Why Very Few Reach ULTIMATE Success

Has life beat you up enough to where you’re starting to blur those lines you’re starting to say well maybe maybe that’s just not for me maybe it’s not meant for me maybe it’s not in the cards for me with all the opportunities that exist today why haven’t you reached your next level of income life and wealth in most cases we’ve been lied to we’ve been told that if you find the right opportunity and you work hard you can be successful and that’s simply not true millionaires billionaires and successful people have realized you need the foundation for wealth that habit and that’s exactly what you’ll be learning on the millionaire success habits podcast all success starts here rules for success if success came from just magical money machines everybody in the world would be rich because the opportunities are supposedly everywhere but why is it only a select few get to the promised land why is it only a select few live the lives they once dreamed of well I think it could be easier than anyone thinks if they just change their mindset to realize that you currently have habits that don’t support you that don’t support a next level of love life happiness joy and most of all success wealth and abundance and if we shift those habits if we insert new ways that create sustainable wealth we can change things forever hey it’s so awesome to have you here I am doing this for you listen I’m doing this on my phone and all transparency and isn’t perfect I apologize sparked I was inspired to share this message with you right now so instead of waiting and going to a studio and making sure it was perfect I believe with all of me the message is what really matters I know lots of perfect podcasts that don’t get you to take action I’m not just here to try to get you to to enjoy to be entertained in fact the complete opposite I want you to be disturbed yes I’m not sure anybody’s ever told you that they want to make you disturbed but here’s where I know if you have a thorn in your arm it disturbs you until you pull it out but a lot of times what we do is we forget it we cover it like in the book the untethered soul Michael singer talks about having a thorn and we find all these ways to protect it and put a mechanism around it put extra bandage but the thorn is always there well I want to be the guy that flicks the thorn that pokes it in fact maybe even push it in a little bit to remind you that is that that it’s there to remind you of the pain of inaction to remind you of what life will be if you don’t make a change so if i disturb you fantastic I did my job because that’ll get you to take action you’ll make moves in your life you’ll reach your full potential you’ll hit the next level and you can blame me then hey I’m so excited to have you here and this message today is about your dreams oh you’re like wow all that and you’re gonna talk about dreams yeah because most people forgot about them including you as you’re listening or watching this I’m not sure what level of life you’re on maybe you’re crushing it but you know there’s another level maybe you’re in the middle someplace you got a decent job you have a decent business that you started but it’s not doing what you thought it was gonna do it’s not giving you the money you wanted for the freedom you deserve it’s not giving you the the time back in your life or for even worse it’s not allowing you to believe that you’re using all your God’s gifts all your potential you haven’t tapped into the your unique ability in and even revenue and income without making an impact without feeling that your your life has some meaning is empty or maybe you’re listening to me right now and you’re not even in the middle you’re kinda at the bottom you’re wondering if you should start a business you’re wondering if your company that you work with could allow you to go to the next level I’m not sure where you are but this podcast is for everyone because we all want another level and it’s always the simple things so let’s get back to your dreams has life beat you up enough to where you’re starting to blur those lines you’re starting to say well maybe maybe that’s just not for me maybe it’s not meant for me maybe it’s not in the cards for me let’s talk about this a lot let’s just fast forward right now and pretend you’re 95 years old and you’re having that conversation once again and you’re saying well I didn’t go after my dreams because everybody said it was the wrong time that the internet was too busy my family didn’t support me I wanted to wait till the kids got older I want to wait till I got married I want to wait till the kids graduated I wanted to wait till I put my 20 years in a job I freaking hate if you fast-forward to 95 and say that you would kick your own ass you see I tried it I try to think through really simple ways to motivate you to action and that’s literally just being transparent that’s before I I do a shoot before I do a video before I do a podcast my whole goal is to get you to move because here’s what happens you have dreams you have aspirations and then you try a few times and if it didn’t work the world seems to speak to you and tell you it’s okay you knew it was the wrong time you knew it was the wrong President was the wrong economy you live in the wrong area you went to the wrong school you don’t have a supportive boyfriend/girlfriend spouse parents so it’s okay no it’s not okay it’s not listen I’m sitting here right now I wish you could see the camera behind me of when I turn the camera just goes all blurry so you can’t see it but I’m sitting in one of the most beautiful places of my entire life I’m sitting in paradise I’m down here with a bunch of buddies mastermind because masterminds are my life nothing in my life has moved the needle by more than surrounding myself with people who inspire me people that share their capabilities share their mistakes share their accomplishments and I do the same for them and we all exponentially grow the collective wisdom in the room changes everything I don’t care if it’s workshops or masterminds or groups of live events surround yourself with people who inspire you who have capabilities that can help you I mean if you’re the smartest person in the room get another room if you workout with people and you’re them in the most and you’re the best shape find people who are in better shape you’re not inspired by complete you’re not inspired by winning easy so anyway long story short I’m down here with a group of guys you’d know every single one of them there’s 13 of us down here and it’s unbelievable I’m sitting here looking at this incredible view and the life I get to have and I have to tell you I dreamt about this but I almost gave up on it a lot of times I almost gave up on it when my sister who I love dearly sat me down and told me I was a dreamer when my a lot of my friends stopped talking to me because they said I was trying to be a big shot when my own dad told me that I was being someone that he didn’t know and that we weren’t designed for the type of life I was going for I almost gave up when I hired the wrong person and I hired an accountant who stole all my money I almost gave up when I sold a part of my company I made a bad deal my my fault and I didn’t get paid and almost lost everything my bank account was down to nothing how to sell the house I was in use credit cards to live and that wasn’t a million years ago I almost gave up on my dreams on all those cases and I can see how it’s easy to do that and wow what if I did yes I money is not an issue in my life anymore I’ll just be honest about that but so much more than that the impact I get to make me if if one person listening right now course corrects their life I made an impact the father I get to be too coach Little League cook to coach softball and pick my kids up from school every single day I happen to cook them breakfast to watch them grow into an amazing amazing young adults because I have the time to be present with him I have the time to connect with them oh that wouldn’t have happened if I did one thing if I listen to everybody else if I gave up on my dreams if I thought all my dreams are too big let me let me scale those downs a little bit no screw that don’t dim your glow don’t turn your light down so everybody else feels comfortable around you this is your call to action today this is your time to get those dreams back and to go after I would much rather be at the end of my life and go I tried my ass off for my dreams I failed I succeeded even if I didn’t at least you tried other than being at the end of your life with a bottle full of Dreams you never explored you never went after you let other people talk you out of them this is your call to action to get your ass fired up to get disturbed with inaction to look inside yourself find those dreams don’t give up on them and it’s time to go after them it’s time to rekindle them to fuel them and the people around you don’t support you remember they never built a statue of a critic follow people online follow me like you are follow other people who’ve been there done it and inspire you and make your dreams your reality or die trying’ that’s my message for today it’s an honor a privilege and a pleasure to serve if you haven’t taken the better life challenge go take it the better life calm it is bad ass it’s free it’s two minutes a day plus next month depending on whatever you listen so I’m giving away my Tesla yes that’s an ethical bribe nothing to start nothing no obligation other than a couple minutes a day I love that challenge and I think you will too thanks for being here at the millionaire success.

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