit resell it or you can wholesale it which is another conversation and let’s say the house just to use round numbers cost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars okay so you go wait a sec I got 47 there’s no way I can buy that house well that would be truthful as a car I’d be true if it was a business that’d be true if it was gold that’d be true was Bitcoin that would be true if was the stock market it’s not true for real estate in that weird you can literally manufacture money kind of out of thin air not literally out of thin air but kind of because watch there’s people here some of them are bankers some of them are called hard money lenders some of them are it rich people who have too much money but not enough time there’s a whole group of people here everywhere in the world in every country in the world basically maybe not North Korea there this group here if you connect to them what Zack does is he goes to these guys hey I don’t have that much money to buy this but I think it’s a good deal I can get it for 150 and we can sell it for 200 pretty sure I could sell for 200 will you give me the money and I’ll pay you 8% interest or 10% interest or I’ll give you a percentage of the deal and these bank guys go they look at the deal themselves they got eyeballs they’ll look at the deal and if they agree with let’s say Zack he’s gonna come on here a little bit they grew his act they go okay and they send the money they provide the hundred and fifty thousand so now you or in this case AK you have zero money in the deal but if you’re correct and you sell it for two hundred thousand and let’s say it takes a year or a month or whatever timeframe you’ll pay these guys back 150 plus they’re gonna charge some what’s called points usually and possibly they have equity in the deal or process and some interest but maybe you’re gonna pay them back let’s say ten grand on this deal so they’re gonna get a check for a hundred and sixty but you keep two hundred so you walk with forty thousand so you literally can take forty seven dollars and make it into forty thousand dollars there nothing in the world that I know of besides sometimes ecommerce and entrepreneurial ISM but no traditional thing you can do may the Internet’s change it the Internet can do that for you at times but you want to do the Internet and real estate you want to have some of you you know there’s a guy Brock he’s one of the biggest Bitcoin owners in the world he’s a billionaire he’s on the Forbes list they just came out with him on the Bitcoin Forbes came out with an article about him me and him did a video you might have seen it and I was talking to him and he has all this money in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin but he told me he puts a good bit of his money in real estate that way he goes if the whole internet and cryptocurrency thing doesn’t work out he has something real because real estate is real people live in it it has a purpose so it’s more concrete down-to-earth asset ok so just think of that’s you and that’s how these guys that I just showed you the video jose showed you hayden these guys that’s how they’re walking with $100,000 a month sometimes $30,000 a month $12,000 a month and they’re working half as hard as everybody else in the world and make it twice the money or ten times the money it’s insane that more people aren’t teaching this you know and some people go oh well ty you know well that sounds like a scam well to stupid people everything sounds like a scam just so you know even Albert Einstein said that he said the thing about smart people is they sound crazy to dumb people this sounds crazy to dumb people people like know the nine-to-five job that’s the only thing that works man this is this sounds crazy crazy trillions of dollars trillions of dollars in the world this year are changing hands exactly like this but this is what the rich teach their children and they don’t teach you see I didn’t grow up rich no one teaches this I had a guy over here this week whose dad is one of the richest people in Los Angeles very wealthy I don’t know if they’re quite billionaire but let’s just say hundreds of millions of dollars probably in their bank account right now okay and he was telling me he’s doing huge real estate deals and it’s easy for him because his father taught him how to do it his dad didn’t even have to give him the money like his dad didn’t give him the money but his dad gave him the information and so what I need each of you to get is like to stop thinking that this is crazy and get the results for yourself it might not be 40 thousand a month you might not want to do it but everybody here 100 % of the people on this call right now and there’s literally gonna be 10,000 people I’ll say on Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter every one of you should own real estate this year no I don’t care if you live in India if you live in Michigan if you live in the UK I don’t care if you think it’s out of your you might have to do it with a business partner or somebody else but there’s a piece of real estate I bet you most of you it’s within 25 miles of you where you’re standing right now because sometimes people go I live in a big city there’s no real estate yes there is there’s a little rundown house that you could get your buddy who knows carpentry fix up and rent it out for five hundred bucks a month here’s the thing where I rest I just want to add this one thing I’m thinking hard and I’m not sure if I’m gonna do it I might give a house away I gave away 12 cars what do you think should I give away a house be a cool I got this idea I was talking to Kevin Hart it’s on my Instagram we shot a video together and he’s like ty you give away cars he’s like give away a house and he got me thinking that was last year and I was like maybe I should give away a house but here’s the cool thing about a house let’s say you don’t flip a house but you let’s say you do a different type of real remember I said there’s different types of real estate so let’s say instead of flipping okay I’ve never been a big flip person but some people love flipping like coal one of the people who will be teaching you if you get in the mentor program he’s flipping a property right now in Orange County that he’s gonna make 1 million profit that’s his profit 1 million dollars and he hardly put any of his own money into the deal so some of you I usually do I hold it longer and here’s why you take a house or an apartment or whatever if you hold it and rent it out this thing will pay you like I have different properties that I rent out I just sold one actually but I have one in North Carolina it’s just an old house I used to live in and I was like should I sell it and I was like nah I’m not gonna sell it because when I moved to California back in 2006 so I just kept this house it’s near a Crabtree Valley Mall and if you those of you who know Raleigh North Carolina and I was like I’ll just rent it out so I never go back to North Carolina so I found this lady who said I’ll manage the property for you for a hundred bucks a month I’m not great so we rented out the the mortgage is 1,600 on it and the rent is I was able to rent it for like about 1600 but guess what happens every year we raised the rents a little bit so now it’s 1700 1800 I think it’s at $2,000 a month now here’s the crazy thing I just want you to think about this you ever seen or heard that Fairy Tail where was it Jack and Jill was it the Jack and the Beanstalk who had the the goose that laid the golden egg when that what that was that was a story he went up so this goose lays money eggs basically and at one point in life I realized this little property and now I it’s not a big deai know how to make a lot of money now you know now I make between 100 and 300 thousand dollars a day with business it’s a revenue from my businesses but back when I was starting out like $2,000 a month was a lot well that place in Raleigh North Carolina I plan to never sell it because in a couple years it will be renting out for $3,000 a month ten years from now 4,000 maybe 5,000 by then it’ll be paid for the renter’s paid for it imagine I just get a check every month the average millionaire has seven different streams of income now I’m lucky enough now I about 20 streams of income but it took me a long time to build that up if I had known more about real estate that could have done away faster you can get your hands on seven properties quicker than you think some of you can do it this year some of you you know will take a couple years but now you have seven properties you can do it in different cities different areas so if our recession comes and they just check every month boom because people got to rent them out people need a place to live and more people are renting homes now than ever before in history no because it’s convenient apartments condos so one of the things that I want you to learn is the different types I think everybody should do a real estate flip I think you should have a real estate hold I think you should have a multi-unit property like a duplex triplex or an apartment if you are a little more sophisticated I think some of you should look at raw land I think a lot of you should do wholesaling deals so now you have different streams of income diversified I have real estate in North Carolina I have real estate in Virginia I have real estate in California I spread it all out spread it out if California gets a big earthquake falls off the planet will still be good all right questions someone said toddie you know Jesus as Lord and Savior okay Jesus was a carpenter he was involved in real estate there you go that’s my answer to that someone said build houses for cheap is the way to go yeah you can build houses so I said you can buy property that’s what I’m doing I’m adding houses I’m working on a property where we’re gonna work on developing houses that’s more advanced do not start with buying raw land and building a house on it that’s kind of a pain in the butt all right oh let’s see flipping requires strict tight timeline three months or less not all there’s no rule of what the flipping is I mean if you hold it for years and then sell it it’s not really a flip it doesn’t have to be three months I’m not sure where you got that rule not in America so I’m gonna said simple logic absolutely tie do you know this guy called Dean that is very specific how are you making 100k a day well let’s see how much I made today I got different businesses we launched seven businesses new ones this year I can show you screenshots if you guys want to see here’s a stripe account here let’s see I haven’t even looked today oh I need to dim the iPhone brightness so I’ll unlock my phone let me dim this so you guys can see a little bit so this is a marketing agency that I have we launched made seven thousand four hundred ninety eight dollars today 131,000 it’s actually less than a month we haven’t even had it open for a month so that made one hundred and thirty thousand this month okay mentor box that’s this company right here did twenty-one thousand dollars today so that’s roughly thirty thousand and the days not over I’ve got a sales company that does phone sales made eighteen thousand dollars today so now we’re roughly getting close to fifty thousand right at my mouth right we launched a meal replacement shake company this is a new company it’s hardly a week old made a lowly three hundred and eighty six dollars a day but it’s not bad if you just start now I’m an extra four hundred bucks a day I haven’t even looked at that business and then my so those are my businesses that I have on stripe my main business I don’t have one stripe so it looks like today we’re on track so here’s one of my main businesses you can see I’m gonna cover up but you can see the total amount it’s made forty-eight thousand one hundred and seventy one dollars so roughly it looks like today I’m at about ninety eight thousand dollars is what I’ve made today by the time the day is over we should hit it’s not a great day today Fridays is always I always make the least amount of money on Fridays I never let you know people are like thank God it’s Friday that just goes to show you when you’re an entrepreneur the rules that apply to the regular society will no longer apply to you like people love Fridays Fridays always a tarde for me by far my worst day for the last five years but I don’t care cuz I like Fridays all days are the same Tuesday’s are usually the best yeah Fridays I go out I have fun but you know it’s not bad I mean make I grew up in a family a single mom my mom never made $20,000 in a year now we make $20,000 in an hour or two so I’m very grateful for the blessings I have who knows how long it’ll last you saw of each she died like you can die any day so never get too cocky enjoy what you have while you have it and keep building what you have while you have it but always keep hungry for like the next thing now I’m gonna put me know how I’ve been going here did you just turn that on okay what about tax liens yep you can do that I had like I said a buddy of mine was over here today he buys notes from banks you can do bankruptcy type stuff he’s buying notes directly from banks so like if the bank has to to bank sometimes lens and people don’t pay so they’re stuck with these properties and they’ll often sell them too I knew a guy that was buying properties for like 10 cents on the dollar so million dollar properties he was getting for a hundred thousand dollars and then he would just hold on to him and flip him dude there’s crazy money in real estate you ain’t never seen really more it you got to get involved or realize that I just know how to tell you this I’ve been doing it part-time and you can do a part-time like me most people should not be a full-time real estate investor but some of you should I just always like like Internet I don’t know I I got started an internet so I never made real estate like my number one thing but I’m glad I’ve always well not always over a decade I’ve been a part-time real estate investor every single year always doing something sometimes some years I hardly did just a little real estate and some year I focused on it a lot this year I’m focused more I’m working on like 15 million dollars worth of deals right now but there’s been years when I’ve only done little deals like a couple hundred grand worth so you don’t have to get intimidated and go all well ty is more advanced than me forget that it’s real estate its houses its buildings people need to live in them people need to use them also there’s gonna be a big if you get in real estate now is a key time because commercial properties are getting ready to change shopping centers are getting hurt because of grocery stores Sears Nordstrom’s all these big traditional retail places are slowly going bankrupt so what that’s gonna do is going to be a huge opportunity for someone like you to learn who knows a little bit about rs8 not a lot just enough little enough to be dangerous and you will be able to get opportunities to get in real estate and I have one thing I didn’t talk about that I I love here I’ll tell you my favorite thing and then I’m gonna put up the link here for the partial scholarships you guys are gonna be the first group and by the way the real estate Mentor Program now this is a new version I’ve released this is the best version I’ve never had one like this the results you saw on video from these other people they were in like the old 1.0 version of it it’s so much better now but they got results without that but right here leverage there’s one other thing I love to do that’s called owner financing that’s the dream to me owner financing is where somebody wants to sell it and you’re like I’ll buy it from you but I don’t have any money and they’re like okay I’ll you buy from me and I’ll just change it to your name and you pay me every month and then you can split it up over months and you can rent it out to get the money to pay it I love owner finance you can’t always do owner financing but if you know how to market and do persuasion I just did a deal where the lawyer was like my client will not do owner financing they just told me so I wrote a persuasive little message to the owner and they’re like sure we’ll do owner financing I just did a $700,000 deal I think was seven hundred and five thousand real estate deal and I put fifteen thousand dollars down that’s it and I didn’t even have to put fifteen thousand down I just did it cuz she’s like well you could cover the closing costs I could have played hardball with them and just been like no you cover the closing costs you finance it a hundred percent I got a bank to do about 60% of it and the bank didn’t wanna do a hundred percent so I went to the owner and I said you do the other forty percent and their realtor it wasn’t their lawyers sorry they’re realtors like no the owners not gonna want to do it I said cuz Realtors have to bring by law they got to bring your offer to them so they’re like no they’re not gonna like this offer I wrote up a nice thing I said bring it to him persuasion right there and the owner right they were owner was in North Carolina this is a piece of property in real in Virginia they wrote buyback okay I’ll do it so I literally could have done that deal for $100 I gave them 15,000 up front just to speed up the deal but just imagine that you now own 700 thousand dollars worth of real estate and you only put a hundred bucks into it or zero I could have done now you need to have a plan let me just be clear you need to understand real estate enough to know you’re gonna have some monthly payment on it so you have to know how to rent it out and things like that I don’t have time to get into everything but yes give me two months I might earn some are you into badasses some of you gonna get in my 300 group my 300 group by the way is what I’m focused on personally for 2018 more than real estate more in business deals I decided I’m gonna take 300 people documented through from rags to riches this year and so I started doing dinners at my house nobody can pay to be in the group they have to have been people in my paid programs who got results when they get the results I invite them to my house and we have a lunch we just had a lunch didn’t slash dinner yesterday 18 people’s insane stories nuts one guy’s making 200 thousand dollars a month he’s doing Internet and the Internet guys I’m getting to do real estate the real estate people I’m teaching them ecommerce so what I’m done with some of you I’m gonna show you how to do real estate I’m going to show you how to do social media I’m gonna show you how to do ecommerce this is the future every business that I and by the way just for anybody who’s wondering people go to ty only do some people say ty only made money by teaching other people to make money well that’s not true some P things is just a lie it’s like it’s like modern media some things just made me believe before I ever did a real estate mentor program I was doing real estate for myself for ten years okay more than ten years before I ever taught anybody how to do e-commerce and internet marketing I was doing it for 15 years I haven’t got enough fingers for it 15 years before I started teaching I started as an entrepreneur at 19 years old I’ve been doing this stuff 19 I was fresh out of high school I got lucky I found a mentor that’s why I talk about mentors Joel Salatin you guys have seen the videos me and Joel Salatin me and Joel Salatin back to doing a business again together we have we’re business partners again it’s a cool story so I’m only showing you stuff that I first test if I test it and it doesn’t work I’m not gonna show it to you now some people go well does this work for everybody well does College work for everybody what’s the success rate of college honestly what is the success rate of people who get a bachelor’s degree in art history how many of them go on to use that degree to make money in art history how many people get an English degree go on to make their money either teaching English or writing a book what one percent less than one percent so sometimes people go Thai what are these the ratio of success to well a lot of people are lazy and get in the programs you know about 20% of people who get in our programs never log in the first day to the mentorship they buy it they spend a thousand bucks they spent five hundred bucks they never they’re so lazy 20% of them never we give them a special password-protected website they never login that’s the but that’s a beautiful thing for those of you who take action the more lazy people there are the more real estate that’s sitting out here for you to buy when I first started with real estate I was like man all the good deals are gonna be just if there’s a house that’s a good deal thousands of people are gonna be wanting to buy it and I’ll be having to go to an auction and then we found a good deal and I’m like how come nobody else sees this deal and my business partner at the time John de loire was like people are lazy ty they many people are hustling to make money the average they throw the Philosopher’s in the 1800’s he said it back then 1800s when people used to work hard he said the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation what’s called resignation is confirmed desperation most people are desperate and they confirm their desperation by just sitting in the hole they’ve dug for themselves and then you give them a ladder thinking and walk up a ladder they’ll be down in the hole going I’m in a hole get me out okay here’s a ladder I’m in a hole get me out yo dude I just said here’s a ladder and I’m gonna hole I can’t get out and then you realize they are chronic complainers they’re whiners and we live in a world a lot of people why now some people are stuck in a hole and nobody’s putting a ladder down there for them and those people I feel bad for because it is possible all of us have made mistakes and you get stuck and you need people to lend you a helping hand but I don’t feel as bad for the people who are down in that hole they’ve learned what they should do and they ignore it and I don’t want that to be any of you guys have been informed if you’ve been watching this you have been informed I’ve told you straight facts I’ve told you the most millionaires in the United States and I haven’t seen this statistic globally but I’m 99% sure its global – but for sure the United States and probably 80% of the world the most wealth is created through real estate people buying homes people buying land there is a guy or a woman right now in whatever town you live in I don’t care how little oh dunk I used to live in Clayton North Carolina in a mobile home okay there were there are people in that city that you live in in that little town who are worth 10 million bucks from real estate guarantee you somebody driving an old pickup truck if you went in their bank account looked at their net worth their balance sheet 10 million easy and I’m talking about in any little village in the world do you know how little you have to own to be worth 10 million you you own in Los Angeles you own one house free and clear is gonna be time in Beverly Hills their streets there’s a house right over this way the hundred fifty million dollar house but when I live in Clayton North Carolina if you own one block worth of real estate that’s 10 million bucks one block I bet you there’s people right here on this call I want you to write down what time it is I do this sometimes in my life you literally take out notepad I want you to write down the day and the time because you’re on different time zones watching this live write it out one day you’ll look back and be like this is the time when I was told all on the whole block of real estate a whole block maybe it’s on the same block maybe it’s not some are you gonna own the whole block a real estate and I want you to have take a picture of it so it’s saved on your phone back it up send yourself an email because one day you’re gonna look back and be like I was broke I happened to be on this weird live call with this dude ty because I’m not gonna take credit for if you succeed it’s because of you but you’ll be like I was on and this guy alerted me to the fact that I was gonna own a whole block of real estate somewhere in the world and all my friends thought I was crazy but he also said the average millionaire has seven streams of income and if I owned seven different houses on one block and maybe the corner store there as a grocery store you own the shopping center on the corner maybe you want a raw piece of land you put a little apartment complex I’m looking at a deal down in San Diego it’s just like a little one six a part six it’s like a kind of like a triplex it’s got it’s got to now and I can build up to and back to so I can turn it into six it’s zoned for six in Pacific Beach that’s gonna be some of you and each of those properties are gonna spin-off money like I like just like a money machine some of them will make you 500 a month so I’m gonna make you 2000 and you’ll go that was the most important day of my life because I realized I’m gonna own a whole block of real estate some of you will own it in the United States but don’t think you gotta only do in the United States I have a business partner he’s going down and buying up real estate in Colombia now you need to be careful in certain countries there’s some political risk sometimes but there is no reason you only have to buy in the US or if you’re not a US citizen you’re not easy you can buy real estate if you live in another country in the u.s. the u.s. makes it easy he’ll China’s coming in buying up half of America there is no there’s very little rules in America so you come in here some of you will do it part-time some of you spend one hour a week on this and next thing you know you’re gonna own a block or real estate and some of you will will be multimillionaires some of you might be billionaires okay but forget billionaires now it takes a lot of luck to be a billionaire focus on millionaire that’s it that’s all you need and more important than even being a millionaire is having guaranteed income just porn in see everybody else in the world has money go out everybody in the world just think the first of the month comes oh my god my rents due my credit card bill due my student loan is due my groceries my electricity the money just goes that way but there’s some people and they don’t teach you this in school small percentage people they’re excited for the first of the month because everybody’s paying them if you own a block of real estate your favorite day of the month will be the first of the month when everybody else hates the first a month you’ll be like I love it this person will bring you a check for 1,500 four thousand the next thing you know you have 10 20 30 40 50 thousand dollars on autopilot and all your friends will be like how come you always can go on vacations how come you don’t seem so stressed out and you’ll be like because I understand the four quadrants are real estate somebody showed them to me on a live call some of you will go more advanced and go into the mentorship program you understand leverage our stand how to fix your credit score collateral based lending you understand banks you understand debt you understand owner financing you’ll understand all the types of real estate you’ll have chosen the one or two that are the most interesting for you you’ll have been taught how to negotiate deals so you don’t get ripped off and then you’ll be taught how to market and once you know those four things you’ll have that skill for life maybe you’ll pass it on to somebody else in fact I think you should pass it on to someone else I’m passing this is a free call so pay it forward to someone else but first do it because when you have results let me just one of my favorite parts in this video right here let me show you this one more time well my favorite parts is this is just when he says the results and you know when you first see this guy Jose I mean he doesn’t look what is up with that picture of him there he looks like kim jeong-hoon i’m gonna talk to him about his haircut look at this fixture this is not the autumn nail I’m good to go on but he doesn’t look like Kim jong-un but no matter what anybody says hey they say oh you’re too young hey you’re Mexican you know a lot of people in Texas don’t like Mexicans oh yeah but listen to what he says goes on over here I’m from Dallas Texas and I started Ty’s program about a year ago the real estate one I went from not making nothing to 35,000 a month but now I’m making like ten thirty five thousand first I think it was this first or second month in the mentor part 35 doubt how do you argue with that let me tell you you can have any haircut you want if you get a check for $35,000 in real estate that was profit by the way that was profit did a wholesaling deal wholesaling deals where you don’t actually own the property you basically act as a middleman you can act as a middleman a realist not a realtor that’s different being a real estate agent is not what we’re talking about that’s harder to make money in my opinion I never know why so many people want to be real estate agents I’m like don’t bring it down real estate you making other people rich but no offense to those you who are real estate agents if you like being a real estate agent because you enjoy it then you should do it and you should also do real estate on side cuz you’re around deals all the time you got insider access so you can’t argue with the result with results it just you can’t what are these other ones I don’t even know what is how do you argue with this this is yes christen hey we have superior investment properties we joined tying pools real estate program a year ago yeah we used to make minimum wage now we’re just let me stop there minimum wage one year ago what’s a minimum wage there in Washington in California it’s been raised it’s about 12 bucks an hour it’s $24,000 per year so if you work minimum wage roughly you get a check for 2,000 minus taxes so you’re getting a check for roughly after taxes Social Security health insurance everything’s removed they probably get into check they were each making in their pocket about fourteen hundred bucks a month maybe less fourteen hundred dollars per month they had to pay their rent with that they’re 21 years old they were going to college I got to take on college debt and eventually they have to pay that off food car gas fun travel clothes now listen to this this is the story the blank to the results over seventy thousand a month seventy thousand a month that’s an average month not a good month six figures only good six figures on a good one so that’s 100 K Plus awesome you guys so are you buying real estate where everywhere so now you can see they’re talking about the types of real estate now listen to my favorite part here is where this is looking to start happening to you guys with your parents and your friends they love it they ain’t that hold on just know me – what are your parents think you do that drop out of college I did both he I dropped out right before I started because I read a book by Robert Hughes so they dropped now don’t you all don’t have to drop out of college good I don’t want your parents calling me up yelling at me and crap but that’s what they did those of you who are interested in cryptocurrency those are you interested in e-commerce those you’re interested in having a social media marketing agency those you want to read more those of you who want to start your own business want to start a restaurant do real estate always for the rest another thing I want you to write down two things there’s a small group of you that’s gonna own a block or real estate maybe one of you all year from now or less some of you a couple years from now but sometime in your life you’re gonna block a real estate because of this call this live call but the second thing every one of you I don’t care if you live in India I don’t care if you live in you know Siberia I want each of you for the rest of your life to always own some investment property not just the place you live in because sometimes all rent or lease the place I live in believe it or not and then I’ll buy better properties you can do that for tax reasons but every single person I want you to write down today’s date today’s time right now results come from actions so you’re gonna write it down except for that you say I want you to say I will always for the rest of my life own investment real estate and one day you’re gonna come to me maybe you’ll meet me somewhere and you’re gonna go most important thing ever wrote on a piece of paper I promise you now I just want to give you one warning one warning you can lose money in real estate it happens it is not a guarantee but if you don’t know what you’re doing everything goes wrong in anything you ever do for the rest of your life for example here’s the perfect analogy if you want to get muscles you got to lift weights and exercise everybody agrees on that there’s nobody who just wakes up and instantly his Arnold Schwarzenegger or the rock okay so you got to go in the gym or you got to go you know play basketball whatever sport it is so you have to take action but if you don’t know what you’re doing and you go in the gym Zach for example my friend not this Zach he went into the gym and pulled a muscle and had to get surgery so what was that Instagram so I forgot to do the call-to-action along there that’s fine you guys getting behind the scenes so Real Estate’s like the gym you need a little training so you don’t hurt yourself I see people trying to do real estate on their own and making mistakes so weights in a gym aren’t that hard with a little bit of guidance that’s how real estate is but if you don’t know what you’re doing I’ve been in the gym you see people have you ever seen people like doing the wrong machine for something it’s like the leg machine and they’re like using it for their arms or whatever and they tear a muscle and they’re hurt so it’s very important from to me that none of you get hurt and that’s why I created this mentor program so what is the mentor program I won’t pull this up real fast can you bring that other board around here I’m gonna do partial scholarships you will see a link if you’re on Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter it’s either a link like on the title of this live call or it’s a pin comment or you can just go to Tai Lopez comm will put here I’ll put a link right here where did we put the link so this is a program that’s the 2,500 hour program remember it’s just don’t have a heart attack yet because I’m doing partial scholarship so you’re not gonna have to pay that much money I don’t know if you guys can see this okay you’re gonna get access to an online mentorship in real estate okay you’re gonna access to a private Facebook group so you can ask questions 24/7 in the community and I’m gonna give you a whole bunch of bonuses I’m gonna give you a bonus this is one remember I said you gotta learn persuasion I had the wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort over here he didn’t teach you some of the most ninja legal by the way not true not full-on wolf of Wall Street Legal techniques on negotiation persuasion trust me say what you want about the wolf of Wall Street the man knows how to persuade people to do stuff and now he does it legally so we’re gonna talk about productivity and time management so you don’t procrastinate in this program we’re gonna coal hatter is in there coal is one of my business partners he went from being partially paralyzed he was a firefighter got hit by a drunk driver broke zero money in a wheelchair he got his self out he was a self-made millionaire in real estate by age 27 and now he’s one of the top real estate coaches in the world and so he’ll be training you he’s one of the teachers there’s different teachers in the program I’m teaching some of it real estate so big no one person knows at all so we’ll be talking about bonuses with him this is very important credit we’re gonna get your credit up going I don’t care if your credit is 400-450 we’re gonna get your credit up there’s techniques that are legal and work fast fast some of you’ve seen some of the live calls I’ve done with Stephen I got one with Gary Keller he owns the largest real estate brokerage in the world he also wrote the one thing he’s a lot of you have seen so normally with all these bonuses this is a $5,000 package okay and I’m doing partial scholarships I’m gonna cover most of the cost you’ll see I’m gonna cover 90% of it okay I’m gonna cover 90% of it why don’t I cover 100% of it I have learned if people don’t pay any money they aren’t taking it seriously people buy their own they buy shoes they buy digit spinners they buy stupid stuff if you’re not willing to invest in yourself you ain’t taking this seriously and my goal is to have people with the results I don’t want to have a huge group we’re only like one person gets results it makes me look bad so I have a filtration system and the filtration system is everybody pays everybody and some people go oh that’s not fair that makes you a scam artist that doesn’t make me a scam artist dumbass colleges cost money and so does high school even if you don’t pay it tax dollars pay everything cost money everything nothing is free people are all freaked out about Facebook oh my god Facebook is monetizing by my eyeballs by selling ads well no how do you think they can afford to run Facebook nothing’s free man Millennials if you ain’t smart enough to understand that anything that’s free isn’t really free you definitely are never gonna make a million bucks if one of my mentors island nation said if you’ve been in a room for more than 30 minutes and you don’t know who the sucker in the room is you’re the sucker so if you’re a sucker and you go tie I pay for nothing I will not pay for anything then don’t pay I honestly don’t care so that’s my simple answer sometimes people are like Ty convinced me to be in it I’m like hell no that’s like convincing someone to date you would you convince somebody to date you and marry you like it’s the your light on the wedding day and they’re getting cold feet and they’re like I don’t really think I like you and you’re like let me give you a seven point persuasion oh why you should marry me like no leave you’re not a good match so if anybody above and beyond what I’ve already said needs a 63 point explanation as to why you should pay for this then you’re not a good candidate it’s a beautiful screening system so that’s why I’ll pick up 90% of the cost but you’re gonna pay 10% and if that’s too much for you then good go learn it on your own it’ll take you a decade some of you gonna learn it in ten weeks what’s gonna take people most people ten years and if you don’t value your time man I’ll pay anything to save ten years anything if somebody was like tie all the money you have now you have to give it to me but I’ll save you ten years off the learning curve for your next ten years I’d be like great I’m in deal okay so you’re gonna learn wholesaling you’re gonna learn buy and hold you’re gonna learn flipping okay this is level one by the way so level one is the online version of this we do have a level two and a three so once you get in level one some of you level two is where you come in person here usually to my house and we do every once in a while we do a in-person training so level one is online that’s what you’re getting access to now everything I’ve mentioned is available for that price you’re not gonna get charged more if you want to come to my house there’s a level two but you have to first go in level one you can’t just buy level two and then there’s a level three where you get the online you get in person and you get weekly coaching if you want to have some coaching where you can answer questions right now everybody starts a level one everybody starts in the bottom and work your way up man the way I work you get a Bachelor before you get a master’s before you get a PhD that’s how I have it here we’re kind of revolutionising how education goes around you know all the things that I’m teaching in school I’m trying to work on those that’s what my business is here so okay so I’m gonna announce the test group to get in as I said I’m gonna write it let’s flip this can you bring me this other board I’m gonna take some questions I’m gonna have Zack come on he’s also one of the people teaching there he’s gonna talk about how he went from five thousand to three hundred thousand give me one second let me put this so to get in you can either go to the link that’s pinned on Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube the tie the title or if you don’t see it or if you’re on my website please click the button below please go to these special URLs or you won’t get the scholarship you can pay five thousand if you want or I’ll pay 90% for you so or if you don’t see any of the links to get in the test group Tai Lopez comm you have less than a week properties Tai Lopez comm / properties just go there that is the special scholarship this will no longer work after the week so for all of you on the fence like you know do or do not what did yo to say do or do not there is no try okay so ty Lopez comm / properties I’m gonna read off the names of some of you that are getting in the test group give me one second here I get a little alert every time someone gets in OOP – oh we also have a payment program – so if you can’t quite afford the 500 bucks we can divide it up okay we have a for payment plan you pay a little bit more so you can get into this for under two hundred bucks if that’s too much for you man I can’t go any lower what do you want me to charge ten cents I don’t even cover the visa processing fee so that’s if anybody can’t okay so let me read off Peter Allen welcome to the group there we go I get little alerts Peter Allen welcome to the real estate mentor group okay Francisco it looks like if your car is decline just use a different one or call your car your bank that’s the best all right you want to come the exact before I start reading off all these let’s go through let’s talk about your story for a second ty Lopez not calm slash properties so Zack you we met you were here at my house at one of my kind of in-person events and so a year ago do you have that the other that we can show people have pictures yeah yeah it’s actually on YouTube too with Naveen Jaime no you did it you did a video with a burner let me see you showed me though you you sent me these right let me pull this up check this out so here Zak we covered over his social security number but this is his 2017 tax return this is what they’re always trying to get from Donald Trump all right so you had to pay sixty thousand in taxes where’s the amount where’s the one that showed the oh here it is so here you can see this is California income tax summary okay this is not a fake thing as his real tax return it shows his adjusted gross income was three hundred and six thousand four hundred and ninety six and the year before it was yours was five thousand right yes eight thousand eight thousand so using real estate he went from eight grand in a year to and this is his neck adjustable gross income is your net that’s what you have to pay taxes on so you went from being in like poverty level because five now your wife works so you weren’t completely in poverty good thing for your wife or you would have been in the man 8,000 8,000 is the poverty line you’re up in Northern California and you went to three hundred over three hundred thousand puts you in the top one or two percent one percent I think yeah and that’s just from White House to there have multiple houses how many deal how much do you think it’ll be this year for 2018 high this year want to say about five hundred thousand yeah but that’s my share that’s us I’m splitting with the business partners so we’re looking at a million close to a million but you’ll keep five hundred grand so you’re going up from 300,000 to 500,000 so let me ask you a couple things what when you were a starting were you afraid yeah I was afraid I was just nervous just calling sellers you know just at some point you have to break the ice you know talking to you know sellers and realtor’s especially when you’re just learning you don’t know exactly what you’re talking about they may ask you questions that you don’t know that I so how do you get over like the feeling that you might look stupid you know it’s just something you just have to do it there’s nothing to it but to do it you know and you know you just it’s like asking a girl out for the first time you know for you know the first couple times you’re always nervous and you kind of get used to it and it’s the same thing through real estate did your wife which when you decided when you’re like I’m gonna quit my job and do real estate was she for it or against it just for it oh so you got a good wife yeah she’s supportive and was there anyone Nate who was negative I’d have to say you know friends was the most negative that someone said you know it wasn’t really negative it was just the look on people’s faces and like their smirks and they kind of laugh at you when you tell them you know a deal that you’re trying to work on you’re trying to make like a hundred grand and then they kind of just look at you kind of funny and they laugh at you and then you know kind of you know did you grow up with parents that were making a lot of money mmm no not really like a middle class middle class yeah yeah where’d you grow up San Mateo and San Jose so how much do you think your dad would your mom and dad do uh and I want to say maybe in total maybe like 150,000 I don’t know I honestly don’t would you do what they do for a living oh my dad’s a stonemason and my mom she works for a tech company sa p out in Palo Alto she was making 150 as a stonemason he was laying a lot of stone lay a lot of dough and making 150 so you’ve already surpassed them it took one year what was the thing that surprised you the most about real estate um how easy it really is at first when I started off you know I was very nervous took me a long time and when I first started off I didn’t have any Mentors but once I started getting mentors and I started you know just following what my mentor did then I realize you know how easy the process really is until I actually closed on it and I was like wow this whole time you know it’s really not that bad so once you got a mentor how long did it take you to do your first deal uh three months and how much did you make in your very what’s your very first check like how much did you make $5,000 but that was good if y’all good felt good and gave me the confidence I needed so what deal what was the deal was it a house flipper what it was a wholesale okay it was a wholesale and a I should have made more on the wholesale fee but since it was my first one you know I let the the end buyer negotiate me down it was on a one point one point 1 million dollar house actually so you probably should have made like 30 grand exactly I should have got to get that first check and just go through the process what was the second deal the second one was twenty thousand what was that what was it a house selling wholesale okay yep Oh is actually on the MLS too which is kind of tough to wholesale so you did you wholesale to MLS listing and you made was it exactly twenty thousand or was like 19 thousand or 21 yeah exactly twenty right on the dough I say you say to your feet was twenty now how did that feel I felt good because in the in the Bay Area it’s real tough to wholesale MLS houses and I did you know I did the toughest deal you could really do which is wholesale house on the MLS so gave me a few then it was like all downhill oh yeah after that that’s when I saw how important was it in having the mentors you think you could have figured that out on your own no no so the mentor was like necessity have to have it you have to have it yeah really it’s like it’s it Real Estate’s easy but it’s complicated enough that you will basically kill yourself if you drive it completely on your own it took me a year and a half on my own yeah okay somebody was asking the link didn’t work if you’re on Instagram and you don’t see the link you can just go there that’s a simple thing all right it works for you let me read off some of the people getting in the program here welcome Aaron Jackson he did the one payment option in Indiana Midwest is good Midwest in the u.s. is a lot opportunity you can also buy and hold there and there’s a lot of money flowing into that area Leslie Rosario that’s good she did the for payment plan so she got in for under two hundred bucks Florida welcome to the group I’m glad to see there was three feet yesterday and the eighteen people I had at my house for the dinner of the three hundred group there was three women or two women or three two we need more women entrepreneurs here let’s level out the playing field crystal Georgia I’ll speak into that Mississippi welcome to the group all right these are gonna come in a little faster than I didn’t read them all but that’s fine Javier Colon Bonnie in Florida Florida got a lot of opportunities you also got to be careful in Florida don’t just buy up condos tall Engelland welcome to the group did the one payment he’s in California Steven nap also in California welcome to the group Andy Alvarez welcome to the group North Carolina North Carolina is a great spot I love North Carolina for real estate because it’s not too expensive to get in but there’s a lot of people wanting properties okay I knew a few I got a go I didn’t realize it’s almost 9:00 oh okay yes you can call in you can call in we got the number what is our number I always forget our number although right now there might not be anyone there 1-800 604 two five eight to five you can call during business hours and then you can also email you can just email support at Tai Lopez calm but trust me this is the quickest so you’re gonna the way it works is very simple you’re gonna get a once you get in the program you to get a password-protected website so it’s a members-only website you enter your email we’ll give you a password you login it’s only for you you’ll have a series of videos you go through them it’s a two month program you’ll have the Facebook group where you can ask questions live you’ll have the bonuses all in there you grab your phone your laptop you can do it audio you can do a video you listen for 15 minutes a day you know three four times a day and then you start taking action we have an action plan in there what to do next it’s simple its laid out for you just follow it it works it’s about as simple as we could tell you follow it and it works Lucas on Instagram said claim my spot boom let’s see mr. splash man says let’s get it Filippo Jake said goes at you got fans now Zach’s gonna be in here teaching what he’s learned so you’re gonna learn from people who you know just recently started out it’s good to learn from all levels because sometimes if you learn from billionaires they forget how hard it is this start out so you’re not a beginner cuz you’re making you know six figures with real estate but it’s not that long ago that he was making $5,000 a year two years ago so it’s a quick rise and you can do five hundred grand this year that’ll feel real good so I think I’m gonna go soon any other questions you see any questions on there yeah we have all that on the wit go to the website you can read up when you go to this link it’s gonna lay everything out for you bonuses are in there does the program work in the UK it here’s where the program works where do people live there it will work now you gotta just the principles a little bit but it will not work in Antarctica Antarctic tough and arctic there we go will not work in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean it does not work in the Sahara Desert unless you’re gonna like the Masai in the the Mosul high people or something you’re gonna rent out properties then it does not work in Upper Saskatchewan in the middle of nowhere but pretty much where people live it works so about 50% of the world it will work does the program include the credit repair yes my goal is it’s got wholesaling in there it’s got credit in there it’s got how to persuade people how to find the deals what deals will you should avoid what deals you should do it’s got coaching Zach’s in the private Facebook group answering questions all Coles in there it’s got different teachers teaching you their specific expertise I’m in there teaching you so it’s it’s very complete in fact there’s more in there than you actually need we put more in there so that no matter what question you have it will be answered with the video training go in the training the training works then have bren’s OSA it doesn’t say the credit repair on the website trust me it’s been put in there the way maybe didn’t update the website all right wholesaling makes Bank some Patrick says oh my god Cole is in there yep the original 1.0 version of this was just me and Cole teaching now we’ve added like this is like 4.0 version you’re getting a version no one’s ever gotten this is like the you’re getting the Lamborghini a Lamborghini version you know all right let’s see what else do you read off the last few people getting in John Neely now on Instagram oh that’s the person that said he’s in Florida a lot of Florida people Pedro Gonzalez also in Florida Brandi Rudin ski-in outside the US in Canada Ontario Canada Jorge Latios in Texas boom you got to compete with Jose Sibley in Mississippi all right for every Richard Loretto Missouri Missouri is a good state buy-and-hold who’s gonna own a block who’s gonna commit here that for the rest of their life they’ll always be a real estate investor okay I think we’re good to go just probably more to talk about but I’m gonna lose my voice would you like a grape Charlie Murphy what does he say thank you would you like some pancakes Charlie Murphy all right I’m out and tie the government India banned Bitcoin what else do real estate heck yeah India real estate now there’s some specifics to investing in real estate in India that you’ll have to learn but this program will teach you the basic principles it works everywhere there’s banks there’s lending there’s people paying there’s flipping in India it’s all it’s it’s yes learn and one other thing let me just get say this last thing what this programs gonna do the most for you guys is give you confidence that’s the most important thing that’s what the school system forgets to give people you have a lot of the answers within you to make money trust me not everything you need mentors but a lot of what you need is inside you the problem is nobody ever got behind you and said we believe in you right school system just look call it just basically says this pay us 20 282 grand a year show up to classes and that’s it they don’t help you find a job most of them most people they don’t even help you pick what major you should be in that is this is a program only focus on results I want I don’t care if 10 people get in this program or you know a thousand doesn’t matter to me what I care about is at the end of the two months how many people are getting results that’s it one is someone right so it said uh Rick Ross buy back the block there you go is that what Rick Ross is doing is he going to like Atlanta or something where’s Rick Ross Metheny from Atlanta well what Lorna Hadrian what what mumbling was that over there Hadrian sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger hey it’s Laura I’ve never heard you just chime in like that agency I just heard him I literally was like I think garish warts anger just enter the building in Florida what’s the best place to find good mentors Tai Lopez calm /properties I’m gonna instantly give you five four or five real estate mentors not just me somebody some confidence I’ll take two that’s what this is about confidence Rick Ross trip goes on the bitch no one said that okay No somebody said it’s a song time buy back the block okay how about thank you good night thank you all right

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