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What if by the time you’re done reading you realize that being an underdog is actually an advantage when you look at it through different glasses with all the opportunities that exist today why haven’t you reached your next level of income life and wealth in most cases we’ve been lied to we’ve been told that if you find the right opportunity and you work hard you can be successful and that’s simply not true millionaires billionaires and successful people have realized you need the foundation for wealth that habit and that’s exactly what you’ll be learning on the millionaire success habits podcast all success starts here welcome to the millionaire success habits podcast it’s an honor a privilege and a pleasure to have you here right now listen I don’t like wasting time so I’m sure you don’t either just so you know this is the place you come to go upstream to anchor in the habits the rules for success and today I want to talk about the benefits of being an underdog yes the benefits of being an underdog this might be the most important podcast I’ve ever recorded in my life so whatever you’re doing right now don’t take this lightly don’t listen to it passively if you’re at the gym great turn it up and listen intently if you’re driving in your car listen intently if you’re at home if you’re just you know running around the house doing things with this in the background stop doing what you’re doing because at the end of the day we all feel like we’re an underdog in one way shape or form whether that’s from your family your financial situation where you live what you do for a living your education your supposed capabilities knowledge and expertise this is the podcast that will turn that around for the rest of your life what if by the time you’re done listening you realized that being an underdog is actually an advantage when you look at it through different glasses okay so let me start with a story I’m geeking out on a book right now about George Washington it’s 42 hours long so actually listen to books and listen it doesn’t matter where you are in the world listen this of where you were born the story of the American Revolution is the quintessential underdog there’s no way that America should have one but let’s go deeper and just take the man George Washington who is at the head of the of the Revolution the head of fighting the head of being the underdog at the deepest level possibly see underdogs have traits the ones that make it the ones that I want you to unveil today while you’re listening is underdogs have certain traits that they turn into they’re powered I want you to think about this underdogs have a passion to prove themselves underdogs are people that you never see coming underdogs are always underestimated underdogs have the power of people telling them they can’t underdogs have to be innovative they have to be creative because a lot of times they don’t have all the assets somebody else has so let me just tell the story through the eyes of George Washington here’s a man that was born in America ended up being a part of the British Empire being a constable or there’s a better word for and I can’t a virgin he was a verjus meaning he was a part of the the community of the 13 colonies underneath the king of England he was always looked down upon because he wasn’t British born when he finally started his first army or led his first army in his early 20s he didn’t get the same pay they made fun of them they just said oh he’s one of those American borns always looked down upon but he didn’t let it sink in in fact it had a little crutch to prove himself which is part of an underdog advantage so let’s just fast-forward the war started 1776 the Declaration of Independence is drafted and by the fall of that year they’re fighting and the American Revolutionary troops are going to try to hold Manhattan there’s 8,000 of them about 7,500 troops now listen to this they’re trying to fortify New York City which is now the greatest city in the world at least that’s what I believe he they’re trying to fortify it and they got people in Fort Lee New Jersey they got him on the New York Manhattan side they have people in Long Island they have people in Brooklyn Heights they got it surrounded 7,000 people well the King of England doesn’t want to play any games because there was a little skirmish in Boston he wanted to come in and say hey okay you ragtag army I’m gonna show you now you got understand those 7,500 men most of them didn’t have shoes they didn’t have uniforms they didn’t have enough gunpowder they weren’t trained they were 15 to 60 years old from the outside they were they were the most ragtag bunch of people that existed on the planet and they’re gonna go up against the greatest army in the world trained fortified guns ammunition strategists high-end generals who were trained forever a bunch against a bunch of farmers with guns and knives they even had Spears and bows and arrow well England sends over 30,000 people 10,000 of those are hired guns they’re Hessians from Germany which are not only amazing fighters they’re pretty much ruthless in what I read like don’t take prisoners bayonet you in the face when you say I give up they’re still gonna kill you right so now they come to New York the George Washington and there’s somewhat pride of the people saying let’s make America free George Washington is the consummate underdog he was always underestimated he was always like under under appreciated they never saw him coming he had to be resourceful so he comes in and they’re gonna defend New York think their position and guess while they kick American revolutionaries in ass every level and the Hessian is one those 10,000 and they thought they didn’t take any prisoners they killed it I mean they first lost New York they first lost Brooklyn then they lost Long Island then they lost Fort Washington was which was on Manhattan and then they lost Fort Lee New Jersey just like pounding and now the American Revolutionary Army has no food they barely have shoes they’re walking in the snow and there’s blood trails from people with no socks on they don’t even have tents they’re sleeping under leaves I mean when I got to this point in the book I’m thinking to myself zero chance that they have anything like how could they feel that they could even compete they’re pushed out now they’re running across New Jersey they get to the Delaware River they cross the Delaware River and they’re pretty much just hi there’s a lot of people deserted the British government at that time gave people pardons if you bail out of the Revolutionary Army the Patriots in America if you bail out of that army we’ll give you a pardon and we’ll give you some money so people were running non-stop so Washington’s Army’s down enough so listen this he’s down on the opposite side of Delaware in Pennsylvania beat the shreds everybody’s starting to criticizing the Congress is starting to criticize him his top generals are like George Washington doesn’t know what he’s doing he was the quintessential underdog and have you ever felt that way that no one had faith in you you made some bad decisions he underestimated the power of the British Army because the guy’s a he is a farmer basically down in Virginia like he really hadn’t had the battle-tested you know stamina or skills is all these other journals but guess what he had he was told he was nothing his whole life’s like life like the British government did you ever feel that way he didn’t have the money he didn’t have the soldiers he was underestimated they didn’t see him coming coming and he had the power of you can’t and he needed to prove something means inside of him he found a passion he found a destination he found a freedom that he was willing to die for because if he got caught he would have been hanged for treason he found a way to turn his underdog disadvantages into his underdog advantages and he found a way to be resourceful he found a way to be innovative he found a way that they never saw him coming so now just think pummeled now they got 30,000 troops down to about 4,000 American troops Congress is starting at Gaudin people are deserting the army people are turning against them in each little city giving information back to the British Army on where they are and where they’re going he’s got nothing to lose he decides on Christmas morning to cross the Delaware River after just getting beat after beat with 4,000 men and he goes up against 10,000 Hessians who never saw them coming who said they would never have the nerve to get here they Hardy doll night they drank and they that they were festive and thinking who they don’t they could never get across the Delaware with thousands of men in one night they don’t have the nerve let and if they do come let them come we’ll pound them again after failure after failure after failure after everyone tell him to get up when it looked like no hope and before we shared what you probably already know I know you felt that way I know you felt like no one was in your corner that it was too hard to start the business that already people have already done what you want to do that that it’s the wrong timing it’s the wrong government you come from the wrong pedigree your parents don’t support you your husband your wife I know you felt that way but read in history look back in time at so many people that have changed the world have changed the legacy for their families because they didn’t give in so what if today was your call to action to realize that being a so-called underdog was your gift it was actually meant to be your journey it was there to provide you the and be the witness of the tools you actually had when people tell you can’t or you don’t have the assets other people have what if that was your innovation to catapult above the rest so now back to George Washington here’s a guy who did wasn’t a professional general he didn’t have the pedigree of being born in Britain in England he didn’t have the king’s support he had half of America’s support he didn’t have the money he didn’t have any of it so what does he do he knows he has to go for it and he writes down on a piece of paper on Christmas Day before he plans this attack or he’s outnumbered outgunned outmanned and he writes liberty or death and two of his higher generals who saw this paper that he tried to cover because he was a very humble guy and on Christmas Eve at midnight he starts crossing the Delaware River that is frozen and there’s hunks of ice and he’s got thousands and thousands of men that need to cross before morning cannons horses it’s snowing it’s raining the wind is blowing everything at his back but he’s got that internal power of people telling I mean there’s no you could do it you’re a joke it’s never gonna happen get real grow up just settle but he didn’t he crosses the arm he crosses and gets everybody over by 4 o’clock in the morning and they march in on the Hessians who 12-hour march or 10 hour march something ridiculous I owe 10 miles they march in on the Hessians who were who are part of the British Empire’s hired guns and wiped them out in less than an hour then Cornwallis hears it and is going to attack the next morning and said we’re just gonna wipe out George Washington he had like 7,000 the highest train British troops and they said he’ll be there they’re tired there’s no way they could do it after the first victory George Washington had against the British Empire on Christmas Day where the men hadn’t slept in 48 hours they fought valiantly with nothing in bare feet they evacuated and went like 12 hours to Princeton New Jersey but a time Cornwallis got there they were gone and the underdog had escaped again they defeated in Princeton and that was the shift of the American Revolution we all know what happens from there so history is a great teacher of what’s possible and I would love for you today to realize that your underdog story that you have that we all have I have my own you have yours we can use that as our anchor and say poor me I didn’t get born with the right things no one supports me I don’t have the money we’re away away yes you might get offended by that and you might be going through some really tough times but when I read stories like this when I read stories where they had so much worse against them they had so many obstacles in front of them but they used their underdog disadvantage as their advantage where they’ve proved themselves where they made an impact where they were innovative where people didn’t see him coming were they where they were underestimated where they used the power of you can’t they use their passion of their inner you know feeling disrespected as their fuel and when they had the big machine against them they won and I want you to win so I hope this story I hope you can look into the past so you can have a brighter future and listen I’m doing something really special really soon I’m doing a special 90 minute training with my dear friend Tony Robbins and we are gonna share something with the world we never had in our 60 plus years if you want to be a part of that I I don’t have a registration page but you’re here you’re part of that the millionaire success habits podcast may be a part of the DG family maybe you watch me on Instagram on a daily basis but what I want you to do right now is text the words Dean’s List that’s Dean’s List two three one nine nine six that’s Dean’s List two three one nine nine six this will put you on my personal VIP text string where you’ll get instant access to some cool trainings but every time I do something special you’ll be a part of the VIP list I’ll send you text say hey Toni and I are going live tomorrow why don’t you join us I just created this new training go check it out I did this bonus for you because it’s behind the scenes go check it out people that have already opted into the VIP text personal text list are going nuts and I’m having fun with it so if you want to be notified when I’m going live with Toni or doing anything before anybody else does then right now text Dean’s List two three one nine ninety six and remember right now at this moment being an underdog is your advantage when you just change the glasses you look through when you change the framework use it as your power and go after it and remember all success starts right here.

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