Successful People Aren’t GIFTED, They’re GRITTY

Do you ever wonder what makes someone successful maybe you have friends family or neighbors who just seem to be gifted gifted at making money gifted at coming up with new ideas gifted with talents and abilities that almost guarantee them to be successful and maybe that’s not you it doesn’t come that easy to you like it does to them but here’s the cool part today im is going to share a message with you on being gifted versus grit so whether you feel like you’re gifted or maybe you just can’t seem to catch a break in life this message is for you now here’s my message. Oh see you know what I want to talk about right now is something I just wrote in the last chapter of my book I wrote a section called gifted versed grit and I think we have the biggest delusion possible in today’s world where we think when we see someone successful successful at sports a successful at piano you know a child prodigy dancing millionaire love whatever it takes we think they were gifted with something special and yes if somebody seven foot tall and can play basketball gifted sure they got some assets but if you look and dig and look behind the curtain of every successful person I know it was the grit that got him there you know when Michael Jordan was the best basketball player of all time you know was he gifted sure but he got cut from high school basketball but when you look behind the curtain no one shot more foul shots than that guy thousands and thousands of foul shots and they said when he he would say that when you know I was less lucky enough to have dinner with Michael Jordan he said when it went in his sleep he used to just imagine shooting foul shots that guy was in the gym when everybody else left uni look at Peyton Manning what an amazing career what a way to go out right and just an incredible dude but I talked to my good buddy Trent Shelton who played for Peyton Manning and he said at the end of the day when everybody was done and they got a locker room got dressed to go do their thing Peyton Manning stayed there and he watched the tapes and summertime when everybody left he would stay and work out and help all the rest of the team it was the grit yeah he was gifted with something but the grit got him there you know when you look at a child prodigy piano player you think oh my God look where they were born with we don’t realize that kid practices ten hours a day compared to every other kid trying practices two hours a day so why am i sharing this is because I don’t want you to be delusioned when you see other people getting ahead that they were gifted with something that something happened great for them that success fell in their lap you see an actor you know when he’s on an actor comes on or an actress comes on in it’s their first movie and it looks like Wow overnight stardom good for them then you go and you see the behind the scenes and they started waitressing and working three jobs and sleeping on floors at friend’s house and and they took summer stock and so did all this stuff and it looks like they had overnight success guys I want to tell you something overnight success is very rare even though the world perceives that special associate especially social media you just see the happy smiles you see the fun you don’t see the grit and when I say grit I mean the work behind it so here’s what I want to share today stop thinking other people are gifted if you’ve ever had that thought that delusion even if it’s subconsciously in there you see something go well get rid of the wells and know that you were gifted with everything you need to take your life to that next level and what it takes it takes some grit it takes you overcoming the obstacles in your way when you instead of an obstacle think of it as an opportunity to learn think of it as a challenge and fight for what you want you know when I look back at my life I’ve been blessed to have so many great accomplishments but man if you knew all the hardships and that grit and the sleepless nights and the working 20-hour days that I had to put in I did it didn’t happen overnight and if if if I’ve ever said success and being wealthy or happy happens with a flick a flip of a switch then then I apologize or if someone else tells you it’s a lie if you get the right tools if you get the right capabilities which so many of you have access to with my courses and books and other people and other mentors when you find the path when you get the treasure map then take the grit to go on the journey if even even with a treasure map you see all these great movies like Indiana Jones back in the day he had to still go through everything and go through hell and back to get to the end result that’s the grit so here’s what my message is for today get there get the treasure maps get the road map get the recipes from the people that are living it bigger and better than you and then the grip get in there get your hands dirty get in the game fail face those problems the best way to get to where usually where you want to get is on the other side of a challenge it’s on the other side of that so-called obstacle power through it focus on where you want to go follow the map but get your hands dirty get your knees dirty fight for it you deserve it there’s a next level.

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Thank you Dan for your talk its been an magnificent moment

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